Hans Van Even,Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov: Stardust Requiem CD - Indiegogo premix teaser

Hans Van Even: Here's a teaser to raise funds for the last phase and post-production of my upcoming CD "Stardust Requiem". If you are interested, please visit our indiegogo link http://igg.me/at/stardust-requiem/x/3... Featuring guest solos by Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov, ... and many others and starring orchestral arrangements by film composer Marc Dall'Anese, "Vent de guitares" from Garlo!!! Be sure to check us out at http://www.hansvaneven.net orhttp://www.facebook.com/hvemusic.

My name is Hans Van Even, I'm a guitarist/composer since more then 30 years www.hansvaneven.net.

This is a project that started a few years ago and is all about my vision of life and the whole question "where do we come from, where do we go to" ... While I'm often known as a shred only guitarist, thanks to last years jobs as a guitar demonstrator for the coolWashburn & Randall instruments from US Music and Arbiter France my passion for music and composition goes much further then simply playing guitar and this CD covers a wide variety of styles travelling orchestral, metal, classical, film, acoustic, rock, electro, world, jazz ... music, which really reflects the way I listen to music.

While I've always wanted to do an instrumental guitar CD, it quickly became a more important project and I had the chance that many other great musicians joined us on invitations or arrangements.

Featuring some are my all time favorite musicians like

Tony MacAlpine (solo artist, Steve Vai, ...) www.tonymacalpine.com
Brett Garsed www.brettgarsed.com
Marc Dall'Anese www.marcdallanese.com (orchestral arranger for the animation film Arthur and the Minimoys, additional composer on an upcoming Hollywood film "The Gaunted", ...), 
Garlo www.garlo.fr
Eugene Berger www.eugeneberger.net
Feodor Dosumov
Xavier Martinez
Jean Fontanille,
Olivier Sousbie, and many more.

Quick overview of the musicians : Bass - Goran Vujic www.goranvujic.com , Drums - Leo Isnard, Michel Fourcade & Philippe Ravez, Keyboard on Hans Blues - Olivier Sousbie, drum edits Xavier Richard ...

I've put most of my passion, energy, free time and personal fundings in this project and would like to use the indiegogo funding tool to make the post production part (Mixing, Mastering, CD Press) as professional as possible but I have to face reality, it's an auto-production and we need some extra help to achieve this.

I'll use the funding to finance SDRM-SACEM costs, post production, mastering (ideally atAbbey Road Studios in London www.abbeyroad.com, but at least a high end mastering studio that reflects the time we spend to compose and record) and CD-Press/Duplication and an additional budget for musicians.

What We Need

  • SDRM - SACEM costs www.sacem.fr 1000€ 
  • Abbey Road Studios London - Mastering 3000€ 
  • CD-Press Duplication for 1000 CD's = 1500€ 
  • Additional budget for musicians = 1000€ 
  • indiegogo fees = 500€

What You Get

  • Your contribution will help me to finalize this project with the best efforts I can do for an auto-production 
  • Depending on the fund you'll get a CD, T-Shirt, your name or even your logo on the CD booklet

Other Ways You Can Help

You can't contribute? No problem, everybody can help us, just get the word out and share my project with other people, this is worth gold to me. Please use the indeogogo share tools to do this.


Thanks in advance for your help, time and support, this means a lot to me!