Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin: talk to Premier Guitar

What made you guys decide to play so much Weather Report material on HBC?
Henderson: Outside of this project, we all have our own bands. For me, it’s hard enough to come up with music for my own trio and I just don’t have time to write for other projects, so when Jeff called me for this project I said, “Yeah, I’ll do it as long as it doesn’t involve writing.” Also, we’re sort of known as improvisers. A lot of people really don’t care about the material we’re playing. They just want to hear Dennis play his drums, Jeff play his bass, and me play the guitar.

Berlin: But we’ll never play cliché Weather Report tunes like “Birdland” or “Teen Town.” We do a lot of [the] Wayne Shorter[-written] tunes because he’s one of the guys that harmonically represent my interests in music as well as Scott’s. We both like chords and harmony, and we both like music that doesn’t just go Dm–G7–Cmaj7.

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