Jamie Humphries: Van Halen Style Guitar Performance

Van Halen Style Guitar Performance by Jamie Humphries - Quick Licks DVD
http://bit.ly/QuickLicks_VanHalen_Vol2 Van Halen style guitar performance by Jamie Humphries from Quick Licks Van Halen Volume 2. Start your guitar lessons today and order http://bit.ly/QuickLicks_VanHalen_Vol2 Van Halen Quick Licks Volume 2 teaches you licks and techniques in the style of Van Halen! All guitar lessons by Jamie Humphries - once you've learned your licks why not perform them over the Van Halen backing track also available from Licklibrary.com Looking for Van Halen Quick Licks Volume 1? Head to: http://bit.ly/QuickLicks_VanHalen_Vol1