Brett Garsed,Chris Buck, Virgil Donati: 3 Crows new CD

Chris Buck
CD baby has now made 3 Crows available for purchase as physical product or as digital can also go to this page to listen to all of the songs and purchase a single digital piece from the album...

Brett Garsed,Chris Buck, Virgil Donati: 3 Crows 

1. Hica (Here It Comes Again) 5:53
2. Dunia Duara 5:33
3. Little Boy and Fat Man 5:44
4. Curse You Val Kilmer 4:38
5. 3 Crows 3:30
6. Andius Maximus 4:18
7. Pathway 7:35
8. Last Call 5:08

The birth of this project relates directly to the release of a video with Chris Buck, Virgil Donati and Brett Garsed entitled "3 Crows" Chris, Virgil and Brett were originally the core of the project. Chris, Brett and Virgil had worked together previously on the "Progasaurus" project. As time went by, a host of other stellar musicians became involved. Chris had recorded with Andy Kodiwein and Marco Minnemann on another project so Andy and Chris penned the song "Curse You Val KIlmer". Andy eventually composed another tune with Marco on drums and Chris titled the song "Andius Maximus". After Chris performed a group of songs written and produced by jazz guitarist/sound design artist Chris Taylor, they collaborated on a number of songs and Taylor also penned a couple of incredible compositions for 3 Crows titled "Dunia Duara" and a bass feature "Last Call". Taylor played guitar and keys on a number of songs and also contributed sound design to the project. At Taylor's suggestion, Chris Buck contacted keyboard virtuoso George Whitty to mix the project and George ended up mixing, mastering and adding flat out death defying solos. Along the way Chris Buck and Otmaro Ruiz connected and Otmaro recorded a blistering rhodes solo for "Little Boy and Fat Man". This project is different in that it blends the styles of rock, jazz, fusion and prog in a new and unique way. This music is for people who can dig deeply and have an appreciation for taste, virtuosity and athleticism in music.



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