Daddo Oreskovich: Extended Range Guitars - Part 1 - 8 string

This is one of the first educational music documentaries in the world, featuring extended range guitars as the focal point.

If you are new to this and want to find more about these extended range instruments, adapted techniques, new sounds, then this is the video for you. You can learn many new things and expand your knowledge and explore this popular innovative territory in the world of guitar.

Your host in this video is Daddo Oreskovich, Berklee college of music graduate guitarist, specialized in Rock/Metal music. In this video he is talking about his approach and use of extended range guitars.


- Introduction
- why 8 string guitars?
- open tunings
- difference between 6 string and 7 string guitar
- guitar strings
- sound examples and more...
- "Divine" and "Harp Guitar Technique"
- Outro

NOTE: for best sound experience, choose HD quality and use headphones or Hi-Fi speakers/studio monitors ;-)
8 string crazy shredding

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Q.Rich Guitars - 8 string