Aman Khosla: Pronto - featuring Courtney Swain

An excerpt from the next single in the 'Sound' series, 'Pronto' (complete track) is now available on Bandcamp here:
Also available soon on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

Official video in the works and coming soon.

"The world we live in is a frenzied one. Moving ever so fast and only a quickening its pace as time flies by, everything must happen at the snap of a finger; 'pronto'. We all go about our lives in this chaotic world, hungry for time and so caught up in it all that I feel we forget to experience things for what they really are, to truly 'live' our lives rather than just plough through them in record time.

Perhaps we should all take a moment and just, be?

'Pronto' is reflection on this state we're all in, and a message to slow things down just a little; just enough to able to feel, to experience, to live purposefully, and to simply be.

Feel yourself; be alive - pronto!"

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Aman at 'The Sound Garden' & 'Chris Leon Productions'
Lyrics by Courtney Swain
Mastering and additional audio by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios & Chris Gehringer at 'Sterling Sound'

Vocals - Courtney Swain
Guitars, bass, drum programming, Pro Tools craziness and additional vocals - Aman

Artwork by Alister 'Spike' Kent and Tanya Ghosh

Pronto - guitar solo (excerpt)