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Marta Witiw: HESU 412 cabinet / Seymour Duncan pickups - great original tune!

Fred Brum : My friend Marta Witiw showcasing her lovely playing and songwriting skills through aHESU cab.:)

Visit HESU us at:

Music, all writing and recording - Marta Witiw (visit her at )
Mix & mastering - Paweł Ewertowski (visit him at )
Intro music by Szymon Chudy

Gear used:
Ibanez RG 1570 Prestige with Seymour Duncan Full Shred Trembucker and Humbucker & Cool rails pickups
HESU clear cables
ENGL Fireball 60W (rhythm guitars)
Line 6 GX (solo guitar)
HESU Cabinet 412 (celestion vintage 30)
Shure SM57

Presonus Audiobox 44VSL

HESU 412 cabinet / Seymour Duncan pickups - Inconstant by Marta Witiw

Sam Bell,Reece Fullwood: Mask of Judas adds Reece for the new album

Mask of Judas

We're ecstatic, excited, euphoric, ver -e- glad to announce that we've finally found a permanent second guitarist, and that Reece Fullwood of EUMERIA will be joining us for the writing of our full length Album and playing live with us in forthcoming tours this year. Catch the new line up at Bloodstock Festival and hopefully for the CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT / Red Seas Fire Brighton show. He's extremely talented and we can't wait to show you what we have in store!!

Osamu Marumoto: legato solo for new tune

Holdsworthian fluid style legato from Osamu Marumoto

new song 3 add solo

Sam Coulson: Making a Brew - breakfast tea done!

An old video I made to advertise lessons.

The Gordon Ramsey guide to making a brew ;-)

Making a brew - Sam Coulson

Silvio Gazquez: Guitar Lesson: Lick of the Week #1

Silvio Gazquez: Hey guys, Here´s my first lick of my Lick of the Week series! Hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!!!

Guitar Lesson: Lick of the Week #1 - Silvio Gazquez

Alex Hutchings: Live in Bangkok 21012

Alex Hutchings LIve in Bangkok 9 / 9 /2012


Marty Friedman, Kostas Karamitroudis, Takayoshi Ohmura: live jam session

Marty Friedman & Gus G & Takayoshi Ohmura Jam

Amaury Cruz: Allan Holdsworth Some Ideas

Dede Aldrian: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 201

Here is my Entry for Ibanez, Hopefully you will be enjoy it..
Please support Dede Aldrian from Indonesia

Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 Dede Aldrian

Alex Despotidis: French Guitar Contest 2

Panos Arvanitis: This is my student's entry for the French Guitar Contest 3 2013.At the age of 21 he is already a young guitar shredder.Thank you all for ur support.Alex Despotidis from Greece

French Guitar Contest 3 2013-Alex Despotidis

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Milan Polak: Tracking Lead Guitar #8

Milan Polak - Tracking Lead Guitar #8
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Copyright © Milan Polak 2013 All Rights Reserved

Angel Ruiz: Healing Woes - the new CD

Ángel Ruiz: Healing Woes
Concept album that talks about how to approach problems from a Christian perspective. Conceptual album That Speaks About how to deal with problems from a Christian perspective.

released 01 March 2013 Dedicated to my son David Manuel whom I have always present. I want to thank a very special way to Robert Rodrigo y Javi Harp for their good cooperation, to Rafa and Mario for their contribution in the brass section and Ana and Antonio for all their support.

Volver a empezar ( Directo en la Locura )

Viendo mas allá ( Directo en la Locura del Ángel )

Nostalgia ( Directo en la Locura del Ángel )

Rick Graham: Lydian Dominant Scale Improvisation

Lydian Dominant Scale Improv - Rick Graham
Hi guys, just a quick vid of me practicing!
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Dhalif Ali: The French Guitar Contest 2 - awesome solo

The French Guitar Contest 2 - Dhalif Ali
by dhalif
This is my entry to The French Guitar Contest 2! HEREZ :D LIKE :D SUBSCRIBE :D

THUMBS UP only if you truly enjoy it. Thanks guys

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Tom Quayle: Jazz Blues in C

Jazz Blues in C
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Jamming a Jazz Blues in C - Fibenare Roadmaster '56

Steve Howe: Yes - Close to the Edge - 2013 tour extended!

YES’ 2013 tour dates include:

Tue 4/2 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Wed 4/3  Jacksonville, FL  Florida Theatre
 *Fri 4/5 Mashantucket, CT MGM Grand at Foxwoods
Sat 4/6 Hampton, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Sun 4/7 Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center
Tue 4/9 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
Thu 4/11 Toronto, ON Massey Hall
Fri 4/12 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
Sun 4/19 Brazilia, Brazil Ginásio Nilson Nelson
Tue 4/21 Curitiba, Brazil Teatro Positivo
Thu 4/23 São Paulo, Brazil HSBC Arena
Fri 4/24 São Paulo, Brazil HSBC Arena
Sat 4/25 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Vivo Rio
Sun 4/26 Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil Teatro Bourbon
Tue 4/28 Santiago, Chile Teatro Caupolican
Thu 4/30 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park
Sat 7/6 Paso Robles, Chile Vina Robles Amphitheatre
Sun 7/7 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
Tue 7/9 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre
Wed 7/10 Anaheim, CA City National Grove of Anaheim
Fri 7/12 Las Vegas, NV Pearl Concert Theater @ The Palms
*Sat 7/13 Jackson, CA Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
Sun 7/14 San Diego, CA Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay
Thu 7/18 Jackson, MS Thalia Mara Hall
Fri 7/19 Birmingham, AL BJCC Concert Hall
Sat 7/20 Huntsville, AL Von Braun Concert Hall
Sun 7/21 Atlanta, GA Symphony Hall
Tue 7/23 Charlottesville, VA nTelos Wireless Pavilion
Wed 7/24 Washington, DC Warner Theatre
Thu 7/25 Morristown, NJ Mayo Performing Arts Center
Sat 7/27 Holyoke, MA Mountain Park
Sun 7/28 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre
Tue 7/30 Montreal/QC, Canada Place des Arts
Wed 7/31 Westbury, NY Theatre at Westbury
Sun 8/4 Munhall, PA Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead
Wed 8/7 Cleveland Heights, OH Cain Park
Thu 8/8 West Allis, WI Wisconsin State Fair - Main Stage
*Fri 8/9 Prior Lake, MN Mystic Lake Casino
Sat 8/10 Mt Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Sun 8/11  Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre @ Old National Centre
Tue 8/13 Cincinnati, OH PNC Pavilion Riverbend Music Center
Wed 8/14 Rosemont, IL Rosemont Theatre

*YES will only be performing two albums--THE YES ALBUM and CLOSE TO THE EDGE--for shows at casinos due to the time constraints of events held there.

Ulrich Schadeck: Ulrich's dirty tricks #1

First lick video of "Ulrich's Dirty Tricks". I'm available for Skype Lessons. Lessons may be given in English, French or Dutch! Contact me for more info.

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Ulrich Schadeck: Ulrich's dirty tricks #1 - The F Maj Arp

Jikki: Death and Rebirth of the Soul - track from new album


This is sounding great to me... looking forward to the release.

Jikki: Good evening! From yesterday, I started recording the guitar in earnest. Innovation is not a type if you know how to keep stakeholders to focus on one song too, for the time being, from the place where pop, I'm falling apart and start recording. Yesterday, the song that I'm going to the last song of the album, I recorded only clean arpeggios. It is a song that Patrick and Billy told me to play, because the sense of time great both for 2 people, feelings and at the same time .... good I play, too, because of my sense of time is lost Do not be! ! I think, I was feeling the pressure to play strangely nervous. Incidentally, since this seems to be the most difficult album, lead guitar of this song, I have thought from practicing for a while, and I want to face the recording ..... Arpeggio is played on the Virage's VOX! Today, I played the arpeggio of 156 fast-paced songs. Because I wanted to finish the mechanical feel, here, I play the guitar The honor student, at Suhr. Since I piled in the same octave and octave stacked two, a total of three. . . Arpeggio on, which was played in front of PU Suhr, arpeggio below, the front and center of Suhr played on the half-tone. The long end of the recording but still, I rather work hard in this vein! ! !

Jikki is a Japanese female guitar player! Playing VOX Virage, Shecter. Jikki is now under the process of making her new album!
女性ギタリスト Jikki "Death and Rebirth of the Soul" female guitar player.m4v

Ola Englund, Keith Merro:Seymour Duncan - Nazgul

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Signal chain (Keith):
Mayones Regius 7 string - Kemper Profier - Presonus Firestudio Interface - Presonus Studio One Pro
Signal Chain (Ola):
BlacKat 7 string - Randall Satan head - Randall cab with SM57 - Apogee Quartet - Logic Pro
Mayones Guitars-
BlacKat Guitars-
Presonus -
Seymour Duncan -
Randall Amps-

Razorimages(designer of intro) -

Seymour Duncan Nazgul - Metal

Paul Gilbert: Beware The Giant Pinky CD reviewed by Flair Polo

This article is an APRIL FOOL!!!

Artist: Paul Gilbert
Album title: Beware The Giant Pinky
Label: WHD Entertainment (Japan), Mascot Records (Europe), Shrapnel Records (USA)

Track listing with Run times:

Complete Silence (Jose de Castro 'Jopi' cover)   0:01
Off The Charts   5:10
Beware The Giant Pinky   3:50
Ouch   4:50
Immoral Notes   4:02
None Of Your F#C#i v G Business   2:55
Praise The Chord (G sus)   4:01
Just Leave It On The Table, Honey   4:03
King   5:02
Ode To Joy (Reggae/Latin Mix)   5:22
Keyboard Solo   3:33
It Rains In California (Albert Hammond cover)   3:35
Something Is Going RawrRawrRawr   2:22
I Love You, Darling   3:25
Bonus track, USA: Kinda Creepy   5:20
Bonus Track, Japan: Mountain Oysters   5:15

Moods: Satirical, Witty, Athletic, Omnivorous, Happy, Sad

Rating: 11/10

Reviewer: Flair Polo  -> translates to APRIL FOOL :)

Paul Gilbert needs no introduction. He's a realtor in New Jersey... okay, so he does need a little introduction. Paul is a American guitar player, born in 1966. He got an electric drill stuck in his hair onstage once, while on tour promoting a Mr. Big album. Gilbert's newest solo effort and thirteenth solo album, titled Beware The Giant Pinky, will be released sometime between October 2013 and March 2014, depending on the whim and whimsy of WHD Entertainment. Recorded at Eudaimonia Sound/Wishful Thinking Studios, this platter contains a lucky 13 actual songs, if you're European. If you're American or Japanese, you get 14 songs! Jam-packed with Gilbert's characteristic virtuosity, wordplay, wit, and candor, this release is sure to please just about any fan of contemporary music.

The first track is, as it says, complete silence. This is apparently a cover song from Jose de Castro's last European tour. I don't count this as a song, and neither does ASCAP, so the real music begins with Off The Charts. This is an insane instrumental free jazz tune. There is no fixed key nor fixed tempo - it goes where it wants, when it wants. For every 14 notes, there are 28 chord changes. It redefines music as you know it. What would happen if you put Al DiMeola, Guthrie Govan, and Sebastian Vettel together, with no food or water? Maybe something like this. If you like free jazz, you will adore this, as it's done in only the way Gilbert can deliver. It sounds like he's channeled Jaco Pastorius for the bass part on this tune, as a bonus.

Next we hear Beware The Giant Pinky, a vocal tune dedicated to four-finger, hand-busting stretches along the fretboard. This is followed by the closely-related Ouch, a vocal tune praising the "One Finger B.B King
 Bend". As an undisputed leader in good album sequencing, Gilbert follows this song with Immoral Notes, another vocal tune which emphasizes good and bad notes. We're admonished to pick out the immoral ones. All of them sound good to me, and there are about 11 million of them, something sure to please fans of 'fast, athletic' guitar.

Now we get to None Of Your F#C#i v G Business, a catchy instrumental song about complex chords (or arpeggios?) that look like swear words. Either that or it's really none of my f#c#ivg business. Finally, to round out the Music Education 101 on this latest opus, we hear the instrumental Praise The Chord (G sus). I guess there are a lot of g sus in this song. There are plenty of holes, and the phrasing is catchy, almost something you could chant along with, like a mantra. Just Leave It On The Table, Honey is a mellow, laid-back instrumental tune that reflects to both 'Fuzz Universe' and 'Vibrato' in that it is funky and full of  quirky note choices here and there. I can only guess that King is some sort of witty ode to Queen, because whoever's singing sounds like Freddie Mercury. It's an uptempo rockin' barn-burner of a song, probably the most 'get up and move' number on the entire disc.

Because 'Vibrato' contained no classical music cover song, 'Beware The Giant Pinky' makes up for this with a completely rearranged version of Beethoven's Ode To Joy. It sounds like a reggae or latin mix, and is sure to silence any critics that say Gilbert hasn't ventured into that genre frequently enough. Then we get Keyboard Solo, a jaw-droppingly fantastic instrumental lounge jazz number featuring, well, keyboards. And guitar (but just a little bit). Continuing the precipitation theme, the album picks up the energy with another vocal tune, It Rains In California. This is a cover (title slightly altered), originally recorded by Albert Hammond, re-worked as a 'pop-punk' mix. It sounds a bit  like Green Day meets the Foo Fighters.

Well, I guess it must have been a thunderstorm, because the energy turns dark and ominous. Something Is Going RawrRawrRawr is definitely a heavy metal tune. Whoever's singing the falsetto counterpoint lines sounds a lot like Jeff Martin. The 'rawr rawr rawr' chorus is memorable, and instantly catchy. It'll be a crowd-pleaser for sure. For an uncharacteristically heavy album finale, we get the death metal ditty I Love You, Darling. The lyrics are totally anathema to the song, if you can understand them. It took me a few listens: once forward, once backward, once sideways. It really IS a love song, but it's done in the very best cookie monster and nuts-in-a-blender high screech dual vocals that can be found on planet Earth. The awesomeness of the guitar work that goes along with this song will spaghettify you, just like if you got sucked into a black hole. I'm American, so I only got to hear the American bonus  track. It's also a bone-crushingly heavy metal anthem. It's a vocal tune called Kinda Creepy, and hmm, it seems to be about a 'cat fight' between 2 strange women on the Internet. What really impressed me was the music: it sounds like Celtic Frost meets Exodus meets S.O.D meets Morbid Angel. What a whopper. My neck hurt for hours after head-banging to this one. He could do a few more albums like that.

As is the norm for Gilbert's releases, the production is deep, crisp, and free of unintentional hiss. You can really appreciate all the layers within the music. What a showcase of skill! It defies genrefication, so let's just forget the labels and call it great music! The press sheet says that an instructional DVD is planned. The t-shirt has already been released. Unfortunately, there is no band lineup on the notes, so we can only guess who's involved besides Paul and Emi Gilbert.

Thanks to Jenn for the Foolery :)

Jason Sadites,Alex Machacek,Brett Garsed,Tony Levin,Bryan Beller: Jason's new CD - lets help to get it released!

Jason Sadites: CD Replication Costs for Jason Sadites Newest CD BROKEN

Jason is an independent guitarist based in Canada. He has recorded 4 full length CD's of his instrumental rock/fusion based music. Jason has recorded with many of the world's top musicians, including Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Chad Wackerman, Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Alex Machacek, Adam Nitti, Martin Motnik, Brett Garsed, Jerry Marotta, Gregg Bissonette and Matt Bissonette. 

What We Need & What You Get

Jason is looking for your help to fund the printing and replication of physical CD's of his latest album 'Broken'. 'Broken' was released as a digital download only CD in late 2012, since then Jason has received numerous requests to have a physical CD available for purchase. Unfortunately, the cost of replicating CD's would have put this project far over budget. For everyone who so generously donates out of their hard earned money, they will receive a physical copy of 'Broken' once the manufacturing is complete. They will also receive an digital download in either FLAC or mp3 of 'Broken' at the completion of a successful fundraising campaign here. They will also receive a personal 'thank you' on the album's liner notes. With larger donations, contributors will also receive physical copies of some or even all of Jason's other 4 CD's along with downloads depending on donation size.
'Broken' features amazing performances by Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Martin Motnik, Alex Machacek and Adam Nitti. 

The Impact

With a successful campaign here Jason will donate $2 of every 'Broken' CD sold after the campaign to, a leading non-profit music charity whose main goal is to keep music alive in schools across Canada. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help monetarily, please help the campaign by sharing on social media sites. Indie Go Go offers many sharing tools to help with this. Thanks so much for your support!

Stéphan Forté: new Consulting/Business Services

Stéphan Forté
Consulting/Business Services: Stéphan Forté's online consulting service regarding band management and musician career. Online Skype sessions 60eur/hr

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Dino Fiorenza: Mark Bass Europe clinic tour

Tomorrow April 1, 2013 Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza will have a clinic in Liegi, Belgium.
Dino's North Europe Clinic Tour will continue in May, touching Sweden, Finland and Norway.

If you're close to one of these events, don't miss the opportunity to see the Italian bass shredder perform, discuss his playing and take part in a Q&A session.

Here the Clinic Tour details:

Monday, April 1 > Ecole de la musique | LIEGI | BELGIUM
Friday, May 24 > Musikhögskolan | Stockholm | SWEDEN
Saturday, May 25 > Academy of gitarr | Malmo | SWEDEN
Sunday, May 26 > School of Music | Helsinki | FINLAND
Monday May 27 > Bass Academy | Oslo | NORWAY

For more info please visit

Jason Becker:stunning painting of Jason

Jason Becker
With Laura Aragon's beautiful painting. You are amazing Laura! Thank you so much!

 Jason Becker holds the stunning painting by Laura Aragon

Milan Polak:Tracking Lead Guitar #7

Milan Polak - Tracking Lead Guitar #7
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Rony Janecek: Waiting For The Sun

Rony Janecek - Waiting For The Sun

Eugene Berger: New kid in town - acoustic

Eugene Berger - New kid in town

This is my acoustic guitar finger style arrangement for the Eagles song "New Kid In Town".
I tryed to keep the original form and vibe of the song. Feel free to leave your comment and to share if you like it.

Mike Dawes: acoustic genious announces tour dates in Germany, England, Poland

Mike Dawes - APRIL 2013 GIGS - Germany, England, Poland
13 Apr Frankfurt Musikmesse - Frankfurt, Germany
14 Apr Gitarrenzauber - Gross-Rorheim, Germany
16 Apr Kulturcentrum Schlachthof - Kassel, Germany
17 Apr Session Music - Waldorf, Germany
25 Apr The Phoenix Theatre - Bordon Hampshire, England
27 Apr Fingerstyle Feeling III Festival - Kalisz, Poland

Info and links up at

Sorry for my shivering, I was at a Squarepusher gig in London and it was seriously cold outside!

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