Friday, 27 September 2013

Alex Skolnick: Andy Mclaughlan Glasgow interview

Alex was kind enough to do this interview prior to a performance by his jazz trio in Glasgow on the 26/09/13. Unfortunately the lighting was very poor in his van where we did the video however it improves quite a bit after the 7 minute mark. I hope you enjoy listening to what he has to say!

In conversation with Alex Skolnick

Sam Bell: TAM100 Ibanez Tosin Abasi - Gravity - Mask Of Judas Sam Bell performs Gravity on the TAM100 Ibanez Tosin Abasi TAM100 8 String guitar. Sam Bell is the newest addition to the Licklibrary team - subscribe to Licklibrary online and be the first to hear of the new Sam Bell guitar lessons coming soon! ( Gravity is an up and coming song for the band Mask Of Judas, in which Sam Bell is the guitarist. Check out more about Mask Of Judas here: Licklibrary together with Sam Bell would like to thank Nevada Music for lending us the Ibanez Tosin Abasi guitar used in this video. For more information on Nevada Music:

Greg Koch: Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic

Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic • SN: 07-18-13P
Welcome to Wildwood Guitars! The guitar you see in this video may be sold, but that doesn't mean that you still can't enjoy its rich and vibrant tone! If you're in the market for a beauty such as this then use this video, and the devious stylings of the one-and-only Greg Koch, to help you decide if this may be the model for you! Site: Koch: Facebook: Serial Number: 07-18-13P Brand: Tom Anderson Model: Drop Top Classic Finish Color: Tobacco Fade with Binding Weight: 7.33 lbs Top Wood: Quilt Maple Body Wood: Alder Neck Wood: Chocolate Maple Neck Shape: Even-Taper Neck Dimensions: .820 1st - .900 12th Width at Nut: 1 11/16" Frets: Low-Rise Pickups: SC1, SC1, H2+ Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-Way Add Bridge with Splitter + VA Hardware : Chrome Bridge: Vintage Tremolo Tuners: Locking Pickguard: Tortoise Shell Case: Black Hardshell Case

Greg Koch,Joe Bonamassa,Robben Ford:  Plays Well With Others
“Guitar Gumbo” is a new book/cd that is a collection of articles and anecdotes by Greg Koch aimed at inspiring guitar players to improve their playing and guitartistry. Soloing concepts, tune writing commentary, recording tips, licks and rhythm playing ideas are all covered with accompanying, irreverent text. A cd is included to provide audio examples. Although most guitar players think they know everything already, “Guitar Gumbo” provides an opportunity for them to learn a little more information that currently cannot be gleaned “free of charge” via youtube:-)

$19.99 + S&H

Billy Cobham,Carl Orr,Gary Husband: Compass Point

Billy Cobham: Compass Point ( 2 CD)/with Gary Husband

Billy Cobham (Drums); Gary Husband (Keys); Carl Orr (Guitar); Stefan Rademacher (Bass);

2013 Release. A magnificent 2CD set from a true legend of jazz, and fusion’s greatest drummer, Billy Cobham, who has performed and composed along side such icons as Miles Davis, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Santana, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock and others!

Recorded live at the Compass Point Hotel in the Bahamas in 1997, this outstanding concert recording has never before been released until now!

Packaged with deluxe liner notes containing personal reminiscences from Cobham and the other members of his band – Gary Husband (keyboards), Stefan Rademacher (bass), and Carl Orr (guitar) plus recording engineer Craig Bishop! 

Billy Cobham: Compass Point

Robert Dahlqvist: Ex-Hellacopters guitarist working on first solo album

Ex-Hellacopters guitarist, Robert Dahlqvist, has teamed up with to premiere a brand new track, "Inte En Dag," from his upcoming debut solo album, Solo. Stream "Inte En Dag" today exclusively on at:

Solo is due out October 2, 2013 on Despotz Records. CD, vinyl and CD/vinyl bundle package pre-orders are available online at:

Said Dahlqvist, "After ten years with the Hellacopters and four years with Dundertåget and a variety of freelance jobs, it is now time for me to release my first solo album. I can, from the bottom of my heart to say, that I have never been this proud of some music I made - feels like a life's work, everything from the music to the lyrics and production.

1. Jag Va Kött Och Blod
2. Det Tog En Lång Tid
3. Redo Nån Gång
4. Vi Tar Båten
5. Ingrid Isabel
6. Sneseglaren
7. Inte En Dag
8. Ta Det Kallt
9. Det E Hon
10. Ej Med Flit
11. Åker Tåg

With vocals sung entirely in Swedish, Solo was recorded, mixed and produced by Björn Olsson (Union Carbide Productions, The Soundtrack of our Lives), a process that has been two years in the making.

"Songs that I've worked with for two years," added Dahlqvist. "A time that has gone up and down emotionally for me, and that is why the songs have a very personal and fragile sense of themselves.

"Björn has been extremely careful and sensitive throughout the shoot, but in no way has it been difficult to record. It cannot be anything better than to record music with a friend and be friends through the whole process, it has actually never happened before."

Stay tuned to for more information.

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Splatters by Bucketheadland another new CD!

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Splatters

Bucketheadland just released Splatters,

1. Splatters 1 10:28
2. Splatters 2 03:41
3. Splatters 3 04:05
4. Splatters 4 12:49

released 26 September 2013

Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers: HBC European tour dates

01.10.2013 NO-Trondheim, Trøndertun Folk High School (Berlin / Henderson clinics)
02.10.2013 NO-Trondheim, Dokkhuset Scene  
03.10.2013 NO-Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene
06.10.2013 DE-Ellwangen, Schloßschenke Ellwangen  
08.10.2013 AT-Vienna, Porgy & Bess  
31.10.2013 DE-Berlin, Quasimodo

New Release: Firey Nouveau Flamenco - Gut String Memoirs by Slang

Independent musician, producer, and director Slang has released a guitar instrumental album featuring the exotic soundscapes of Nouveau Flamenco.

The album features uptempo Cajun/Salsa with "Bangka to Station 3", Romantic soft Jazz/Flamenco with "Be One", Progressive Flamenco Fusion with "Echoes of Tabon", a quirky melodic trip with "Jalapeño Jam" and more.

The album will take you from tapping your toes, partying at your beach bbq, mellowing out in front of the fireplace, relaxing during yoga, to escaping into a world of mystery.

The first single releases on Friday, September 27, with "Wat Lok Molee" a mysterious track with ancient world vibes. Along with the song comes a video that Slang filmed, directed and edited in "The Land of the Smile", featuring exotic traditional Thai dancing and costumes (with Thai dancer Prim Tukta) on the canvas of spectacular views of Chiang Mai, Thailands second oldest temple "Wat Lok Molee" and several other historical views of Thailand.

Wat Lok Molee (Official Music Video) - Slang

Slang - Gut String Memoirs - Official Album Preview

Frank Gambale: Spotify - In my mind it's utterly pitiful and a disgraceful display of greed and once again Artists being ripped off.

Frank Gambale making a stand for musicians
Frank Gambale

Hi Folks,
Ok, I think you all know that I am NOT one to rant on...but today I have taken a stand, alongside some other fine Artists who have and are doing the same. My angst is toward music streaming companies such as Rhapsody ( with the emphasis on "sody", Rdio and Spotify to name but a few. )

I have instructed CD baby to remove all my catalog of music from those streaming sites.

Why? You may well ask!

If we as Artists believe our music to be worthless, then Spotify and the like are GREAT places to put your music.  17,000 plays of one of my tunes on Spotify paid a whopping 15.3 cents!!!

Now, look folks, I talk to people all the time and many of them say they use Spotify. The consumers love these sites. $10 a month for a subscription, then they play and listen to whatever they want...completely oblivious to the fact that the folks running Spotify and the like are lining their pockets and paying Artists less than peanuts...because I can't afford to buy peanuts to eat if I had to rely on Spotify royalties.

Now folks, I'm not against streaming, I think it's awesome, however, I DO think that these companies need to realize where their revenue is coming from.

In my mind it's utterly pitiful and a disgraceful display of greed and once again Artists being ripped off. Folks, WE, as musicians ARE the source!! We love what we do, but let's face it, we're not a charity!

Here's the facts:

Rhapsody royalty rate = .0091 cents per play
Rdio royalty rate = .0045 cents per play
Spotify royalty rate = .0009 to ZERO ( YES ZERO!!! ) per play!

I rest my case folks. The regular airwave radio stations pay roughly 10 cents a play...these internet radio stations need to pay Artists an actual royalty rate that reflects RESPECT for the music, Artists and Musicians who make the music in the first place.

FG Out!

Hans Van Even,Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov: Stardust Requiem CD - Indiegogo premix teaser

Hans Van Even: Here's a teaser to raise funds for the last phase and post-production of my upcoming CD "Stardust Requiem". If you are interested, please visit our indiegogo link Featuring guest solos by Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov, ... and many others and starring orchestral arrangements by film composer Marc Dall'Anese, "Vent de guitares" from Garlo!!! Be sure to check us out at or

My name is Hans Van Even, I'm a guitarist/composer since more then 30 years

This is a project that started a few years ago and is all about my vision of life and the whole question "where do we come from, where do we go to" ... While I'm often known as a shred only guitarist, thanks to last years jobs as a guitar demonstrator for the coolWashburn & Randall instruments from US Music and Arbiter France my passion for music and composition goes much further then simply playing guitar and this CD covers a wide variety of styles travelling orchestral, metal, classical, film, acoustic, rock, electro, world, jazz ... music, which really reflects the way I listen to music.

While I've always wanted to do an instrumental guitar CD, it quickly became a more important project and I had the chance that many other great musicians joined us on invitations or arrangements.

Featuring some are my all time favorite musicians like

Tony MacAlpine (solo artist, Steve Vai, ...)
Brett Garsed
Marc Dall'Anese (orchestral arranger for the animation film Arthur and the Minimoys, additional composer on an upcoming Hollywood film "The Gaunted", ...), 
Eugene Berger
Feodor Dosumov
Xavier Martinez
Jean Fontanille,
Olivier Sousbie, and many more.

Quick overview of the musicians : Bass - Goran Vujic , Drums - Leo Isnard, Michel Fourcade & Philippe Ravez, Keyboard on Hans Blues - Olivier Sousbie, drum edits Xavier Richard ...

I've put most of my passion, energy, free time and personal fundings in this project and would like to use the indiegogo funding tool to make the post production part (Mixing, Mastering, CD Press) as professional as possible but I have to face reality, it's an auto-production and we need some extra help to achieve this.

I'll use the funding to finance SDRM-SACEM costs, post production, mastering (ideally atAbbey Road Studios in London, but at least a high end mastering studio that reflects the time we spend to compose and record) and CD-Press/Duplication and an additional budget for musicians.

What We Need

  • SDRM - SACEM costs 1000€ 
  • Abbey Road Studios London - Mastering 3000€ 
  • CD-Press Duplication for 1000 CD's = 1500€ 
  • Additional budget for musicians = 1000€ 
  • indiegogo fees = 500€

What You Get

  • Your contribution will help me to finalize this project with the best efforts I can do for an auto-production 
  • Depending on the fund you'll get a CD, T-Shirt, your name or even your logo on the CD booklet

Other Ways You Can Help

You can't contribute? No problem, everybody can help us, just get the word out and share my project with other people, this is worth gold to me. Please use the indeogogo share tools to do this.


Thanks in advance for your help, time and support, this means a lot to me! 

Brett Garsed: Afraid To Be Afraid - Adrian's Wall - 1987

A song written by keyboard player and vocalist Laurence Groves, AKA Larry Groves,, 'Afraid to be Afraid' is taken from the 1987 Album 'Caught In The Web'.
The Line up is: Larry Groves keyboards and vocals, Adrian Campbell vocals, Brett Garsed Guitar, Brian Hamilton bass and Leyton Greening on drums.

Afraid To Be Afraid / Adrian's Wall

Gabriele Lazzerini: 60 Seconds Solo Contest - very tasty solo

Amazing backing track... I really enjoyed it! I tried to play something different putting melody at the first place :) I hope you will like it!

Special thanks goes to EMG pick ups, Andrea Toto, Gerardo Tabarracci and Leo Guarducci (il power Metal in Versilia).