Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mike Campese: Chameleon - Guitar Clinics - Italia 2013

26 - Parma, IT - L'Accademia
28 - San Biagio di Callalta - Rock Institute

Mike Campese - Guitar Clinics - Italia 2013

Mike Campese: Chameleon
The long awaited eighth studio release from Mike Campese is finally here!

CHAMELEON embodies the entire essence and culmination of Mike's years of experience as a composer, guitarist, songwriter, and of course includes plenty of serious guitar shredding.

Here are a few sound samples from the album:

Do it for the Cats
Firefly in a Bottle
Pasta and Bananas
Raise the Bow
Funky Monkey Man
Meant to Be
She Burnt the House Down
To the 9's

John Petrucci: Higgo RockPro interview

Higgo RockPro
Melbourne, Australia

Ron Thal: Tony Harnell and The Wildflowers Feat. Bumblefoot

TONY HARNELL & THE WILDFLOWERS FEATURING BUMBLEFOOT recently released its debut album via

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Paralyzed
02. Get Up Again
03. Runaround
04. Devil Of A Healer
05. Burning Daylight
06. Somebody To Love
07. What If
08. Wouldn't Be Human
09. Child's Play (Live at the Cutting Room)

Tony Harnell & The Wildflowers Feat. Bumblefoot- Burning Daylight

Gianluca Ferro: ESP star posts instrumental version of "Engravings"

This is an instrumental version of my tune "Engravings".
The song was originally written for my band Bouncing The Ocean.

Album to be released in 2014.
Alberto Bollati - Bass
Edo Sala - Drums
Andy Vergori - Keyboards

Hope you dig it !

Gianluca Ferro - "Engravings"

*NEW* Gianluca Ferro 'Metal Fusion Series 2' at

Gianluca Ferro returns to the JTC hotseat with a brand new series of Metal Fusion. If you want to learn the art of multi finger tapping over incredibly produced backing tracks then this is the package for you. Gian is a master of this difficult technique, and all 5 tracks have a wealth of it to help you study and perfect your tapping skills! On top of this Gian has thrown in some incredible licks and a series of runs that will keep you busy for weeks trying to nail! There are a lot of notes to learn!

The backings and extended jam tracks are produced of the highest standard and give you a great basis to create your own solo ideas over. Gian made sure the extended jam tracks were super long so that you can keep practicing your licks over and over!

The package comes with the solo tracks, backing and extended jam tracks, live video performances and accurate TAB and notation written by Gian himself!

5 solo example tracks
5 solo backing tracks
5 extended jam tracks
5 video performances
Tab and notation in PDF and Powertab

Don Lappin: How To Get A Great Guitar Sound when filming videos
I have been getting a lot of questions lately as to how I get my lead tone when filming my videos. I decided to make a video demonstrating my setup and what effects I use. I hope you find this video useful.

How To Get A Great Guitar Sound

FretWraps String Dampener For Guitar 9 Months Later

Don Lappin:Tapped In

Atma Anur,Joop Wolters: Aragon 2.0

Atma Anur and Joop Wolters - ARAGON V2.0
I love working Joop and had a great time with this track. I asked Joop if I could use his song as a track for some clinics (it was already recorded and released) and he said yes. Then I thought "why not record new drums on it just for fun?" and here is the finished product. Friendship, Music... Love. That's what it's about for me... cheers

Leslie West: Still Climbing - pre order!

Leslie West 3 weeks long

Leslie West, the legendary guitarist, vocalist and original founding member of Mountain, will release a new studio album "Still Climbing" on October 28th via Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group.

Since his historic performance with Mountain at the 1969 Woodstock Festival, West has enjoyed a glittering career spanning over half a century, accomplished in spite of a life threatening battle with diabetes, which cost him his right leg in 2011 (shortly before the release of his “Unusual Suspects” album).

"I’m lucky it wasn’t one of my hands or I’d be screwed," says West. "It was a difficult struggle, and after the amputation I didn’t know whether I’d ever want to or be able to perform again. A month later I played at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in New York City, and I heard my guitar on stage and that was it. I knew I had to keep going."

Looked upon by West as a sequel to “Unusual Suspects”, which featured collaborations with the likes of Slash, Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa and Billy Gibbons, “Still Climbing” sees West joining forces with Jonny LangJohnny Winter, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider and Alter Bridge and Creed’s Mark Tremonti.

Album Track Listing

01. Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born (with special guest Mark Tremonti)
02. Busted, Disgusted or Dead (with special guest Johnny Winter)
03. Fade Into You
04. Not Over You At All
05. Tales Of Woe
06. Feeling Good (with special guest Dee Snider)
07. Hatfield or McCoy
08. When A Man Loves A Woman (with special guest Jonny Lang)
09. Long Red
10. Don’t Ever Let Me Go (with special guest Dylan Rose)
11. Rev Jones Time (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)

Jamie Humphries: Van Halen Style Guitar Performance

Van Halen Style Guitar Performance by Jamie Humphries - Quick Licks DVD Van Halen style guitar performance by Jamie Humphries from Quick Licks Van Halen Volume 2. Start your guitar lessons today and order Van Halen Quick Licks Volume 2 teaches you licks and techniques in the style of Van Halen! All guitar lessons by Jamie Humphries - once you've learned your licks why not perform them over the Van Halen backing track also available from Looking for Van Halen Quick Licks Volume 1? Head to:

Jess Lewis: Improvising - MIJ 57 reissue Fender Stratocaster 1986

Jess Lewis - Improvising
just messin' around playing stuff n' yeah... I'm playing a MIJ 57 reissue Fender stratocaster 1986, it's been my first guitar & was passed down from a family member. I'm thinking about selling, but after playing it today I can't decided whether to or not as it's very nice to play, but if I do the link will be attached to this description thing later today I think...

Paul Masvidal: Cynic: Part 1 - Interview

Paul Masvidal - Cynic: Part 1/3 Interview - Luke Dennis chats with Paul Masvidal of Cynic. Follow the link to view the complete first part of this interview with text, pictures, and video. Stay tuned for part 2 coming on October 16th and subscribe to check out new updates every Wednesday! 00:48 - Inspiration behind quick release of Carbon-Based Anatomy 01:09 - Writing process 01:59 - Textural vs. riff-based composition 03:40 - Influence of film/TV scoring experience on metal writing 05:00 - Previously unexplored moods on Carbon-Based Anatomy 06:16 - World music & ethnic groove integration (including Amazonian music) Please note that this video was filmed on November 7th, 2011. Unfortunately, the footage was part of a hard drive crash, which delayed the release of the video and forced us to move on to other ongoing projects at the time. Fortunately, we were able to recover most of the files and put together the finished version of the interview you see here. 

Rick Graham: Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson

Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson (cover version)
Hi guys, decided to record the full version of this amazing piece of music. Hope you enjoy!

Jack Gardiner: Periphery - Erised Solo - Metal Guitar God 2013 Contest

Jack Gardiner - Periphery - Erised Solo (Toontrack Metal Guitar God 2013 Contest)
Hi people! Here's another video I shot today with my Canon 550D! Still getting used to this thing! I am by no means a metal player, so I apologise to you guys in advance. Had a lot of fun playing over this backing track today! Hope you guys enjoy! Cheers, Jack

News: Truth In Shredding passes 5,000,000 - yes count them... page views!!!

Laurie: Another milestone crushed... Truth In Shredding passes 5,000,000 page views.  Thanks for dropping by over the years to make that number possible!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Panzerballett - The IKEA Trauma

Filmed by Anders Bryngel, Chris Rogl, Peter Mitterhauser
Cutting & editing: Stefan Wascher, Mattias 'IA' Eklundh
Produced by: All of the above
Executive producer: Jan Zehrfeld

  • 11/05/13 DE - Leipzig, Theater Fabrik Sachsen
  • 11/06/13 DE - Berlin, K17
  • 11/07/13 DE - Bremen, Meisenfrei
  • 11/13/13 DE - Köln, MTC
  • 11/14/13 DE - Hamburg, Logo
  • 11/15/13 DE - Frankfurt, Das Bett

Panzerballett feat. Mattias 'IA' Eklundh - The IKEA Trauma

Philip Chevron: Pogues guitarist dead at 56 RIP

Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron dead at 56Toronto Sun
LONDON – Guitarist Phil Chevron of the Anglo-Irish folk-punk band the Pogues died on Tuesday at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer, the band said.

Dean Murphy: house break in causes massive set back to YouTube video production

Please watch

If anyone knows anything about this please let Dean Murphy know

Dean Murphy:  had someone break into any house and among other things they stole my camera...