Jason Sadites: Closing song from the new CD 'Broken'

Jason Sadites: Closing song from the new CD 'Broken', written for my son who was born while I was making the album.

Jason Sadites: Broken

'Broken' picks up where Jason's 2009 release 'Weve' ended. Featuring brilliant performances by Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Martin Motnik, Adam Nitti, Alex Machacek, Bryan Beller and Goran Rista, the compositions on 'Broken' center around great arrangements, strong melodies, virtuosic playing and odd time signature twists and turns. For fans of progressive rock/fusion this is a must have album. From the odd-time rock/fusion of the opening track 'You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow' to the more sensitive and melodic closing track 'Ty', 'Broken' has something for fans of all styles of music.

Broken - by Jason Sadites
1. You're Gonna Feel That Tomorrow (feat. Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann) 3:57
2. Useful Idiots (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 4:10
3. Broken (feat. Martin Motnik & Kenny Aronoff) 3:53
4. Down (feat. Adam Nitti & Marco Minnemann) 4:12
5. Straw Man (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:32
6. Innocence (feat. Martin Motnik & Goran Rista) 4:45
7. Anti-Social Network (feat. Martin Motnik & Marco Minnemann) 4:58
8. Why (feat. Marco Minnemann & Tony Levin) 5:19
9. Ty (feat. Goran Rista) 3:43