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Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT - Wave Particle

Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT - Wave Particle 
OmnisighT is a progressive hard rock band with a metal edge which began as a collaboration between two prolific performers: vocalist/guitarist Raj Krishna and professional session drummer Chris Warunki. Rounded out by Dave Shannon (bass, backing vocals) and Blake Rurik (guitars), they released an epic 80-minute debut album ("Path") and have been astounding audiences with their live show ever since.

1. String Theory 02:27
2. Wave Particle 05:08
3. Sheltered Mind 04:21
4. Eleven 08:56
5. Hectic 02:29
Self-Produced (by Dave Shannon/OmnisighT) and Self-Released (via Warunki Media) 2013
released 05 November 2013
Raj Krishna: Lead Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Blake Rurik: Lead Guitar
Dave Shannon: Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Warunki: Drums

Syzygy: Solo on "Erised" by Periphery - out of kilter video remains in the top ten

Anyone know what the hell those things are on the wall behind him??!? A dissonant approach to this super solo competition has appeared in the top ten.

With a title like “Metal Guitar God 2013", one might imagine strings red hot from shredding under a divinely inspired finger frenzy.  Interesting, then, that the Italian entrant “Syzygy” took a different angle: simplicity.  His entry has been in the top ten (among ~1000) for more than two weeks!  In his description, artist Carlo Alberto Menon “tried to reach the ‘distant melody’ mentioned in the lyrics.”  He wanted “a predominance of descending phrases to describe the situation of ‘uncapability’ described by the song.”
This complete work, with its beautiful round sound, wisely shaped phrases, and artful video holds a well deserved spot in the top 10.  Shredding is great!  But not the only way.

Syzygy - Solo on "Erised" by Periphery

News:iZotope Releases Audio Repair with RX 3

iZotope Releases Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques

Online Guide Details Strategies for Overcoming Common Audio Repair Problems

Cambridge, MA – November 5, 2013 - iZotope Inc., a leading audio technology company, announced the release of its new digital guide entitled Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips, and Techniques. The reference guide, available free of charge in the iTunes store and through iZotope's website, provides invaluable information for audio editors repairing or restoring audio.

Audio Repair with RX 3 outlines the most common types of audio problems in recordings and covers the fundamental concepts of audio repair, while providing helpful tips from professionals for salvaging previously unusable audio. Geared toward helping users approach audio restoration based on their specific goals, readers can navigate through a wealth of tips and techniques from professionals including Emmy award-winning sound mixer Bill Jackson, Pro Tools Expert deputy editor Mike Thornton, and others.

For RX 3 users, audio repair techniques using iZotope's new RX 3 audio restoration software are also included as subtopics throughout the guide.

Key Features:

Through the 100+ pages of the guide, readers are provided with valuable information on how to:

  • Identify the basics of audio repair and restoration, and understand the tools of the trade.
  • Learn the use of a spectrogram to identify audio problems.
  • Expand efficiency in denoising, including reducing broadband noise, hum and tonal noise, and dialog denoising.
  • Removing intermittent noises and gaps, clicks and pops, clipping, and reverb.
  • Learn techniques of efficiently exporting and delivering audio.
  • Discover tips from award-winning industry leaders, including timesaving advice and guidance through specific modules and plug-ins.
For more information about “Audio Repair with RX 3”, visit www.izotope.com.
For more information about iZotope RX 3, visit http://www.izotope.com/rx.

Pricing and Links to Download
Audio Repair with RX 3: Tools, Tips and Techniques, is free of charge, and is accessible through PDF by clicking http://downloads.izotope.com/guides/iZotope_AudioRepair.pdf
The eBook version can be downloaded via iTunes for iPhone and iPad by clicking https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/audio-repair-with-rx-3/id716947330?mt=11

Users can also download follow-along audio examples here from the iZotope website.

About iZotope, Inc.

iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over a decade developing award-winning products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike.  Used by millions of people in over 50 countries, iZotope products are a core component of GRAMMY-winning music studios, Oscar and Emmy-winning film and TV post production studios, and prominent radio studios, as well as basement and bedroom studios across the globe. Through a robust licensing program, iZotope also powers products made by industry partners such as Adobe, Avid, Microsoft, and Sony. iZotope was recently honored with an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its flagship audio repair suite, RX®.
For more information on iZotope products, please visit www.izotope.com.

Nili Brosh: announces musicians appearing on new album

Without waiting any longer, here is the final list of players on my upcoming new album (in alphabetical order): Alex Argento (keys), Mike Ball (bass), Bryan Beller (bass), Anthony Crawford (bass), Virgil Donati(drums), Stuart Hamm (bass), Ameya Kalamdani (guest guitar solo), Eli Marcus (bass), Marco Minnemann (drums), and Aquiles Priester(drums). Oh and, I played some guitar.

Stay tuned for more details as they will unfold periodically and very soon!!

Paul Lawler: Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese Gibson SG goes to Paul Lawler

Paul Lawler is now the proud owner of a Gibson SG guitar that belonged to Edgar Froese. The guitar was put onto the Memorablia section of the Tangerine Dream webstore yesterday and was described as:

This GIBSON SG is SIGNED by Edgar Froese and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (including a photo showing Edgar with his guitar in hand). This GIBSON SG was played by Edgar among others for the solo in BEACH THEME (Soundtrack THIEF). This red guitar is something special - you will own an emotional private instrument which Edgar played many times - definitely a collector's item!

A second guitar, this time a White Fender Stratocaster, was also put up for sale at the same time. This guitar was describes as:

This FENDER STRATOCASTER with EMG PICK-UPS is SIGNED by Edgar Froese and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (including a photo showing Edgar with his guitar in hand). This FENDER can be heard on various tracks of the VIEWS FROM A RED TRAIN CD production for example. This gem is something special - you will own an emotional private instrument which Edgar played many times - definitely a collector's item!

For more information go here:

Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: Now available in CD format with free download

Gary Husband The musical masterpiece from Gary Husband and Alex Machacek. Recorded at the amazing Manifold Recording , the music is getting rave reviews even from Chick Corea who decided to write the foreword.. A big congrats to Gary and Alex who have created a truly outstanding recording that blurs any genres. Its PURE MUSIC !! Buy the CD , its represents the music in its best quality and get a free download of the entire album. Thanks for the continued support !!

Gary Husband (Piano); Alex Machacek (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
Gary Husband and Alex Machacek have co-created an amazing piece of modern music which goes beyond categories with “Now”. The compositions and forms that they have made to expand and improvise with are adventurous and magical. The duet is an orchestra unto itself and the players are obviously very comfortable within each others’ universes. They have taken good care of the sonics of the recording as well with a wonderfully rich sound and perfect mix. Congratulations my friends!

Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: Now

Stéphan Forté: Now On Twitter

Stéphan Forté

Hi there guys !! Do you have some questions ? follow me and ask me anything you want on Twitter


Daddo Oreskovich: Extended Range Guitars - Part 1 - 8 string

This is one of the first educational music documentaries in the world, featuring extended range guitars as the focal point.

If you are new to this and want to find more about these extended range instruments, adapted techniques, new sounds, then this is the video for you. You can learn many new things and expand your knowledge and explore this popular innovative territory in the world of guitar.

Your host in this video is Daddo Oreskovich, Berklee college of music graduate guitarist, specialized in Rock/Metal music. In this video he is talking about his approach and use of extended range guitars.


- Introduction
- why 8 string guitars?
- open tunings
- difference between 6 string and 7 string guitar
- guitar strings
- sound examples and more...
- "Divine" and "Harp Guitar Technique"
- Outro

NOTE: for best sound experience, choose HD quality and use headphones or Hi-Fi speakers/studio monitors ;-)
8 string crazy shredding

More about my signature JamUp Patches in this video:

Daddo JamUp FX Pack


P.S. Feel free to ask any questions in comments ;-)

Q.Rich Guitars - 8 string