Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fredrik Thordendal: Axe-Fx II rhythmsound

Fredrik Thordendal: Me playing "I am Colossus" through the Axe-Fx II v10

Filmed and edited by Ola Englund -http://www.facebook.com/fearedse

Fredrik Thordendal - Axe-Fx II rhythmsound

Gerard Doc D DiSalvo: T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest

T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest.Love the track.Diff for a great riff.Good luck to all.I checked out some of the responses.There are some great ones

T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest (Gerard Doc D DiSalvo)

Ten and Friends competition

Dhalif Ali: T.E.N & Friends Contest - Dhalif Ali

Proud to be a part of Anouck's Guitar solo contest! Heres my take on the backing track! its a tricky one! The intro especially has a melody line that is leading the track so i was trying to find something to play over it without it clashing too much. But anyhow. i hope i did it justice!
Big thanks to T.E.N effects and da supahh dupa talented Anouck Andre!
T.E.N & Friends Contest - Dhalif Ali

Ten and Friends competition

Sarah Longfield: life update - packed with recording news

From NAMM 2013

Sarah Longfield: No [music] school for me! That's way to expensive! I quit my retail job a while back and moved back in with my parents, now my sole income is money from lessons and album sales, but it's soooo much better having more time to learn and create! :D


Akihiko Onji: 8 Finger tapping - Cantaloupe Island

Akihiko Onji-Cantaloupe Island-8 Finger tapping-Improvisation

Connor Kaminski: T.E.N & Friends Contest

My entry to the T.E.N & Friends Contest. It was my second improvised take so here you go :)

T.E.N & Friends Contest - Connor Kaminski

Ten and Friends competition

Antonio Soncina: T.E.N & Friends Contest - fusion style

Ten and Friends competition

Matti Norlin: Slide Guitar Blues

Another fine tune from Swedish guitarist Matti Norlin, when he played a short warm up set at the Nispen Blues Festival, The Netherlands, on Saturday, September 15th, 2012. Matti performed again in Nispen the following day

Matti Norlin -- guitar, vocals, kazoo, foot stomp

Matt Moliti: soloing for 4th Dark Empire album

Practicing a solo I wrote for a tune I am demoing for the 4th Dark Empire album

News: Manson’s Announce Charity Auction of Rare MB-1 Guitar signed by Muse

Manson’s Announce Charity Auction of Rare MB-1 Guitar signed by Muse

Manson Guitar Works are pleased to offer an opportunity to own one of the most unique production MB-1 guitars on the planet, with all profits going to charity. The Red Glitter Matthew Bellamy MB-1 signature guitar, signed by all members of Muse, was selected from the extremely limited number of instruments made available each year, specifically to raise funds for the Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy Association and Marie Curie at the suggestion of Manson Guitar Works director Adrian Ashton. “This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to own what is already an extremely limited guitar but with the very rare and added exclusivity of the band’s signatures present as well. I’m very grateful for the band signing the guitar and to Matthew for letting one of these great guitars being made available for my two chosen charities.”

As the pictures show, the guitar is a Red Glitter MB-1, which will come complete with hard case, hand-signed certificate of authenticity and also sports exclusive black custom hardware, making it the top spec model available. The last autographed Manson Guitar by all three members of Muse fetched £33,000 when Muse collected a Silver Clef award at the Nordoff Robbins charity awards.The MB-1 guitar currently for offer was signed before the band’s performance in Los Angeles earlier this year. All profits will be divided between the two chosen charities and Manson Guitar Works are inviting private bids between now and the end of July to conclude the sale of the guitar. If you would like to own a unique piece of rock memorabilia and support two fantastic charities then please contact sales@mansonguitarworks.com

For further information on the nominated charities please visit:
www.mariecurie.org.uk and www.pspassociation.org.uk

Michael Brown: Tracer UK tour just days away

Australian rock band TRACER, who won Best New Band at the 2012 Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, start their UK tour with a sold out show the Sheffield Plug on Saturday June 8, followed by dates at the London ScalaBristol TunnelsYork Fibbers,Glasgow o2 ABC, and the Isle of Wight Festival.  Special guest is Cage the Gods. Ticket Hotline:  0844 478 0898,www.thegigcartel.com.

The band will perform songs from their new studio album “El Pistolero”.  Says Classic Rock, “Tracer deliver on their promise with an album full of contemporary rock with delicious licks... high calibre fun,” while Metal Hammer says, “The grungy Australians clean up on their second album.”    

Tracer, featuring Michael Brown (vocals, guitar), Dre Wise (drums) and bassist Jett Heysen-Hicks, recently launched their ElPistolero video; a homage to Robert Rodriguez’s cult classic Desperado
Sheffield Plug                    Saturday June 8 (Sold Out)
London Scala                      Monday June 10
Bristol Tunnels                  Wednesday June 12
York Fibbers                       Thursday June 13
Glasgow o2 ABC               Friday June 14
Isle of Wight Festival      Sunday June 16

News: Gitori is simply a programmable metronome

Improving your technique as a musician requires tedious hours of a never ending exercises, scales, arpeggios, patterns. Gitori helps musicians play better by making practice easier and more fun.

At the heart of it, Gitori is simply a programmable metronome that gives you points for each minute you practice with it. There are all kinds of metrics, graphs and charts that track your progress and keep you motivated. There is also a growing collection of user-contributed practice material for you to choose from, but you're always free to create your own. http://www.gitori.com/metronome

Ivan Mihaljevic: Counterclockwise new CD

Ivan Mihaljevic: Counterclockwise
An eclectic rock concept album talking about the pitfalls of modern society such as alienation, unquenchable thirst for more money, discontent and depression. But there is a light that shines at the end of the tunnel (or in this case album). After a great reception of their previous album Destination Unknown which got a lot of great reviews and made it into several top 10 albums of the year lists of 2011, the guys are back with new songs and refurbished sound.

Counterclockwise is a concept album which comments on the current state of mind and consciousness of our society and the world. It talks about many situations and feelings people might encounter through their lives. It talks about despondency, about people who disappoint you in ways you'd never expect from them, about dealing with a death of a close friend, about greed and about people dealing with severe depression, but it also shows the light at the end of the tunnel.

The album sound focuses on the band as a trio and makes you feel like the band is playing in your living room in front of you. As with the previous 2 albums, the engineering, apart from mastering, on Counterclockwise was handled by Ivan himself who has engineered albums and singles for many other bands too. The mastering was done by a Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood (Maroon 5, ZZ Top, Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence...). The guys decided to fight against the “loudness war”, which has been destroying dynamics in rock and pop music for the past 2 decades, and go with a more natural sound. So, crank up your speakers louder and enjoy!

Haru Timothy: French Guitar Contest 2

This song called ax,a prog fusion tunes ,the song i was made 2 weeks a go..am so hurry x_X
Live recorded from mic and webcam from my laptop,sory guy's i dnt hv a good camera n recording tool...i just amateur guitarist.
Anyway Thanks for french guitar contest who bring me until 2nd here... :)

SECOND ROUND - French Guitar Contest 2 - Haru Timothy

Junior Ribeiro Braguinha: Mark Bass Star - awesome bass chops

Junior Ribeiro Braguinha: Mark Bass Star - awesome bass chopshttp://www.agenciastarta.com.br


Junior Ribeiro (Braguinha) Groove


Billy Sheehan: Hartke Bass Clinic - New York City 2013

Check out Billy Sheehan giving a Hartke Bass Clinic at Guitar Center in New York City

Billy Sheehan Hartke Bass Clinic at Guitar Center in New York City 2013

Stéphan Forté: to headline the Ejams Guitarfest

Stéphan Forté
Hey Guys, I will be headlining the Ejams Guitarfest this year in Digne on July 4th ! Check out their page and LIKE IT NOW !!!!

Stéphan Forté - ADAGIO -Dominate-Main solo
by stephanforte
Hey shredders, here's another video from the same session as the "Solvet" one, this time, "Dominate" main solo.
See you all on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephanforte
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanforte
Shred on !!