Lorenzo Venza: Total Shred Guitar course

Total Shred Guitar - Corsi di Chitarra - Lorenzo Venza

Total Guitar Shred offers guitar lessons that are intended to teach the concepts of theory, harmony and instrumental techniques needed by each student to play guitar with mastery and knowledge of music in general in order to be able to play at all levels and musical style .
We have many types of lessons that are basic 2-hour lesson to address a topic and reach a small goal, or you can divide the time to talk about more topics into a lesson. OUR COURSES: - Courses technique : Total Shred - Technical Courses: Extreme Shred - Basic Courses - Intensive Courses - Courses Long Distance - Courses Skype - Skype classes + office - Guitar Tutor - Guitar Cover - Courses for children All styles of music: Country, Jazz, Rock, Blues , Fusion, Metal, Shred, Progressive. Open to all skill levels and musical style. Our headquarters is in Rome. FREE REGISTRATION FOR ALL COURSES For details and Shred Guitar present guitar courses for all the people around the world. We offer live lessons by Skype we have instructors specialized in all genres of music as jazz, rock, blues, fusion, metal, shred. - Guitar course: Total Shred - Guitar course: Technique and style of music You can book a guitar course, based by 4 lessons of 1 hour, or a single lesson to test us. For blackberries