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Leonardo Guzman: 2013 a year in review!

Leonardo Guzman
Well, everyone making a report of his 2013, then here is mine (beg u pardon for the longitude of this post):

2013 was one of the most noisy years on my book by participating on some awesome contest: 3rd Place on the live4guitar 8th Competition, 1st Place on the Jakarta Guitar Festival (Where i donate the guitar to an orphanage) 2nd Place on the Ibanez Guitars Competition, Pre-Selected and 2nd Placed on the The French Guitar Contest and 1st Place on the Per Nilsson and Guitar Messenger Competition, all this leaving me with a lot of new friends and some awesome gear courtesy of Randall Amplifiers and Paul De Maio.

And the most valuable thing the contest left me, its the satisfaction of being noticed by guys like Per and Jeff Loomis who blew me away with his playing on a clinic and remembered me from the contest and was kind enough to sign my guitar, *sight*. Also started some hardcore study group sessions on modern jazz with Isaac Negrene & Brian Vasquez.

Got my Suhr Custom - Guitars | Amplifiers | Pedals | Pickups Guitar, lots of fretwraps and cool t-shirts from GRUV GEAR. Gave some clinics around my country (Medellin, Pereira, Pasto, Monteria) and had to be a lot on the airport where some shitty things happened but its part of life, pretty happy with all the kind people i knew there.

Recorded 2 EPs with originals from my rock/fusion band Sweaty Knockers that should be out soon, and the biggest achievement: Recorded my Debut EP "NOW" with the helping hand of Alex Argento Sebastiaan Cornelissen Juan Camilo Aleman Cuestas and Daniel Marin Jaramillo out on Jan 20 by jellybeard & jellybeard records.

Nevertheless got an invitation for The NAMM Show this year and things seems pretty busy during these days, cant wait to meet my big brotherKris Claerhout!!

Davide Rinaldi,Thomas Pipitone: From The Ashes - Pursuing The End

Davide Rinaldi is a student of Gianluca Ferro.


Young and ambitious, Pursuing The End didn't aim to just survive in the crowded world of metal bands. Formed in 2010, the band from Parma, Italy, quickly got critics' attention with its first EP ‘Dawn Of Expiation’ (2011), whose songs ‘Followers Of The Wrong Way’ and the title track were included in compilations such as Kill City (USA) and Mondo Metal (ITA). Another EP, ‘Withering’, followed shortly in 2012, proving the constant growth of a band that has always believed in the commixture of musical genres - as the members' musical background includes anything from extreme metal to electronic music, not to mention the influence of classical music - but also in the commixture of visual arts in general, as it can be seen in the amazing video for the song ‘Withering’, written and directed by Mike Lunacy (from acclaimed melodic death metal band Dark Lunacy), which embodies all the features that make Pursuing The End unique: elegance and aggressiveness, science and spirituality.
After a consistent and ever-growing live activity in the past two years the band is going to release its first full-length album ‘Symmetry Of Scorn’ on Bakerteam Records. This new studio effort will reach a new level in Pursuing The End's music path: a heavy Melodic Metalcore scenery will blend with elements from the world of Pop, Dance and the distinguishing features of the band's previous works as well as symphonic melodies.

  • Giacomo Benamati : Vocals
  • Chiara Manese : Vocals
  • Davide Rinaldi : Guitars, Lead Guitars
  • Thomas Pipitone : Guitars
  • Luca Cocconi : Bass
  • Fabien Squarza : Drums
Watch the guitar playthrough of the song 'From The Ashes', taken from Pursuing The End's new album 'Symmetry Of Scorn', out on Bakerteam Records

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PURSUING THE END - 'From The Ashes' guitar playthrough

Andrew Jay: six year on, but I stand by my comment.

Six years ago I made a comment on this video... little did I know that six years later I would be posting his music on my channel! Andrew Jay... very nice!

some originals, and the man himself guthrie, the alien from dubai, govan

What Makes A Great Song?

fives back in 2007

guthrie govan-fives

Ryan Knight: Guitar Messenger announce brand new lesson series

Guitar Messenger
What a better way to kick off the new year than a brand new lesson series with Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder? Part 1 will be posted within the next 24 hours. Here's a little teaser:

Ryan Knight - The Black Dahlia Murder: Lesson Series Teaser

Steven Wilson: 2014 what's coming up!

Steven Wilson - Official page

Happy new year everyone! Thanks for the love and support you brought to my music in 2013, I can’t remember having a better response to an album / tour, and I’ve been doing this a long time, so that means a lot (-:

Usually at this time of year I like to post something of an update regarding what’s coming up. Last year there was a lot to announce with the imminent release of the album and touring plans but this year will be somewhat quieter while I concentrate on developing ideas and material for the next album, which I plan to record with my band in the Summer.

In the meantime there are a few reissues planned, including a compiled reissue of the Cover Version singles, a CD box set collecting various out of print Bass Communion titles, plus several more classic album stereo / 5.1 remixes, including the next in the series by XTC, Jethro Tull and Yes. Unfortunately contractual issues have so far made a hoped for 10th anniversary edition remaster collecting all the music from Porcupine Tree's “In Absentia” sessions not possible - hopefully that situation will change.

In terms of public appearances I will be playing a few shows withAviv Geffen as part of Blackfield, a short run in European in February, you can find more information and ticket links on the Blackfield website, here -

Of course all developments will be announced here and on the official site first. All that is left for me to do is wish you the very best for 2014!

Per Nilsson: 2013 a year in review!

Per Nilsson

Last year was a pretty solid one for me, the best in quite some time actually! It started it out with the release of the Guitar Messenger-produced Per Nilsson instructional guitar DVD "Scar Guitar", followed by a cool Scar Symmetry solo contest won by the amazing Leonardo Guzman.

I joined The Absence, and we put out the single "Oceans" - we're now working on following it up with an EP.

I did a whole bunch of guest solos, for SYSTEM DIVIDE, Feared, Hannes Grossmann, Akeldama, David Maxim Micic and a bunch more that aren't publicly announced yet.

The real high note of 2013 was getting engaged to the love of my life, my best friend, the kindest and cutest girl I've ever known - Caroline I owe you everything!

In store for 2014 so far are: new music from Scar Symmetry, The Absence, KAIPA and Zierler Projects, and the launch of my signatureStrandberg Guitarworks / Astral EXR Systems seven string guitar that we've been working on for some time now. I'm super excited about my collaboration with guitar innovator Ola Strandberg and the companies that are bestowing their magic unto my new instrument - True Temperament, EMG Pickups and Livewire Guitars, LLC.

Best wishes for 2014, much love, success and good times to all of you!


2014 will see the release of my first signature guitar: an Ola Strandberg-designed Strandberg Guitarworks /Astral EXR Systems seven-string solid body guitar, equipped with 27 True Temperament frets, EMG Pickups, a custom pickguard and a swirl paint job fromLivewire Guitars, LLC. Full details and specs will be revealed early 2014! — with Ola Strandberg and Per Nilsson.

Irwin Thomas,Anthony Crawford,Virgil Donati: Nothing But The Truth

Another clip from Anthony's gig, with Irwin Thomas sitting in. The last time Irwin & I played this piece was about 18 years ago at a Southern Sons gig. Great to play with the talented chap again. Had a quick run through at soundcheck, and Lance (keys) was listening to the changes on his iPhone between songs :)

Anthony Crawford: Nothing But The Truth...Irwin Thomas Guitar/Vocals from Virgil Donati on Vimeo.

Liam Engl,Fumie Abe: Arch Enemy - Blood On Your Hands

Fumie  Abe: amazing drummer
Our cover of Arch Enemy's Blood On Your Hands with the super talented Kin Lin and Fumie Abe!

Kin - Vocals

Liam - Guitar

Fumie - Drums

Arch Enemy - Blood On Your Hands (vocal, guitar and drums cover)

ARCH ENEMY "Revolution Begins" Drum cover by Fumie Abe

Aman Khosla: Pronto - featuring Courtney Swain

An excerpt from the next single in the 'Sound' series, 'Pronto' (complete track) is now available on Bandcamp here:
Also available soon on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

Official video in the works and coming soon.

"The world we live in is a frenzied one. Moving ever so fast and only a quickening its pace as time flies by, everything must happen at the snap of a finger; 'pronto'. We all go about our lives in this chaotic world, hungry for time and so caught up in it all that I feel we forget to experience things for what they really are, to truly 'live' our lives rather than just plough through them in record time.

Perhaps we should all take a moment and just, be?

'Pronto' is reflection on this state we're all in, and a message to slow things down just a little; just enough to able to feel, to experience, to live purposefully, and to simply be.

Feel yourself; be alive - pronto!"

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Aman at 'The Sound Garden' & 'Chris Leon Productions'
Lyrics by Courtney Swain
Mastering and additional audio by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios & Chris Gehringer at 'Sterling Sound'

Vocals - Courtney Swain
Guitars, bass, drum programming, Pro Tools craziness and additional vocals - Aman

Artwork by Alister 'Spike' Kent and Tanya Ghosh

Pronto - guitar solo (excerpt)

Cat Ginjineko: Loud And Blues album available from CD Baby

Playing the guitar is not necessarily about pursuing techniques or academic and artistic melody.
Converting the messages I want to deliver into melodies and playing them on my guitar, in my own style.?
To me, thatユs what the guitar instrumental music is about.

Official Web Site

Cat Ginjineko: Loud And Blues
1. Brand New World 8:35
2. Loud And Blues 4:40
3. Cross Road 3:45
4. Song Of Our Days 4:43
5. Shine 4:34
6. Canon 4:00
7. Moon Stone 4:10
8. 8 5:17
9. Re:Start 3:51

World -HD- Crossfade Sample 2013/08 Release