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Eric Johnson,Zakk Wylde,Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang,Dweezil Zappa,Ana Popovic: just some of the names for the upcoming Experience Hendrix Tour 2014

Experience Hendrix Tour 2014  Tour Dates

The eighth edition of the celebrated Experience Hendrix Tour is set to launch in March 2014. These special event performances represent an ongoing tribute to the music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix. Presented by BandFuse: Rock Legends, the month long tour, brings together a diverse group of musical greats paying homage to the abiding genius of Jimi Hendrix. This year’s line-up ranges from metal legend Zakk Wylde [Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society], blues icon Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the innovative Dweezil Zappa, Los Lobos’ stalwarts Cesar Rosas and David Hidalgo, left-handed blues rocker Eric Gales, Texas guitar gods Doyle Bramhall II and Eric Johnson, Mato Nanji [Indigenous], and, from Serbia by way of Memphis, Ana Popovic. The rhythm section, as always, includes bassist Billy Cox, the only player, apart from Jimi Hendrix himself, who was part of both the Band of Gypsys and the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Chris Layton, the drummer who, along with the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, was a founder of Double Trouble.  Artists:

The tour officially begins in Dallas at the Verizon Theater on March 11 and, thereafter roars through the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions with stops in St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Washington and Detroit with more than 20 anticipated concert dates.

Be sure to check back here regularly for updated performance rosters, ticketing information and special announcements about additional dates.


News: Dean Guitars Presents the Dean Thoroughbred Stealth!

Dean Guitars Presents the Dean Thoroughbred Stealth!
The Dean Thoroughbred Stealth Black Satin
is certainly the most mysterious and menacing instrument in our exciting Dean Thoroughbred Series. It's also one of our most popular 2013 arrivals!

The Dean Thoroughbred Series electric guitars! Classic-inspired guitars with high end components and modern rock flair. A bold new breed of single cut instrument, the Dean Thoroughbred Stealth is a lean, mean machine loaded with EMG 81/85 pickups with a sexy, satin black finish. Put this up against the competition and you'll know you have a winner in your hands in quality, sound and price.

Look for the review in the Jan. 2014 issue of Guitar World!
Get Your Wings today with the Dean Thoroughbred Stealth!!

Adrian Galysh: Epic Reward packages for the new Tone Poet album

Where can YOU get this bad-ass TONE POET shirt, designed by The Rockwood Saloon?

TONE POET. The album includes 12 tracks featuring vocal rock songs, instrumentals with world music influences, and sweeping orchestral works. While epic in scope, the album is tied together by tasteful guitar work and a compositional style which is complemented by vocalist Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt, Uli Jon Roth), bassist Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, RIng of Fire), and grooves by world-class drummer, Todd Sucherman (STYX).

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I have started this Rocket Hub campaign to help raise funds that will pay for advertising, promotion, PR, and some uber-cool looking Tone Poet T-Shirts. The year ahead will be filled with live performances, music conventions, and a media blitz that will include album reviews, interviews, and ads on both the internet and traditional print media.

Please have a listen to the Tone Poet Preview video, to hear how fantastic the new album sounds, and to get an idea of the quality I will pursue in promoting this exciting project. I appreciate your support!

Help promote TONE POET by Adrian Galysh and get stuff!!

Rob Balducci: announces new live show

Rob Balducci
Killer show on Dec 12 at Shape Shifter lab. Please join The Rob Balducci Band for an intense night of music!

Chantel McGregor: announces a host of UK tour dates

Chantel McGregor (@ChantelMcGregor) tweeted at 1:07 pm on Mon, Nov 25, 2013:
Tour dates for the next few months, which dates are you coming to??? xxx

Chantel Mcgregor - Sloe gin @ Manchester Academy 3,5th October 2012.

Tom Hess: The Five Keys To Building A Successful Music Career

Tom Hess
The Five Keys To Building A Successful Music Career
By Tom Hess
Wish you knew why some musicians become massively successful (and how you can too)? Hint: It’s not by simply copying the actions of others in the industry – it’s by developing a success-oriented mindset as the foundation of your actions. Once you have the right ‘mindset’, everything else will fall into place in your music career and you will achieve success.

For the rest of this article I will assume that you have a great understanding of what you want to accomplish in your music career (if you don’t yet, stop reading right now and check out this article about how to plan a music career). To help you understand how you can achieve the greatest success in your music career, I am now going to compare the way ‘unsuccessful’ musicians think versus how ‘successful’ musicians think. By understanding the difference between the two, you will be able to reach your music career goals much faster.

Have Intense, Unbreakable Focus
Highly successful professional musicians make sure that everything they do works in congruence with their major goals. They have an intense focus on their goals and do not spend ‘any’ extra time, money or energy on things that will not help them achieve them. For instance, if your main goal was to release a solo album on your own, you will need to invest your time into writing and recording rather than simultaneously searching for a band or get local gigs.

Musicians who struggle to achieve success believe in the ‘common sense’ advice of ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ when it comes to their music careers. Because of this, they end up spreading themselves too thin and fail to achieve any ‘big’ results in anything they do. Truth is, becoming successful requires being the very best at whatever you do – this only happens once you line up all your thoughts, beliefs and actions to focus toward the achievement of a single goal.

An additional aspect of ‘being congruent’ is staying true to your deepest desires when it comes to your music career. If your true desire is to tour in a big band but you settle for a job as a session musician because it feels ‘safer’, you will have a very hard time lining up all your thoughts, beliefs and actions to focus on that which is not what you truly want.

How can you apply this information into your own music career? The easiest way is to ask yourself the following question: “How do my current actions help me reach and accomplish my greatest music career goals?” If you are unclear about this, you are likely on the wrong road with the actions you are taking and need to learn more about how to reach your goal. On top of that, even if you ‘are’ taking actions that can help you accomplish your ultimate goals, they will often have little effect until you understand how to fully integrate them into an effective music business strategy.

Additionally, some of the actions you take might seem entirely unrelated to your main goals when they are actually completely related to them. For instance, many musicians who want to tour the world in a band refuse teaching music for a living, thinking that this will keep them from achieving their goal. However, the truth is teaching music is the quickest, most stable and flexible way to earn a living as a musician while working on other activities in your music career (such as going on tour – something you could never do working a regular full time job).

To summarize, it is just as ‘crucial’ for you to understand how an action will help you build your music career as it is to actually do it. Test yourself now to see if you are prepared to become a highly successful pro musician survey.

Eliminate “Zero-Sum” Thinking From Your Mental Vocabulary
All highly successful musicians think, believe and act on the following two premises:

#1. It is not ‘wrong’ or unethical for a musician to desire to earn as much money as they can from what they do. Until you agree entirely with this idea, NO music company will want to work together with you to help you build your music career. Why? Because all companies in the music industry exist for one reason and one reason only: ‘to make a lot of money’. Music companies would never invest tons of money into a musician who thinks that money is the root of all evil and has no intention to help the company earn their investment back tenfold. It is for this reason that the industry is called the music ‘business’ and not music ‘donation’. Caution: Even if you think you can fool a music company into working with you while at the same time not wanting to help them earn money, they WILL know. Companies can ‘sense’ this in you way before you even realize it. This is just another strong reason why you must be congruent in your beliefs as I mentioned above.

#2. The world is filled with opportunity and you can achieve unlimited success for yourself and those associated with you by using a win/win mindset and forming mutually beneficial partnerships.
These two mental approaches are fundamental for getting musicians to take the correct actions to achieve their goals and become highly successful.

On the other side of things, unsuccessful musicians think with an opposing mindset to these two approaches. They believe that the amount of money available for everyone is limited and when someone becomes wealthy, it reduces opportunities for everyone else. In addition to these ideas being completely unproven, this style of thinking creates a mindset of ‘scarcity’ that leads musicians to think with in terms of ‘lose-lose’. No one in the music industry will want to work with someone who thinks like this.

This is a huge part of why it is ineffective to copy the tactics of other musicians. In addition to needing a complete, overall ‘strategy’, if you as missing the right belief system to make the foundation of the actions you take, you will never get the results you could in your music career.

Get Rid Of The Entitlement Mentality
Unsuccessful musicians assume that they need to beg people in the music industry for ‘a chance’ to get their big break (by sending off promo packs or demos for example). Whenever this doesn’t work, they complain that there is simply ‘too much competition’ and that making it in the music business is only for those who are privileged.

In contrast, people who go on to build successful music careers do not sit around waiting for someone to give them an opportunity just because they have written music or can play an instrument well. They are fully aware that they must ‘earn’ their success.

To do this, they must:

1. Understand exactly what the music company they intend to work with needs as well as what major goals the company has. Learn more about this by completing this short music career success assessment.

2. Create a well thought out plan for how they will meet the other side’s needs.

3. Make the other side ‘fully aware’ of the fact that working with them will bring great benefit for everyone involved.

4. Follow through completely to generate value for the other side and develop a reputation for being highly loyal, reliable and dependable.

Any musician who follows these four steps will put themselves at the head of the line in front of the other 99.9% of musicians. To learn how you can make your own opportunities and succeed in the music industry.
Be Able To Tell The Difference Between A ‘Strategy’ Versus A ‘Tactic’
Before you can hope to achieve any success with a career in music, you need to determine your medium and long-term goals. For instance, you may want to obtain a recording contract, get accepted into a great band, go on an international tour or gain the freedom to write your own songs without worrying about lacking the money to make ends meet. In order to accomplish these goals, you must develop an effectively organized combination of tactics that work as the glue to hold together an overall strategy.

A ‘tactic’ is an action you take that achieves a specific result in the short-term. Examples of this include: playing a show, trying to get your album reviewed or creating a new website for your band. Any single action you make is a tactic.

On the other hand, a ‘strategy’ generally means combining together many tactics as part of an entire system with the goal of reaching a longer term goal.

To illustrate the difference between the two ideas, think of this analogy: In football, a tactic could be making up a specific play while on offense or defense. A strategy would be understanding how that specific play ties into the big picture when it comes to beating the other team’s weaknesses in order to win. This means understanding how the play relates to the other plays you made before and the ones you will make afterwards to win the game.

Musicians who do not achieve success ‘only’ think with a mindset based around tactics. A lot of these musicians really try to ‘take action’ to move their careers forward, but struggle to make any progress because their actions are not part of an overall strategy. This is exactly why merely copying others does not help you achieve success (you are only copying the tactics without knowing the real strategy they are a part of).

Truth is, most musicians are not good at creating effective strategies to advance their careers (just like me when I first began). Because of this, it is essential to locate a mentor who will help you design a strategy to reach your music career goals.

Only Associate With People Who Will Help You Succeed
Everyone who is successful in the music industry is highly selective of who they invest time, money and energy into. You must also take on this trait if you wish to build a successful music career.
Here is a basic example that demonstrates how you can potentially ruin your music career by associating with the wrong people:

In most cases, people who form bands (and desire to make it big someday) rarely consider anything about each band member other than musical skill. No one ever talks about each other’s long term goals, forms a strategy together or discusses a specific business plan for how the band will make money and advance in the industry. No one in these bands offers any real value to a music company, making the likeliness of the band becoming successful close to zero. These types of bands usually do not stay together for more than a couple of months.

Musicians who succeed know that there is much more to consider than musical skill alone. They look to find musicians who have the ‘complete package’ in terms of their mindset (made from the principles discussed in this article). To find out how to locate the right band members, study this free musician’s resource about how to find the best band members.

No matter what you plan on doing in the music industry, you must put together a network of success-minded musicians and business partners who will help you build your career just as you will help them. These people must be more than just ‘great musicians’. The must have all the same pieces of the puzzle as successful musicians.

After training and mentoring many musicians in my Music Careers Mentoring Program, I have truly seen the incredible value of building a network full of success-minded musicians who help each other earn money in their music careers, have joined bands together and toured internationally and constructed business relationships based on the principles of this article.

Now that you know the biggest differences between the mindsets of successful and unsuccessful musicians, you understand why only a handful of musicians ever ‘makes it’ in music. When it comes to developing your music career, your mindset will either be your strongest friend or your toughest enemy and you must learn how to make it work in your favor. After you develop the same mindset as professional musicians, you will achieve one hundred times more in your music career than you would have otherwise.

Complete this mini course on how to succeed in the music business to effectively apply all the concepts in this article into your music career right away.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is an electric guitar teacher and musician success coach. As a professional music career coach, he works with musicians around the globe to help them learn how to build a career in music. Find out more by checking out this free music career assessment and reading these free music career building articles.

Lisa S. Johnson: 108 Rockstar Guitars is an illustrated coffee table book - add that little special to your Christmas list!
Rock Star Guitars From Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jack White and Many More Featured in Exquisite New Art Book 108 Rock Star Guitars
By Photographer/Author Lisa S. Johnson with Foreword by Les Paul

A Portion of Proceeds To Benefit The Les Paul Foundation
108 Rock Star Guitars by photographer/author Lisa S. Johnson is a collection of stunningly personal and intimate portraits of the cherished guitars owned by the gods of rock. It is a music and fine-art photography aficionado's backstage pass to witness up-close these six-stringed works of art belonging to Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Lou Reed, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Rick Nielsen, Slash, Jack White, Billy Gibbons, Ace Frehley and many others. The book, to be published by Glitterati Incorporated, is offered for pre-order now at and will be available at booksellers and online everywhere October 8, 2013. (108 Rock Star Guitars SRP: $108, ISBN: 978-0-9832702-5-6). A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Les Paul Foundation.
Jeff Beck
This exquisite, 396-page art book, bound in embossed red leatherette, features 300 images that reveal— through Johnsonʼs signature macrophotography style—the intimate details, etchings, totems, and personal touches that embody the true spirit of the musician and that few—save for their stage crew— have seen from this perspective. Alongside these images, Johnson provides personal anecdotes describing her long quest to photograph these iconic instruments and documents her travels from the backstage hallways of some the worldʼs most famous concert venues, to the artistʼs private homes.
“I remember the first black-and-white pictures Lisa took of my guitars…they were wonderfully evocative,”  
writes the late legendary musician and inventor Les Paul in the bookʼs foreword. 
“I never could have guessed that she would one day produce the extensive, impressive collection of photographs presented here—images unlike any I have ever seen. Lisaʼs passion for her subject is evident on every page of this magnificent book.”
In addition, Glitterati will issue a deluxe, limited edition of 540 signed and numbered copies, packaged in a die-cut collectorʼs box. (SRP: $540, ISBN: 978-0-9891704-0-6). Those books will include a hand-woven, silk chiffon scarf in deep purple, featuring the book cover design. Both editions will include a 16-page booklet, “The Inspiration Behind 108 Rock Star Guitars,” with additional behind-the-scenes photos and stories as well as a guitar pick printed with one of three custom holographic foil designs.

Jimmy Page
108 Rock Star Guitars is the culmination of Johnsonʼs 17-year journey that began when she photographed Les Paulʼs guitar during one of his regular Monday night sets at New Yorkʼs famed Iridium Club. Renowned for his innovations and recognized as one of the pioneers of the solid body electric guitar, he wrote the bookʼs foreword a few months before he passed away in 2009. In his honor and memory, Johnson will donate a portion of the proceeds to The Les Paul Foundation, which supports music education, engineering and innovation as well as medical research.

Johnsonʼs innovative guitar photographs can also be seen in the book Eric Clapton: Six-String Stories, where 47 of her images are featured along with archival photos by acclaimed lensmen Lord Snowden, David Bailey, Terry O'Neill, Dominique Tarle and others.

Keith Richards

As a former technical sales rep for Kodak, Johnson shot extensively, experimenting with processes and every type of film she had in her inventory. In 108 Rock Star Guitars, she showcases a variety of the last film stock ever manufactured for Kodak Professional and the transition to digital, in her gorgeous homage to image and music.
Deluxe Edition 108 Rock Star Guitars

Luxurious, die-cut collector’s box includes padded-leatherette hardcover book signed and numbered by the author, booklet, guitar pick, and exclusively designed, hand-woven silk chiffon scarf.

Regular Edition 108 Rock Star Guitars
Lisa Johnson's ground-breaking photographic vision documents not only some of culture's most important rock star guitars, but also recounts how the instrument itself has become the essential symbol of rock. Her bold use of unusually low depth-of-field photography visually caresses the instrument in the way a skillful musician might - zeroing in on subtle gradations in a guitar's patina or hugging the curves of another's silhouette. Johnson accompanies her images with text cultivated from interviews with the proud guitar owners, revealing the personality of the musician who plays the instrument while her images revere the instrument itself. Johnson provides up-close inspection of guitars, including those of Eric Clapton, Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Rick Nielsen, Brian Setzer, Chrissie Hynde, Ace Frehley, Carlos Santana, Jack White and many others. Here, the guitar is made exotic, sensuous, and evocative - it transforms from an instrument into an artwork.

Includes padded-leatherette hardcover book, 16-page booklet describing inspiration behind project, and black guitar pick printed with one of three holographic foil designs.

The book is available for purchase from the website, Amazon:

The book itself was released October 8th, 2013, and features up close photography of 108 different rock stars' guitars. Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, and Jeff Beck are the images provided in the press kit that I linked you to above.

Dmitry Romanovsky, Dmitry Sarychev: Essence of Datum - Event Horizon - brilliant instrumental debut of Belarusian technical metal band

Essence of Datum was founded by guitar players from Belarus Dmitry Romanovsky and Dmitry Sarychev in late 2011.

In 2012 was released their first promo-cd ""I Am Alpha and Omega"".

In 2013 musicians Peter Makarov (bass) and Pavlon Vilchitsky (drums) joined the band. As the result we have their debut full-length instrumental masterpiece 'Event Horizon'.

Inspired by such musicians as Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, Christian Muenzner, Vinnie Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen belarusian band dazzles you with perfect neoclassical passages in aggressive technical death compositions. Are you ready? Keep your hands on the rail!

Dmitry Romanovsky,Dmitry Sarychev: Essence of Datum - Event Horizon
1. Soul Strings Theory 04:34
2. Mixture Of Forms 03:18
3. Wandering Route To Self 02:33
4. Six Waves Of Existence 03:04
5. Duality 02:23
6. I. At The Heart Of Creation 04:15
7. II. Labyrinth Of Broken Mirrors 03:46
8. III. Beyond The Horizon 05:44
Debut full-length of a belarusian metal band.
released 20 November 2013
All music by Essence of Datum. Cover art by Paolo Girardi.

Essence of Datum - Soul strings theory guitar parts

Rich Hinks,Matt Shepherd: Aeon Zen - Self Portrait - the new EP available

AEON ZEN's new EP, entitled "Self Portrait", is released today as a high quality digital download and very limited edition CD, and is OUT NOW!

You can get it right here:

AEON ZEN - PORTRAIT (Official Video)

English progressive-metallers AEON ZEN are back with a new EP entitled Self Portrait, which is a collection of re-workings of songs originally found on their debut album and one completely new composition.

On the new EP, AEON ZEN's creator Rich Hinks said:
"These new recordings display AEON ZEN's continued growth both in terms of songwriting and arranging, but also as a cohesive band unit. They are far from simple re-recordings of some of our older songs, they are completely re-made, and almost like brand new songs!
"Self Portrait is a great way for us to give something back to our fans, and to give our fans a way to support us by donating as much as they want or can for the EP."


Rich Hinks,Matt Shepherd: Aeon Zen - Self Portrait
Self Portrait tracklist:
1. Psych!
2. Portrait
3. Rain
4. Demise

AEON ZEN are (left to right):
Rich Hinks - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Matt Shepherd - Guitar
Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Steve Burton - Drums

For More Info Visit:

John Norum, Kee Marcello: Europe's Exclusive Auction of 10 Special Edition Airbrushed Guitars Proceeds for charity in the Philippines

Europe: (L-R) – John Leven (bass), Mic Michaeli (keyboards),
Ian Haugland (drums), Joey Tempest (vocals) John Norum (guitar)
On Sunday December 15, 2013 one of Sweden’s most successful rock groups of all time, EUROPE, will celebrate their 30th Anniversary  with an exclusive auction of ten customised guitars based on ten of their albums.  Proceeds from the sale of the Final Countdown guitar will help charity in the Philippines.

Stockholms Auktionsverk has been accorded the honour of auctioning off ten uniquely airbrushed Gibson/Epiphone guitars personally autographed by all band members, including previous Europe band members Kee Marcello (guitar) and Tony Reno (drums).

Viewing on premises in Magasin 5 (Palermogatan 21-23) Stockholm, as well as online - 28 November – 15 December 2013. Open Monday-Friday 1-5 pm (CET) and Saturday 11am-4pm (CET).
Auction online: Sunday 15th December 2013.  Catalogue and bidding:
Jon Norum

Kee Marcello
The guitars have been airbrushed by Lazy Joe, and include exclusive adaptations of the artwork from Europe's following albums – Europe (1983), Wings Of Tomorrow (1984), The Final Countdown (1986), Out Of This World (1988), Prisoners In Paradise (1991), Start From The Dark (2004), Secret Society (2006), Almost Unplugged (2008), Last Look At Eden (2009), and Bag of Bones (2012).

Read the official online press release and download hi res photos from the guitar auction and see all the cool guitars:

Only ten guitars have been especially customized for this once-in-a-lifetime auction to celebrate Europe’s 30 Anniversary in the music business. “We wanted to create something really special to mark our 30th anniversary,” says Europe’s drummer, Ian Haugland.

The proceeds from the sale of the Final Countdown guitar will go to the charity Medicins Sans Frontiers / Läkare utan gränser. “We think they are doing very important and inspiring work giving medical aid in emergency areas around the world, including the charity work in the Philippines,” says Europe’s bass guitarist John Leven.

In 2013, Europe has toured extensively throughout Germany, Spain, Turkey, Japan and Mexico. They conclude their world tour on 14th December in Sandviken, Sweden.
“We believe this is something a Europe fan, a lover of guitars and art would appreciate,” says lead singer, Joey Tempest.

Bugra Sisman: Someday - new single available on bandcamp

Hey there! Here is a video of my single called Someday.
High quality audio available for download at:

Composition: Bugra Sisman
Drum - Synt - Bass programming: Bugra Sisman
Guitar: Bugra Sisman
Mixing & Mastering: Ozan Esen
Artwork: Cemal Uğurel

Axe Fx 2
Musicman JP6
Trillian Bass
Addictive Drums
Cubase Studio 4
D'Addario Strings

Bugra Sisman - Someday

Wagner Ribeiro: Waves of God - playthrough from upcoming album

This song will soon be on my EP. I hope you enjoy and share. To subscribe to my channel to see the other songs that will be publishing. Thank you!

Wagner Ribeiro - Waves of God (Original Song)

Jack Gardiner: Periphery Erised Solo Breakdown - now with added transcription

Hey guys,

The transcription for this can be found here at

Excuse some of the ramblings in this video. With the typical English weather here in Liverpool, it seems i've caught a bit of a cold! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Jack Gardiner
Periphery Erised Solo Breakdown (Jack Gardiner)

The Commander-In-Chief: Secret recording/collaboration 2013

Norwegian 7 string guitarist/singer/songwriter "The Commander-In-Chief" is about to release the result of her first cooperation with another guitarist. The two guitarists have done something that has never been done before, and for that reason the preparations and recording has been surrounded by mystery and secrecy. The Chief says this about the process:

"I am used to playing very technical, heavy riffs and fast solos for hours every day, but this is the toughest guitar challenge I have ever faced. We met on Skype every other week for months, to keep track of each other`s progress, and we were pushing each other very hard. At some point, both of us had to take two weeks off from playing, since we both got injuries from practicing the song."

This is a cover song, re-rearranged for guitars only. The single will be available from all major Digital download stores and as a signed CD single (limited number). The single and performance video will be released on December 4th 2013.

Jojo Alves: Sinner's Shuffle

Jojo playing a track off his album , on the 'six on seven' guitar .

Jojo Alves - Sinner's Shuffle

News: Lullaby Versions of Marilyn Manson from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

Lullaby Versions of Marilyn Manson
1.     Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)
2.     The Dope Show
3.     Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
4.     Coma White
5.     This is the New Shit
6.     I Don’t Like the Drugs
7.     If I Was Your Vampire
8.     The Fight Song
9.     Tainted Love
10.  The Beautiful People
11.  This is Halloween
12.  Personal Jesus 


(Los Angeles, CA) The powerful and often controversial Grammy-nominated rock figure,MARILYN MANSON, gets a wicked Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star Lullaby treatment when the new collection is digitally released on November 26th. The assortment of songs highlights some of this nefarious and iconic band’s most memorable rock releases, such as “The Dope Show”, “The Beautiful People” and infamous Manson-twisted covers, including The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (are Made of This), Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” and the Depeche Mode classic “Personal Jesus”.

Marilyn Manson, known for his controversial stage personality and image as the lead singer of his self-named band, is also a multi-talented musician, actor, painter, multimedia artist and former music journalist. Best known for his songs and albums released in the 1990s, such as 1996's Antichrist Superstar and 1998's Mechanical Animals, Manson’s public image earned him a reputation in the mainstream culture and media as a controversial and negative influence on youth. However, their music sings for itself; Manson has been nominated for four Grammy Awards. Manson’s latest surprising career move was recently announced; this month, he will join the cast of ABC’s Once Upon a Time - voicing the character, Shadow.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star was born for the parent that wants to pass along their biggest passion to their child, music. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star transforms popular music into instrumental lullabies perfect for babies, yoga or just relaxation. Now, parents can enjoy the music from Lady GaGa to Metallica in soothing lullaby style. With over 135 titles to choose from, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star is the largest line of pop, rock, metal and jamband music lullabies in the world.

These aren’aren't novelty recordings. They are cute, they are soft but these are serious recordings. Roma Music Group, which releases Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, is run by two music industry veterans who put the fidelity of these recording at the top of the priority list. Let’s face it, much like the brand name clothes you buy for your infant, this music is really for you. Whether you are raising a metal baby, rocker or hippie baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has your music transformed from arena anthems into nursery classics.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star. This is where the cool kids start.

Michael Lee Firkins: Live From Music City with Michael Lee Firkins - blog talk radio

Live From Music City with Michael Lee Firkins

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Time17:00 until 17:30 in CST
“Live From Music City,” a radio show on blog talk radio (, welcomes guitarist and musician extraordinaire Michael Lee Firkins who will talk about his brand new release "Yep" and will share about how to tackle the issues an independent musician must face on a daily basis on “Live From Music City.”

Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into the Void - Teaser

Far Enough Into the Void - Teaser #1

A few short excerpts from my soon-to-be-released album, Far Enough Into the Void.