Leonardo Guzman: 2013 a year in review!

Leonardo Guzman
Well, everyone making a report of his 2013, then here is mine (beg u pardon for the longitude of this post):

2013 was one of the most noisy years on my book by participating on some awesome contest: 3rd Place on the live4guitar 8th Competition, 1st Place on the Jakarta Guitar Festival (Where i donate the guitar to an orphanage) 2nd Place on the Ibanez Guitars Competition, Pre-Selected and 2nd Placed on the The French Guitar Contest and 1st Place on the Per Nilsson and Guitar Messenger Competition, all this leaving me with a lot of new friends and some awesome gear courtesy of Randall Amplifiers and Paul De Maio.

And the most valuable thing the contest left me, its the satisfaction of being noticed by guys like Per and Jeff Loomis who blew me away with his playing on a clinic and remembered me from the contest and was kind enough to sign my guitar, *sight*. Also started some hardcore study group sessions on modern jazz with Isaac Negrene & Brian Vasquez.

Got my Suhr Custom - Guitars | Amplifiers | Pedals | Pickups Guitar, lots of fretwraps and cool t-shirts from GRUV GEAR. Gave some clinics around my country (Medellin, Pereira, Pasto, Monteria) and had to be a lot on the airport where some shitty things happened but its part of life, pretty happy with all the kind people i knew there.

Recorded 2 EPs with originals from my rock/fusion band Sweaty Knockers that should be out soon, and the biggest achievement: Recorded my Debut EP "NOW" with the helping hand of Alex Argento Sebastiaan Cornelissen Juan Camilo Aleman Cuestas and Daniel Marin Jaramillo out on Jan 20 by jellybeard & jellybeard records.

Nevertheless got an invitation for The NAMM Show this year and things seems pretty busy during these days, cant wait to meet my big brotherKris Claerhout!!