Syzygy: Solo on "Erised" by Periphery - out of kilter video remains in the top ten

Anyone know what the hell those things are on the wall behind him??!? A dissonant approach to this super solo competition has appeared in the top ten.

With a title like “Metal Guitar God 2013", one might imagine strings red hot from shredding under a divinely inspired finger frenzy.  Interesting, then, that the Italian entrant “Syzygy” took a different angle: simplicity.  His entry has been in the top ten (among ~1000) for more than two weeks!  In his description, artist Carlo Alberto Menon “tried to reach the ‘distant melody’ mentioned in the lyrics.”  He wanted “a predominance of descending phrases to describe the situation of ‘uncapability’ described by the song.”
This complete work, with its beautiful round sound, wisely shaped phrases, and artful video holds a well deserved spot in the top 10.  Shredding is great!  But not the only way.

Syzygy - Solo on "Erised" by Periphery