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Alex Hutchings: Night Train - Jam track Central Unreleased

This is an alternative take from the Feel good grooves Package.
The Backing track is available here:

There is no Tab for this particular version as it's only for interest and to demonstrate that each track is 100% improvised for the camera, You can hear a section of the original take (1:12 - 2:04) at this link

Alex Hutchings - Night Train (Alternative take) for Jam track Central Unreleased

New JAM TRACK CENTRAL Package. Feel good grooves - Alex Hutchings/Klaus Wolf

Brunno Henrique: Lost Souls - from upcoming CD - top quality rippage!

Brunno Henrique

This is my instrumental song called Lost Souls. This is a preview from my upcoming cd. Thanks for watching / Obrigado por assistir - Inscreva-se em meu canal.

Facebook -

Brunno Henrique - Lost Souls

Rowan J Parker: tries the fierce Roy Marchbank lick of the week!

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This Lick Of The Week features a fierce Roy Marchbank lick which despite my best efforts I can only get to 26 notes per second. Roy can manage 32! Some guys are just beyond description and Roy is one of those guys. Check him out at

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Lick Of The Week - 3rd December 2012 - Monster Roy Marchbank Lick!
Rowan J Parker

Mamoru Morishita: Inspiration and perspiration - hot fusion live performance

Getting the Jason Becker seal of approval!

Jason Becker
Fantastic, buddy!

14th Jan 2001
Mamoru Morishita's web site
Ithamara Koorax and Mamoru Morishita's cd.Now on sale.

Ithamara Koorax / Mamoru Morishita

Latest album available:

Inspiration and perspiration (14th Jan 2001) by Boxer & Guitarist Mamoru Morishita

Kind of Funk (2001 jan 21th)

Jean-François Soubelet: demonstrates the innovative Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound

Here's a demonstration of the Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound plug-in.

Check out

Music and video by Jean-François Soubelet

Jean-François Soubelet - Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound

Leonardo Guzman: pimps Albinodroid and covers Alejate de Mi - Camila

Leonardo Guzman
Hate so much the delivery service on my country!.. Patrick of Hufschmid Guitars, sent me this stickers 3 months ago!.. funny thing it saids "Priority Mail"... anyway! I got my Albinodroid pimped out with the new logo and a brown medium size Fretwrap of GRUV GEAR! looking sharp!!


Quick cover to test the new lens on my camera! :) hope u like it!

Leonardo Guzman - Alejate de Mi - Camila (Cover)

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg and EMG Pickups for the win!

Sarah Longfield
I cannot describe how happy I am right now! I've been playing and recording with my new Strandberg non-stop since I got back from Chicago! I LOVE the EMG Pickups57/66 8 string set, they sound phenomenal. So full and dynamic and tight and balanced c:

Jonny Lang: blues star announces new album and tour!

Jonny Lang
It’s been seven years since Jonny Lang released a new studio album, but the wait is almost finally over. Lang has signed a new recording deal with the Mascot Label Group and will release “Fight For My Soul” - the follow up to his Grammy Award Winning 2006 album “Turn Around”, in the UK and Europe on Monday 2nd September.


  • October 1 Paris, FR - New Morning
  • October 3 London, UK - Borderline
  • October 5 Avignon, FR - Avignon Blues Festival
  • October 6 Zurich, CH - X-tra
  • October 8 Hamburg, DE - Markthalle
  • October 9 Bochum, DE - Zeche
  • October 10 Munich, DE - Muffathalle
  • October 12 Nancy, FR - Nancy Jazz Pulsations
  • October 14 Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg
  • October 15 Brussels, BE - AB Club

Jonny Lang Still Rainin' Montreux 99

Jonny Lang "Walking away" live in Germany

Morten Faerestrand: Jazz Chords Lesson

Jazz Chords Lesson - Learn Jazz Guitar Voice Leading and Core Chords
Even though there are hundreds, or thousands of ways to color a chord, most jazz chords that we use on guitar are build on top of just a few "core" chords. In this course we'll cover those chords, and see how the inner melodies (voice leading) happen from chord to chord.

TAB for lesson (free, no sign-in):

Fabian Ratsak: time to hit the chill pill!

where is the summer????:-) warming up my hands for todays practice schedule.......having fun......cheers

Joe Satriani: Satch Boogie Bristol Concert 2013

Joe Satriani playing Satch Boogie Bristol Concert 2013

Joe Satriani Satch Boogie Bristol Concert 2013

News: International Association of Music Colleges and Universities celebrates 50th anniversary of The Beatles with album project

International Association of Music Colleges and Universities celebrates 50th anniversary of The Beatles with album project

To celebrate the launch of the International Association of Music Colleges and Universities, the association is pleased to announce it has partnered with UNICEF for a special collaborative project to mark the 50th anniversary of the seminal album, ‘With the Beatles’, released in 1963.

This ground-breaking international project will be led by students from the founding schools, and will recreate The Beatles second album, the proceeds of which will help and support UNICEF educational programs. Each institution will coordinate the student led recorded work, which will include student producers, student engineers, student arrangers as well as student musicians and bands, whilst each song must feature at least one remote contribution from the other two institutions. A short film exploring the participant’s views and cultural perspective of the original work will accompany the project.

The IAMCU was founded recently by three of the world’s most prestigious music institutions: The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, England, LAMA College for Music Professionals in Los Angeles, USA and Academia de Música Fermatta in Mexico City & Guadalajara, Mexico. All three schools have forged significant reputations for producing music industry leaders.

Terry Lippman, an entertainment industry veteran with a career spanning over 30 years who has been involved with artists such as David Bowie and legendary producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones) commented on the ‘Reimagining’ project:

“This is one of the most forward thinking educational programs for music professionals I think I have ever encountered. It's wonderful to see top professional music education institutions engaging in endeavours like this one”.

The album is projected for release on the 50th anniversary of its original release: November 22nd 2013.

For more information visit:


- 02073280222


Rick Graham: Ibanez love! Hi-Gain Improv and Axe FX2

Hi guys, just having some fun with some high gain sounds. Hope you enjoy!

Chris Gordon: Closet Chronicles Exploring Free Loop Shred

Chris Gordon: Exploring some ideas over a drum loop.

Closet Chronicles Free Loop Shred

News: Win Two Gigstand Guitar Stands & Two Halo Guitar Wall Hangers

Mickey Richardson
Enter now for a chance to win Two Gigstand Guitar Stands & Two Halo Guitar Wall Hangers from D&A:

Sergio Paganini: Black Space - Abstract instrumental album 2012

Black Space written by Sergio Paganini from Abstract instrumental album 2012

Original Song:

Abstract Download mp2 320 kbps:

Joe Satriani: tour coverage on G+

+Joe Satriani Joe joined by Bryan Beller in Glasgow, Scotland. Photo by Fishbones Glover.

Keep up with all the tour posts and photos on Joe's G+ channel

Satriani's Unstoppable Momentum & Artistic Quest - Part 2/3 (Extended Version)

Marco Sfogli,Matt Guillory,Ray Riendeau,Peter Wildoer: James LaBrie: New album release announced; Cover artwork unveiled!

James LaBrie: New album release announced; Cover artwork unveiled!

After the much acclaimed "Static Impulse" release in 2010, Dream Theater's Jame LaBrie is back with a powerful new studio album effort entitled "Impermanent Resonance", to be released on July 29th, 2013 in Europe and August 6th, 2013 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

"Impermanent Resonance" was once again conceived together with LaBrie's songwriting partner for over a dozen years now, Matt Guillory, who didn't only take the leading role in the composing of the song material, but also handled all of the keyboard recordings as well as background vocals.

The line-up on this diverse and extremely entertaining new album also features Marco Sfogli from Italy on guitar, Ray Riendeau (Halford, Machines of Loving Grace) on bass and Dream Theater audition's finalist Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic, Arch Enemy, etc.) from Sweden on drums, making it the same line-up for the group as on the previous "Static Impulse" release. Furthermore, former Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers was also added to the fold for songwriting and guitar recording contributions.

James LaBrie comments about "Impermanent Resonance" as follows:
"To me this album incorporates and continues with the styles and musical direction that we have created with the previous releases. The difference being that the music on this disc is to me a true telling of the songs evolving and taking on a sense of identity that is every band's ultimate goal. It is powerful, memorable, hook-driven and above all extremely musical. It shows how the writing and the band itself have matured. I truly feel that this is our quintessential album."

"Impermanent Resonance" was once again mixed and mastered at Sweden's Fascination Street recording studios (Kreator, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Symphony X, etc.) with Jens Bogren and this time also Tony Lindgren. Visually, Canadian LaBrie hooked up with Gustavo Sazes / (Arch Enemy, Firewind, Kamelot, etc.) to capture and translate the intense album's atmosphere into the extremely striking artwork, which can be seen above.

Some of the songs included on "Impermanent Resonance", which combines the heaviness of Gothenburg-Sound influenced Progressive Metal with the catchiness of contemporary Rock, are
"Agony", "Back On The Ground", "Undertow", "I Got You" or also "Amnesia".

More details about the upcoming album and first sound samples will be revealed soon...

"Impermanent Resonance" Line-Up:
James LaBrie - Lead Vocals
Matt Guillory - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Marco Sfogli - Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums, Screams

Selected James LaBrie Solo Discography:
Keep It To Yourself (MullMuzzler) - 1999
MullMuzzler 2 (MullMuzzler) - 2001
Elements Of Persuasion - 2005
Static Impulse - 2010
Impermanent Resonance - 2013

James LaBrie online:

- See more at:

Jakko Jakszyk: The Tangent: Tease new album 'Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work)'

The Tangent: Tease new album 'Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work)' with brand new edit

With only a few weeks to go till The Tangent release their much anticipated seventh studio concept album Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work), they are proud to give another taster of what listeners can expect from the record. An edit of the track 'Steve Wright In The Afternoon' has been made available which you can listen to at the link below:

Andy Tillison, The Tangent's mastermind had this to say about the track: "Steve Wright In The Afternoon" is a song about a long serving afternoon radio DJ on the BBC. His job is essentially to get a lot of the workforce of Great Britain through a workday afternoon with a blend of light music, interesting facts and comedy-ish interludes. This song wonders if he is as frustrated in his work as many of the people he has to entertain. This is just one section of the long piece "Afternoon Malaise". It's sung by Jakko Jakszyk who brings to life the idea of lorry drivers, decorators, factory workers, office staff all over the country united by listening to the same song at the same time. And that song is probably not "Yours Is No Disgrace"
The Tangent have also released a teaser trailer for the upcoming album, which gives a rundown of all the musicians feature on Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work).

The Tangent - OFFICIAL trailer for "Le Sacre Du Travail"

Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work) is set to be released by InsideOut Music on the 24th June 2013. The album is the group's first fully blown "concept album" but band-leader Andy Tillison is keen to point out that this concept is something that involves all of us now rather than a rambling fiction.

Formed from a single hour long piece of music in 5 movements and referred to by the band as "An Electric Sinfonia" based around a working day of a typical Western-world citizen, the album has a very personal feel. It's highly orchestral and 20th century classical in tone, very much inspired by Stravinsky's The Rite Of Spring. Described by INSIDEOUT CEO Thomas Waber as "A very mature album" with "Stellar Musicianship" - this album sees the lineup of The Tangent revert to an earlier formation, Andy Tillison (composer/keyboards/singer) again bringing on board Jonas Reingold on bass (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic), Jakko M Jakszyk on guitar & vocals (King Crimson, Level 42), Theo Travis on wind instruments (Soft Machine, Steve Wilson Band) with the new additions of Gavin Harrison on drums (Porcupine Tree) & David Longdon on vocal harmonies (Big Big Train). In addition there are cameo appearances by Rikard Sjoblom (Beardfish) and Guy Manning amongst others.

The album is also now available to pre-order through the InsideOut Music webshop on limited edition CD -


- See more at:

Vincenzo Grieco,Francesco Fareri,Fabio Cerrone: SKYPE and LIVE video lessons

TOTAL SHRED GUITAR ONLINE is part of the guitar school TOTAL SHRED GUITAR based in Rome, Italy created by guitarist Francesco Fareri. We offer guitar courses for all levels and all styles of music as jazz, rock, blues, fusion, metal, shred, with lessons about style and guitar techniques as alternate picking, legato, tapping, sweep picking, string skipping, speed and coordination.

The ONLINE section of the school was opened to offer the same courses to all the people aroudn the world, infact in our school we have a team of 7 instructors and 3 of them ara available for the ONLINE version.

Lessons are via SKYPE and are LIVE video lessons face to face. We offer a package of 1 hour lesson, 4 times a month and in case a single lesson just to start.

Guitar technique has always been the main subject of discussions amongst guitar players. Thanks to technique, we are able to play anything we want. Our "guitar common sense" should guide us in not abusing it.

Technique gives "colours" to what we play. For example, a smooth legato, Holdsworth-style, is definitely in contrast with Gilbert's picking power. All this makes our way of playing more personal.

Our aim is to provide a guitar player with a comprehensive "vocabulary" of all techniques. It is then up to each player to use it with feeling. This cannot be taught as it belongs to each individual's awareness.

For more details:

Total Shred Guitar - Corso di tecnica con Francesco Fareri

Total Shred Guitar - Corsi di Chitarra - Vincenzo Grieco

Total Shred Guitar - Corsi di chitarra - Fabio Cerrone

Total Shred Guitar - Corso di tecnica con Francesco Fareri

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella headed to Portland and Seattle - and more dates to follow!

Gretchen Menn
Zepparella is heading to the northwest this weekend: Friday at Dante's in Portland, OR, and Saturday at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA (two shows!)

June 14, 2013
Portland, OR­
with RhinoFalcon opening!

June 15, 2013
Tractor Tavern - 2 Shows!
Seattle, WA­
with Adrian and The Sickness opening the second show!

July 3, 2013
Alameda County Fair
Alameda, CA­2013fair/­concerts/­concerts.php?row=0

August 2, 2013
Crystal Bay Casino
North Lake Tahoe, NV­

August 10, 2013
New Mexico Expo
Albuquerque, NM­

August 17, 2013
Ridgestock Expo
Nevada City, NV­

August 22, 2013
Concord Music Series
Concord, CA­recreation/­events/­downtownevents.htm

August 23, 2013
Eugene Celebration
Eugene, OR­index.html

August 24, 2013
Humboldt Brews
Arcata, CA

Richard Fortus: Endorse Rotosound’s Vintage Fuzz Pedal

Guns n’ Roses, Rival Sons, Eagles of Death Metal Guitarists Endorse Rotosound's Vintage Fuzz Pedal

Great guitarists, including Richard Fortus famous for brandishing the guitar with Guns ‘n’ Roses and Thin Lizzy, Scott Holiday lead guitarist and founder member of Rival Sons and Dave Catching who has been wielding the guitar for such bands as Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal have decided to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Jimmy Page by choosing to use the Rotosound Vintage Fuzz Pedal.

The recent reissue of the Rotosound Vintage Fuzz Pedal has caused quite a stir in the music world. It uses the same essential 1960’s design combined with modern components. The up to the minute technology gives an improved consistency and stability whilst by staying faithful to the original germanium workings, the authentic tone flavour and yesterday’s mojo are preserved. Made in the UK, it remains one of the simplest and easiest pedals to use, it is robust and hard wearing encased in a traditional press steel box.

Richard Fortus, lead guitarist with legendary band Guns ‘n’ Roses, loves his new Rotosound Fuzz Pedal. When describing it he said ‘It's very Tonebender-ish. Reminds me a lot of my MkII but with more hair and beef to it. I have a ton of fuzz pedals (both vintage and new), and the Rotosound has instantly become one of my go-to fuzz's for sure!’

Scott Holiday, guitarist with Classic Rock’s ‘Breakthrough Act Of The Year 2012’, Rival Sons, has also discovered the musical qualities of the new pedal. ‘As a big fan of a proper fuzz box, it was exciting to hear Rotosound was going to do a limited run of their classic 60's RotoFuzz. When I plugged it in it was very musical, nice range of tones...and very, very dirty (If desired. Yes please). Plus, they didn't foul up the classic look and enclosure. Keeping it absolutely accurate, with the sound AND look. Nice one, Rotosound! I like it.’

Dave Catching, highly influential producer as well as guitarist with Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death metal has also been impressed with the new pedal. He commented ‘The Rotosound Fuzz Pedal has that incredible 60's psychedelic sound I've been searching for. Now it's back and better than ever!!! Get one while you can!!!!’

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about, check out the Rotosound Fuzz Pedal at

News: Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline Jupiter PRO

Eastwood Guitars introduces the new Airline Jupiter PRO

Eastwood Guitars introduces two new upgraded versions of the popular Airline Jupiter: the Airline Jupiter PRO and the Jupiter PRO Dallas Green Signature. Since the highly successful introduction of this model in 2012, there has been an outcry for a modernized version of this hollow-body tribute to the famous 1950’s Silvertone Jupiter model.

Last year Eastwood teamed up with signer/songwriter and vintage guitar enthusiast Dallas Green from City and Colour to fine-tune the Jupiter for modern playability. The main structural changes included replacing the wooden bridge with a modern tun-o-matic bridge and upgrading the bolt-on neck to a set neck. The new Airline Jupiter PRO is a hollow-body guitar with mahogany top, back and sides with a one-piece maple set-neck. It features two Airline Argyle Pickups, a 3-way vintage flipper switch and 5 controls mounted on a flowing pickguard. The controls are dual tone and volume plus a unique Blender control to pan between the pickups for a wider tonal palette. The Dallas Green Signature model comes in a beautiful honeyburst finish, tortoiseshell pickguard, upgraded trapeze tail and is embellished with body, neck and headstock binding. The guitar is topped off with his logo signature on the headstock.

“I'm pretty excited to have my own signature Airline Jupiter Pro,” says Dallas Green. “Being part of the creative process in building it was a whole new experience. Can't wait for people to play them!”

“We've always loved the look of the Jupiter" said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars, "and working with Dallas to develop this PRO Series has been great. Our fans will truly enjoy this new model for its great looks, tone and playability.”

About Eastwood Guitars

Canada’s Eastwood Guitars is one of the world’s fastest growing guitar companies with over 40 distinctive models combining retro styling with modern playability. Eastwood is committed to developing and promoting independent music through the following initiatives: The Eastwood Artist Endorsement Program; The Eastwood Big Pick Program; The Eastwood Guitars Partners Program; and Eastwood Radio on and

Don Lappin: Captain's Lady - track from a great album posted!

Don Lappin:Tapped In

Don Lappin has just released his new studio album Tapped In. Tapped In is an instrumental rock guitar album featuring Don on guitar, Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clark) on keyboards, Joe Santerre (Jon Finn) on bass, and Chad Wackerman (Allan Holdsworth, James Taylor, Frank Zappa) on drums. If you are a fan of guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Guthrie Govan, and Steve Morse, you will definetly dig this brilliant new record. Don's playing is based on his unique two-handed tapping technique. This approach allows him to create very fluid and melodic lines, and helps him to attain his own unique style and sound.

A guitarist since age seven, Don Lappin began playing professionally at age 11 with an original rock group located in northeastern Ohio. The "Destroyers" gigged continuously and in 1980, were voted into the top 10 original acts in the state. After moving to New England in 1981, Don spent his teenage years with various teachers and bands before attending Berklee College of Music in January of 1990, graduating "summa cum laude" with a Bachelor's degree in performance.

Don has shared the stage with Michael Sweet (lead singer for the multi platinum group Stryper), Jon Finn, Steve Hunt, Joe Stump, Joe Santerre, John Petrucci, drummer Jonathan Mover, and Guthrie Govan, to name a few. Don is a proud endorser of Ernie Ball Products, Dimarzio Pickups, FretWraps by GruvGear, MusicMan Guitars, and Engl Amplification.

In addition to his own teaching practice (Privately and via Skype), Don has also been a faculty member at Berklee College of Music since 1997 and is an in-demand Professor in the Guitar Department. Don fronts his own instrumental rock band, "The Don Lappin Group" and is an active clinician and maintains a busy performance schedule throughout the year.

Sarah Longfield: tries the true temperament Boden

Sarah Longfield

What an awesome couple of days in Chicago! I got to check out the Washburn custom shop (eeee!!) got to try Allans epic true temperament Boden, got the 57/66 set put in my new boden (demo vid soon no worries!) hung with some awesome friends and good dudes I haven't seen since NAMM and now to try and survive the rest of this drive home haha xD — with Strandberg Guitarworks.

Sarah Longfield

In case you missed it... enjoy the Nexus Play-through

Sarah Longfield: Nexus Play-through