Mike Mushok: of Staind leads the way in this All-Star cast of Musicians

Mike Mushok, Guitarist of Multi-Platinum recording artist Staind, leads the way for this All Star cast of Musicians, recording all original songs for the soundtrack for the documentary film "Shame on America".

Joining Mushok is Pete Murray vocalist of LoPro, David Ellefson Bassist of Metal Legends Megadeth and Sal G. Drummer of Staind.

Also appearing on all original songs exclusively written for the film is Troy McLawhorn, Guitarist of Evanescence, Corey Lowery, Bassist of Eye Empire, D.C., Vocalist of Eye Empire and Mike Froedge, Drummer of The Dreaded Marco.

An unreleased track from Eye Empire and LoPro is included too!

Singer songwriter, Michael Evangelista, Otan Vargas and Country artist Ricky Lee also contribute songs for this soundtrack!

Not only that! But you get all the films score as well! All the bedding tracks will be included.

The Documentary "Shame on America"http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1985325871/shame-on-americais the story of our returning Veterans suffering from PTSD and what at risk Veterans go though once they come home. "Shame on America" is Co-Produced by Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis.

You can help make this soundtrack happen!

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