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Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth from "None too soon" (Countdown)

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth from "None too soon" (Countdown)

Allan Holdsworth: from "None too soon" (Countdown)

Rob Chappers: Orange Micro Terror Competition

Rob Chappers: Orange Micro Terror Competition - close  December 24th 

Orange Micro Terror Demo - Plus Xmas Competition
Backing track for the Xmas competition here:

Huge thanks to David Wallimann and Guitar Playback for the backing track.
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Jan Laurenz: Sad composition on a sunny day

Sad composition on a sunny day by Jan Laurenz (soprano ukulele)
Sad composition on a sunny day by Jan Laurenz (soprano ukulele)
yes it's playback...but i played it like that and on that little uke (Ortega Lizard soprano)
(no it's not a new uke,it was my first,now i have 5)
since all my ukes are in the 150-200 dollars range..i can afford it
(i tell this because of some comments like:oh how can you have so much instruments..)
well it's easy i sell the ones i don't use anymore from time to time,that's all
i'm not rich,i'm just a normal musician,but luckily,ukuleles are cheap! so i can have lots of them,haha,like instead of buy an american regular Fender strato,instead you could buy something like,well 5 ukes,cool!
and yes i'm a complete uke addict

Tom Quayle: Hybrid and Alternate Picking Arpeggio Lick

Hybrid & Alternate Picking Arpeggio Lick from Tom Quayle with FREE Tab - LickLibrary Tom Quayle shows you how to play a Hybrid & Alternate Picking Arpeggio lick which can be applied to any 3 note arpeggio in this Free guitar lesson as featured on our facebook page.
TAB is available by heading to:

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Amaury Cruz: Allan Holdsworth Countdown Tutorial Part 3

This is part 3 it contains the comping and part of the first solo, i hope you like this and thank you for watching see you next week.
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Tom Richardson: Playing tracks from In Motion

Playing tracks from my EP - "In Motion"
Available from
Check it out and if you like it, help me spread the word!

Tom Richardson: In Motion

Floyd Fernandes: Drop D blues

some bluesy ideas in drop d.
Some blues stock licks and wankery in drop d. Hope you can imbibe a few of the things I do here. I love playing funky so the pull offs are in keeping with that. Also a few funk voicings commonly used,can be used freely all the time and they work :D

John Taylor,Tom Quayle: Ambleside

Another tune from our 2002 recording. Ambleside by the incredible John Taylor. I take the melody and first solo with Steve's superb comping.

This is a really hard tune and was a serious challenge back in 2002 when we recorded this.

Richie Kotzen: Australia 2013 Dates Confirmed with Extreme

Richie Kotzen
Australia 2013 Dates Confirmed with Extreme







Xaman Ek,Yum Kaax: Mulucpax - Killer Guitar Duo

Mulucpax, Maxon's newest endorsers, Rip it up here for the world to see..

MULUCPAX Killer Guitar Duo

Jason Sadites: Closing song from the new CD 'Broken'

Jason Sadites: Closing song from the new CD 'Broken', written for my son who was born while I was making the album.

Jason Sadites: Broken

'Broken' picks up where Jason's 2009 release 'Weve' ended. Featuring brilliant performances by Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Martin Motnik, Adam Nitti, Alex Machacek, Bryan Beller and Goran Rista, the compositions on 'Broken' center around great arrangements, strong melodies, virtuosic playing and odd time signature twists and turns. For fans of progressive rock/fusion this is a must have album. From the odd-time rock/fusion of the opening track 'You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow' to the more sensitive and melodic closing track 'Ty', 'Broken' has something for fans of all styles of music.

Broken - by Jason Sadites
1. You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow (feat. Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann) 3:57
2. Useful Idiots (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 4:10
3. Broken (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 3:53
4. Down (feat. Adam Nitti & Marco Minnemann) 4:12
5. Straw Man (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:32
6. Innocence (feat. Martin Motnik & Goran Rista) 4:45
7. Anti-Social Network (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:58
8. Why (feat. Marco Minnemann & Tony Levin) 5:19
9. Ty (feat. Goran Rista) 3:43

David Maxim Micic: commits to Bilo 3

David Maxim Micic

Ladies!! ♥
Look what just arrived to my address :)))

Enormous THANKS to Century Media Records and Fractal Audio for making this happened!!! ♥

Destiny Potato | David Maxim Micic

Ok, let's unpack the beast now!!! :)
Expect a short Vlog tomorrow about it!!
And yes, I will record "Bilo 3" and I will re-record all guitars for Destiny Potato!! :)

Fractal Audio for fuk sake!!

love ♥

Merel Bechtold: As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth


All Rights Served by As I Lay Dying.
This song is from one of the best metal albums ever made. If you never heard of An Ocean Between Us you must check it out!

You can check my band "Purest of Pain" on

As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth (guitar cover)

Russ Parrish :Steel Panther: House of Blues Los Angeles date NAMM

Monday 01/28/2013
Doors: 09:00 PM
Show: 09:30 PM
Price: $15.00 - Gen Admin / Standing Only
Ages: 18+

House of Blues Los Angeles
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 848-5100

Angela Tapias: tapping intro

This is a preview of a new composition I'm doing ... :) I apologize for the sound as it is super home .... blessings :)

Intro - Angela Tapias

Cinthya Blackcat: "The Flight of the Bumble bee"

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Cinthyablackcat "The Flight of the Bumble bee" arrangement by Luis Moreno

Michael Angelo Batio,Dave Reffett: headed for a NAMM jam!

Dave Reffett
I'm performing live at the Whiskey A Gogo on January 23, 2013 in Hollywood, CA as part of the NAMM Metal JAMM!
Appearing LIVE Will be Michael Angelo Batio, and Neil Turbin (Original Anthrax Vocalist, Death Riders). This show is gonna ROCK!!!
Tickets Available Soon via Ticket Web.

Brett Garsed,Chris Buck, Virgil Donati: 3 Crows new CD

Chris Buck
CD baby has now made 3 Crows available for purchase as physical product or as digital can also go to this page to listen to all of the songs and purchase a single digital piece from the album...

Brett Garsed,Chris Buck, Virgil Donati: 3 Crows 

1. Hica (Here It Comes Again) 5:53
2. Dunia Duara 5:33
3. Little Boy and Fat Man 5:44
4. Curse You Val Kilmer 4:38
5. 3 Crows 3:30
6. Andius Maximus 4:18
7. Pathway 7:35
8. Last Call 5:08

The birth of this project relates directly to the release of a video with Chris Buck, Virgil Donati and Brett Garsed entitled "3 Crows" Chris, Virgil and Brett were originally the core of the project. Chris, Brett and Virgil had worked together previously on the "Progasaurus" project. As time went by, a host of other stellar musicians became involved. Chris had recorded with Andy Kodiwein and Marco Minnemann on another project so Andy and Chris penned the song "Curse You Val KIlmer". Andy eventually composed another tune with Marco on drums and Chris titled the song "Andius Maximus". After Chris performed a group of songs written and produced by jazz guitarist/sound design artist Chris Taylor, they collaborated on a number of songs and Taylor also penned a couple of incredible compositions for 3 Crows titled "Dunia Duara" and a bass feature "Last Call". Taylor played guitar and keys on a number of songs and also contributed sound design to the project. At Taylor's suggestion, Chris Buck contacted keyboard virtuoso George Whitty to mix the project and George ended up mixing, mastering and adding flat out death defying solos. Along the way Chris Buck and Otmaro Ruiz connected and Otmaro recorded a blistering rhodes solo for "Little Boy and Fat Man". This project is different in that it blends the styles of rock, jazz, fusion and prog in a new and unique way. This music is for people who can dig deeply and have an appreciation for taste, virtuosity and athleticism in music.

Dave Martone: Prelude in C # Minor

Sergei Rachmaninov's Prelude in C# Minor as recorded By Dave Martone.

Prelude in C # Minor recorded by Dave Martone

And in case you missed

House of Mirrors interpreted by Dave Martone

News: Rockschool 2012-2018 Guitar Companion Guide and Technical Handbook

In support of the new 2012 Syllabuses for Guitar, this December 2012 Rockschool publishes its latest Companion Guide and a new Technical Handbook. These are essential reference aids to help music teachers get the best results for their students with the technical sides of Rockschool’s Debut-8 Grade Exams.
The updated Rockschool Guitar Companion Guide is available from the 5th of December and features six examples of additional specimen tests for each of the ‘unseen tests’ in the exams including:-
• Sight reading (Debut to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
• Improvisation & Interpretation (Grade 1 to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
• Ear Tests (Debut to Grade 8) – 6 per grade
• Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6-8) 6 per grade
• General Musicianship Questions (Debut-Grade 8) – 5 example questions per grade

They Companion Guides contain valuable practice material, written in an easy to follow style, which is ideal for preparing candidates for a Rockschool Grade Exam. These Companion Guides, designed for using with Rockschool’s Grade Books, will help teachers get the best possible results for their students. The retail price will be £25 for each book.
Also published by Rockschool is the new comprehensive Guitar Technical Handbook covering all the Technical Exercises of the new 2012 Guitar syllabuses. The purpose of each Technical Handbook is to provide teachers and candidates with all the scales and arpeggio examples for all Guitar grades in an easy-to-use reference book. Each book comes with all the relevant audio backing tracks. The retail price will be £10 for each book.
These new supporting texts from Rockschool will help teachers make the musical progression and achievement of their students easy and fulfilling, providing a valuable reference book that is practical and a handy guide to the Rockschool 2012 Syllabus.
For further information please go to or contact

Michael Schenker: Full UK tour dates

Michael Schenker has added a London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert on Friday May 31st to his 2013 Temple of Rock UK Tour. Tickets for the London concert goes on sale Wednesday December 5th from and 0844 478 0898.  

Stockton on Tees ARC (April 9)
Aberdeen Lemon Tree (April 10) 

Edinburgh HMV Picturehouse (April 11)
Newcastle o2 Academy (April 12)
Holmfirth Picturedrome (April 13)
Warrington Parr Hall (April 14)
Falmouth Princess Pavilion (April 16)
Bristol o2 Academy (April 17)
Salisbury City Hall (April 18)
Oxford o2 Academy (April 19)
Nottingham Rock City (April 20)
Norwich Waterfront (April 21)
London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire (May 31)

The London o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert dovetails Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock: Live in Europe  CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Ltd Deluxe Collector’s Edition, released by inakustik on Monday December 10th.  Live In Europe was recorded and filmed in Tilburg, the Netherlands in May 2012, and at 2011’s London’s High Voltage Festival.

Michael Schenker 2012 - Temple Of Rock Live in Europe (Official Trailer)

Andy James: A chance to ask Darrin some questions

Sacred Mother Tongue posted a new update for Pledge for a brand new exclusive live EP:
Q&A - Ask SMT's Darrin! This is a Pledger only Q&A, so you must pledge on a copy of the Live EP to submit!  So get pledging!!

I think you'll like my question: What's it like playing with Andy James, one of the greatest new guitar players on the planet? :) (Andy James fan club sponsored question )

Tosin Abasi: PitCam interview

Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders. Guitarplayers from other Bands ask guitar-technical questions.
Featured Bands:
01:22 // PLACENTA
05:04 // MYRA
19:05 // CALIBAN

NEW STUFF ON www.PitCam.TV ! We conducted an Interview with Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders at Daily Hero Recordings, Berlin.
Other Stuff:
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TOSIN ABASI - ANIMALS AS LEADERS Special Interview @ Dailyhero, Berlin

Daren Nicholson: MOON HALO performance video

Daren Nicholson performing "Moon Halo", from his CD, "Residual Shimmer". Recorded in November 2012, Copyright 2012, Raydiem Records.

About "Moon Halo",
"Moon Halo" sounds like its taking the listener on a journey, as though at one point you are entering the "star gate" from "2001: A Space Odyssey". It's an odd track. I took where I left off from the track "Celestial Conception" off "Raydiem Inquiry", and wrote this piece. You'll notice the similarity in sounds, like the sonar ping sounds, and the breaks where ambient chords get bent. I also love the tabla accents in the groove, which add an exotic and mysterious flavor. You'll hear some Vai influence here in the phrasing of the guitar, but the backing track has its own style, and the guitar phrasing is informed by that, and perhaps, a little by Mr. Kubrick, and Mr. Clarke as well." - Daren Nicholson

Daren Nicholson - MOON HALO performance video

Renaud Louis-Servais: classy French rock fusion star caught in the act!

Renaud Louis-Servais : guitars, composition
Alain Bidot-Naude : drums
Henri Dorina : bass
Franck Guicherd : piano, trumpet
Pierre Acourt : keyboards
Alessandro Nocco: alto sax

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer.

Check the band's website here:
The "Iluna" album has just released in 2011.
-CD on Abstract Logix (USA):
-CD on Guitar Euro Shop (EUROPE):

1. Theme d'Iluna
2. Euria (Cycle de la Pluie)
3. Chani (Cycle du Desert)
4. Pat
5. Gimmick
6. La Quete de Roland
7. Magnet 7
8. Pulse
9. Dom

"Thème d'Iluna" Renaud Louis-Servais Group (extract from Live at festival Jazz&Blues Ozoir)

"Gimmick" Renaud Louis-Servais Group (Live at festival Jazz&Blues d'Ozoir, FRANCE)

Dan Aloysius,Arjun Dhas: Amadeus - Obscure 8 string shred

Amadeus is a technical metal band from Sri Lanka. Founded by Dan Aloysius (2012) to bring about a renascence of music for the 21st century.

To depict musical ideas that break the traditional norm of doing things. To captivate, provoke, inspire and dexterously challenge its listeners to actively engage in its music.

Taken from the debut album 'Tabatha' out on Nov 2012.

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Amadeus was founded by Dan Aloysius (2012) to bring about a renascence of music for the 21st century. To depict musical ideas that break the traditional norm of doing things.

To captivate, provoke, inspire and dexterously challenge its listeners to actively engage in its music.

Amadeus is Music For Musicians.
Dan Aloysius - 6,7,8 String Guitars, Bass Guitars, Vocals, Drum Sequence
Arjun Dhas - 7, 8 String Guitars, Second Vocals

Amadeus - Obscure (Solo) (Shred, Djent, 8 String Guitar)

Amadeus - Take Me To Your Leader (Solo, Playthrough) (8 String Guitar) (Djent Fusion)

Amadeus - Santa Maria (Live @ Sound of Silence - Resurection)