Renaud Louis-Servais: classy French rock fusion star caught in the act!

Renaud Louis-Servais : guitars, composition
Alain Bidot-Naude : drums
Henri Dorina : bass
Franck Guicherd : piano, trumpet
Pierre Acourt : keyboards
Alessandro Nocco: alto sax

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer.

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The "Iluna" album has just released in 2011.
-CD on Abstract Logix (USA):
-CD on Guitar Euro Shop (EUROPE):

1. Theme d'Iluna
2. Euria (Cycle de la Pluie)
3. Chani (Cycle du Desert)
4. Pat
5. Gimmick
6. La Quete de Roland
7. Magnet 7
8. Pulse
9. Dom

"Thème d'Iluna" Renaud Louis-Servais Group (extract from Live at festival Jazz&Blues Ozoir)

"Gimmick" Renaud Louis-Servais Group (Live at festival Jazz&Blues d'Ozoir, FRANCE)