Thursday, 31 January 2013

Blues Saraceno: Dirty Boy Pedal NAMM

I missed this guy... but some else did not :)

Blues Saraceno - Dirty Boy Pedal Demo NAMM 2013

Rhett Butler: Cliffs of Dover - on acoustic guitar!

Cliffs of Dover (Solo Acoustic Guitar)
FREE TAB for "Cliffs of Dover" (Solo Acoustic)
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Chris Poland: Emminence Speaker Demo NAMM 2013

Chris Poland / OHM - Wheres My Hat - Emminence Speaker Demo NAMM 2013

Chris Poland / OHM - Sittin On Top of the World - Emminence Speaker Demo NAMM 2013

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Daily Solo - TGCM

One day - one solo!

Written and played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:

Marcel Coenen: Lemur Voice Azijnfabriek Roermond 1997 - full show

Hello all

Hereby a complete Lemur Voice show recorded back in 1997 in Roermond, a town in The Netherlands. Enjoy !

Lemur Voice was a prog metal band existing from 1993 until 2000. The band had the next band members:

Gregoor Van Der Loo - Vocals
Franck Faber - Keyboards
Marcel Coenen - Guitars
Barend Tromp - Bass
Nathan Van De Wouw - Drums

Lemur Voice - Azijnfabriek Roermond 02-05-1997 (complete show)

Tom Quayle: back from NAMM

Tom Quayle
Just landed back in the UK! What an incredible trip! Namm was amazing - easily the best and most intense so far. So many cool things to report. Thanks to Brian At Wampler Pedals, Jason Wilding, Travis Feaster, Fibenare Guitars, the Matrix Amplification guys, Rockbox Effects, Tosin Abasi and the lovely chaps from Periphery, especially Misha who is hilarious! Also had a great time hanging out in Vegas with Stuart Bull! Thanks mate! It was a blast! I'll be back soon for sure. Shame it's so damn cold here in blighty!

Dannyjoe Carter: announces guitar brand and new album

Dannyjoe Carter

Hey Folks I must share with you the latest news in my camp - two bedroom/garage internet guitar builders in this past week have contacted me claiming they have "trade marked" my name "Dannyjoe Carter" and "DJC" and are pitifully trying to sue me for copywrite/trade mark infringement since I have launched my own guitar line.
I LOVE IT! It's amazing how some people with such low moral character will try and leach on to something for a buck. To all my dear friends and fans - have no fear, I OWN everything and welcome and will take on all comers!
My new album will be by Valentines day! Thank you all for your support and looking out for me - LOVE TO ALL!

Dallton Santos: Rock Harmonies Inverted!

Rock Harmonies Inverted - Ozzy, Metallica, Satriani, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Van Halen and More
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Yngwie Malmsteen: talks blues to Premier Guitar

[PG]“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” and “Iron Blues” showcase your bluesy side. Did you include these to appease the naysayers? 

[YJM][Laughs.] I wish I could say “yes.” I’m very selfish. I make music that I love because I only live once and I’m an artist. I don’t try to revolt against anybody and I don’t try to please anybody. I feel very strongly that I if love it someone else will love it—not everybody though. To quote Niccolò Paganini, “One must feel strongly to make others feel strongly.”

[PG]Your blues playing sounds great.
[YJM]Thank you.

But you don’t seem like a guy who’d enjoy listening to the blues.
Well, no. I always include one in my shows but I wouldn't want to play more than one blues song either. A lot of people don’t know this but I started out as a blues-based player and then when I realized after playing 18 hours a day that there’s more than five notes per scale, that’s when my stuff became what it was. I started listening to violinists and flautists and that’s how my style evolved. It’s such a funny thing that people think that I got the classical influence from Ritchie Blackmore. If you listen to him, he plays nothing but the blues. But I think the blues is important and you need to have that in you no matter what else you like to do. It’s like a basic function that’s necessary.

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Sam Coulson: preparing for Asia tour

As many of you know I have stepped into the legendary shoes of Steve Howe and taken up guitar duties in ASIA. I am very much looking forward to touring and recording a new album this year with the band. Here is a short video showcasing some recording I did for promotional material for our impending tour. I used my custom Charvel and Fender Supersonic amp. Thank you for watching - Sam

ASIA recording session - Sam Coulson

Marcio Okayama: tests Okd Kamikaze TomTone

Okd Kamikaze TomTone/Low gain Setting /Marcio Okayama

Okd Kamikaze TomTone/Low gain Setting

Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin: talk to Premier Guitar

What made you guys decide to play so much Weather Report material on HBC?
Henderson: Outside of this project, we all have our own bands. For me, it’s hard enough to come up with music for my own trio and I just don’t have time to write for other projects, so when Jeff called me for this project I said, “Yeah, I’ll do it as long as it doesn’t involve writing.” Also, we’re sort of known as improvisers. A lot of people really don’t care about the material we’re playing. They just want to hear Dennis play his drums, Jeff play his bass, and me play the guitar.

Berlin: But we’ll never play clichĂ© Weather Report tunes like “Birdland” or “Teen Town.” We do a lot of [the] Wayne Shorter[-written] tunes because he’s one of the guys that harmonically represent my interests in music as well as Scott’s. We both like chords and harmony, and we both like music that doesn’t just go Dm–G7–Cmaj7.

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Paul Gilbert: I have the best hearing aid in the world – Marshall amps!’ : One element that might be affecting Gilbert’s choice of musical direction is the revelation that years of playing high-volume metal in arenas around the world has had a debilitating effect on his body.
‘I’ve suffered a lot of high-end hearing loss,’ Paul notes. ‘The first place we really noticed that was with speech. If I decide to go to the bank and the teller is a woman – I say that because women’s voices tend to have higher frequencies – that can be really rough. I travel internationally a lot, so foreign languages can be really tough. But guitars are fine, I have the best hearing aid in the world – Marshall amps!’

The condition of Gilbert’s hearing is quite pronounced, meaning that if he wants to have a conversation with someone it needs to be in a quiet room with the person facing him. He isn’t interested in anyone’s sympathy, though, and takes a typically optimistic view of his situation.
‘If someone had told me when I was 16 years old you’re going to lose a lot of your hearing if you play this style of music, I would have had to say “You know what? I don’t care. I love this music so much I’ve gotta do it.” So I don’t spend much time regretting things, because I really have enjoyed what I’ve done. Now I’m trying to play music that has some more dynamics to it and maybe a little less fuzz, I think that’ll help.

Full interview

Glenn Riley: releases first EP of instrumental rock guitar

Maryland guitarist Glenn Riley has released his first EP of instrumental rock guitar. the disc features Dave DeMarco on bass & Marc Norgaard on drums for more info

Mateus Starling: preparing for new CD
Test for the cd release show Pascoal Meirelles - guitar project that also includes the presence of Leo Amoedo and Nelson Faria on guitars.
this essay: Matthew Starling, Pascoal Meirelles, Cliff Korman and Augusto Mattoso (01/30/2013)
Official Launch of the room cd Baden Powell on 31/01/2013

Mateus Starling ensaio with Pascoal Meirelles, Cliff Korman and Augusto Mattoso (01/30/2013)

Lorenzo Venza: Laney ironheart

Quick test with this very nice head!
Lead Channel

Lorenzo Venza - Laney ironheart

Ron Thal: BumbleFOOD uncool - hot sauce

Tagline: The official Google page for Bumblefoot hot sauce & more...
 BumbleFOOD on Twitter
 BumbleFOOD on Facebook

Fayeed Tan: More than one way to do a lick!

There certainly is more than one way to do a lick and this free video lesson explained it.

FT-TV (More than one way to do a lick!)

Tom Hess: players use way too much unnecessary pressure to fret notes

Tom Hess
Most guitar players use way too much unnecessary pressure to fret notes. In the end, this wasted energy can result in greatly reduced stamina, making it harder to play guitar for extended periods of time. Watch this video to see how much pressure to use in your fret hand while playing guitar:

Fayeed Tan,Fidel de Jesus: and many more for GC4 collaboration