Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT - Wave Particle

Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT - Wave Particle 
OmnisighT is a progressive hard rock band with a metal edge which began as a collaboration between two prolific performers: vocalist/guitarist Raj Krishna and professional session drummer Chris Warunki. Rounded out by Dave Shannon (bass, backing vocals) and Blake Rurik (guitars), they released an epic 80-minute debut album ("Path") and have been astounding audiences with their live show ever since.

1. String Theory 02:27
2. Wave Particle 05:08
3. Sheltered Mind 04:21
4. Eleven 08:56
5. Hectic 02:29
Self-Produced (by Dave Shannon/OmnisighT) and Self-Released (via Warunki Media) 2013
released 05 November 2013
Raj Krishna: Lead Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Blake Rurik: Lead Guitar
Dave Shannon: Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Warunki: Drums