Saturday, 8 February 2014

Richard Daudé: time to mellow out with a slow melodic guitar solo

Recorded @ Richard Daude's Guitar Academy (Nîmes , France)

Slow melodic guitar solo (Richard Daudé)

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett: Dangerous Guitar at 2014 Winter NAMM

Shred guitar icon Michael Angelo Batio talks to Dangerous Guitar's resident master shredder, Dave Reffet, on what makes his new line of Signature Dean guitars so playable. Also he talks about the all-star guitar lineup on his new album, Intermezzo.

Michael Angelo Batio Opens Up to Dangerous Guitar at 2014 Winter NAMM Conference

Marty Friedman, Dave Reffett: Talks To Dangerous Guitar - Takes Questions from Fans

Dangerous Guitar's Dave Reffett talks to iconic guitarist, Marty Friedman, at the winter NAMM 2014 show, about his new line of signature guitars and his new album. Plus, Dave fields questions from Marty's fans, and Marty answers them live during the interview.

Marty Friedman Talks To Dangerous Guitar - Takes Questions from Fans

George Lynch,Zach Myers: Dangerous Guitar at NAMM 2014

Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers talks to guitar icon George Lynch and Dangerous Guitar at Winter NAMM 2014. Zach opens up about his gear, song writing on the road and Shinedown's upcoming album.

Zach Myers Talks to George Lynch and Dangerous Guitar at NAMM 2014

Muris Varajic, Mistheria, Damjan Pejcinoski: just three of the names lined up for Klavitara guitar and keyboard festival!

SHOWCASE PROGRAM (14:00 - 19:00)
(please note : artists list and program are not definitive yet)

official youtube channel
Solo performance: 14:00

official website
Solo performance: 14:30

official website
Solo performance: 15:00

official facebook page
Solo performance: 15:30

official website
Solo performance: 16:00

official website
Solo performance: 17:00

official website
Solo performance: 17:30

official website
Solo performance: 18:00

official website
Solo performance: 18:30

CONCERT PROGRAM (21:00 - 24:00)
(please note : artists list and program are not definitive yet)
Evening concert with amazing jam with all guitarists and keyboardists which performed during the day.

Band lineup on stage will feature
Dino Fiorenza on bass
John Macaluso on drums

You don't want to miss it!

Greg Koch: New Fishman Fluence Pickups featuring Roscoe Beck NAMM

NAMM 2014 • Greg Koch Demos the New Fishman Fluence Pickups featuring Roscoe Beck
Here we are again, ladies and gentlemen! The 2014 Winter NAMM Show is upon us, and we're pulling out all the stops! In this video we joined Greg Koch at Fishman Electronics to hear about their new Fluence Pickups! Greg was fearless in his ability to unleash the beast during his presentation of the new and unique sounding pickups, and during this special time slot Greg had the fortune of sharing the stage with legendary bassist and dear friend Roscoe Beck!

Greg Koch:

Stéphan Forté: IBANEZ RG2228A BK 8 strings sneak preview

IBANEZ RG2228A BK 8 strings - Enigma Opera Black recording preview
Here's a very short clip of the Ibanez RG2228 in action. This is a riff from my new solo album Enigma Opera Black to be released soon, More (and longer) videos soon ;)

Fabrizio Leo: A Team Rock Band promo video

A Team Rock Band

Fabrizio Leo
Michele Micheli: VOICE
Fabrizio BICIO Leo: GUITAR
Angelo Perini: BASS
Simone Fortuna: DRUMS

Stars Garden Management -

Damjan Pejcinoski: A little Macedonian Bossa Nova

Bossa nova arrangement of this beautiful Macedonian evergreen by Dragan Gjakonovski Spato
Special thanks to: "JAZZ INN" Ohrid,Valentin Hristovski,Nikola Jakimov,Daniel Joveski,Zoran Kreco,Ilija Volkan

Damjan Pejcinoski & John I.Apelgren - "Mi veti ti"(Dragan Gjakonovski Spato)

Wayde Cooper: Voiceless - new album available

Wayde Cooper: Voiceless
1. Wicked Offerings (Instrumental)
2. Street Racer X (Instrumental)
3. Lady Death (Instrumental)
4. Transmogrifying (Instrumental)
5. Fearmakers (Instrumental)
6. Unstoppable (Instrumental)
7. Theater (Instrumental)
8. Amusement Park of Doom (Instrumental)
9. Voiceless (Instrumental)

With Stéphan Forté at NAMM 2014
Wayde Cooper: Who am I? I'm a guitarist, recording artist, composer and computer nerd. I've appeared in Guitar World (Mike Varney's Hometown Heroes column March 1994) and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine (1995). I've been playing for over 27 years and have recorded well over 60 songs. I've released multiple singles and 7 CD's. I'm in a band called Continuous Audio Transmission with Jeff Smoots and Nick Valenz, former members of the early 90's Seattle band Axis,we have reunited after nearly twenty years to form Continuous Audio Transmission. Lots of new music coming out and YouTube videos - watch for more because I'm not done!

Wayde Cooper - Change of Pace new song run through

Aledes Chica: Andy James Solo Competition

This is my entry for the Andy James Solo Competition!
I hope you like it! Good luck to all participants.Setup.

Guitar: Ibanez RGA 7 (Dimarzio Blaze Bridge Model DP702 - Paf 7 in the Neck)
Focusrite: Scarlet 2i2.
Amp: Pod X3 live.

Bartek Beben: Dokken - Into The Fire cover featuring Cz Arny

Joined forces with a new vocalist. Here's a cover of Into The Fire by Dokken.

Mix by:
Bartek's Facebook:
Cz Arny's Facebook:

Bartek Beben @ 2014

Dokken - Into The Fire cover by Bartek Beben feat. Cz Arny

News: Facebook Shreddelicious group passes 2000 likes

The facebook version of Shreddelicious has broke the 2000 likes barrier!

A Special thanks to the members of I wanna rock music group:

I wanna rock music group!

Fabrizio Leo: Viola by MovGuitars

Fabrizio BICIO Leo - Viola by MovGuitars "Video 5"

Fabrizio Leo

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Wanda Ortiz: what happens when you turn up two minutes late to an Iron Maidens show?

Nita Strauss,Wanda Ortiz,  Courtney Cox
So you want to know what happens when you turn up two minutes late to an Iron Maidens show?  This was the NAMM presentation... I had to fight my way through to get close enough for this photo of Nita Strauss, Wanda Ortiz and Courtney Cox.

Nita Strauss, Linda McDonald , Wanda Ortiz
OK so you arrive two minutes too late... well just don't, arrive ten minutes early! Make sure someone has your space (Jack Lue did that part OK) If all else fails, switch to the 300 or 500 zoom and trust to luck. This was my 200. The place was crazy, crowd were loving it and the music was great. My hope is these
guys get to tour Europe as they are a show that you won't want to miss! I'll then apply for a photo pass!

Courtney Cox
The Iron Maidens were originally formed in June 2001 by vocalist Jenny Warren and bassist Melanie Sisneros, formerly of the Iron Maiden tribute band Wrathchild. Linda McDonald (drums) and Josephine Draven (guitar), both formerly of Phantom Blue, and Sara Marsh (guitar), joined Warren and Sisneros shortly afterward to form the band's first lineup.

Nita Strauss
Todays current line up changes occasionally

Kirsten Rosenberg ("Bruce Chickinson"), vocals
Nita Strauss ("Mega Murray"), guitar[1]
Nikki Stringfield ("Mega Murray"), guitar[1]
Courtney Cox ("Adriana Smith"), guitar
Wanda Ortiz ("Steph Harris"), bass
Linda McDonald ("Nikki McBurrain"), drums

Kirsten Rosenberg
 Oh and one small surprise guest

Sooty Maiden

Nita Strauss
Announcement! Starting now I'm gonna be posting on the Nita Strauss fan page myself! Check it out if you haven't already, there are lots of pictures (including tons of old band photos) and videos up there that aren't on this page!

Zoe Thomson: Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold - 10 year old

10 year old Zoe Thomson plays Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold
10 year old Zoe Thomson plays Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold

Chris Woods: Starting Percussive Acoustic Guitar - percussive effects using guitar strings.

In Part 1 of his tutorial, Chris Woods shows how to achieve percussive effects using guitar strings. Chris teaches the correct wrist position and breaks down the essential techniques, including basic string slaps and funk-bass slap 'n' pop rhythms

Chris Woods - Starting Percussive Acoustic Guitar Pt.1

Hedras Ramos: Cort CR230 Guitar at NAMM 2014

At NAMM 2014, we were fortunate to have renowned guitarist Hedras Ramos demo the new Cort CR230 for The Noise Room. The CR230 is the latest addition to the Classic Rock single cut series from Cort Guitars. The single cut mahogany body features a black finish outfitted with EMG HZ SRO OC1 pickups, two coil taps operated by the two push/pull tone controls, two separate volumes, a traditional tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, nickel hardware and vintage cream colored pickguard and bezels.

For more information on Hedras Ramos, please visit

For more information on Cort Guitars, please visit

For additional videos, gear reviews, free music, giveaways and more, visit The Noise Room at

Hedras Ramos Demos the Cort CR230 Guitar at NAMM 2014

Johnatha Bastos: Kiko Loureiro - No gravity - amazing tribute played by his feet!

Guys, I'm starting a series of covers to honor major peers, playing great successes, issues, and with the support of both strings as NIG MUSIC pedals. This series will be a thank you to these great names and also to carry out this new support NIG! I will use ropes TRADITIONAL CLASS 0.10 where I can take a heavy sound, bright and at the same time getting a great durability! It's incredible! The pedals are NIG: Compressor, Hot Drive, Power Distortion, Booster, Analog Stereo Dual Chorus and Delay Analog TapTempo. THANK NIGMUSIC and Sydnei OAK FOR THIS GREAT STRENGTH!
's guitars are one Tagima JA1 and a strato-tuned DROP C \ o /
My amp is a Meteor MGV7 SPARFLEX and cables ... too much / So come on, the song is "No Gravity" Big Kiko Loureiro. Hope you enjoy, God bless you! \ O /

Johnatha Bastos - No gravity (Tributo a Kiko Loureiro)

Johnatha Bastos - Double Vision (Tributo a Alex Martinho e Sydnei Carvalho)

Johnatha Bastos - balada (Tributo ao Juninho Afram)

Yohei Kimura: Andy James Solo Competition - super pinky!

Andy Jamesのコンテストに参加してみました。

Guitar:Schecter BH-i24
Effects pedals:Pedal diggers emotions
cable:Xotic XGC-1

Amplifier:HUGHES&KETTNER Tube Meister 18 Combo

Andy James Solo Competition - Yohei Kimura

Bugra Sisman: demos DiMarzio Gravity Storm Bridge + Ibanez RG Premium + Axe FX 2

Muhteşem bir Bridge manyetiği. Excellent Bridge pickup!

DiMarzio Gravity Storm Bridge + Ibanez RG Premium + Axe FX 2

Jess Lewis: 3 by Me classy jam track series - Sponsored by D'Addario!

3 By Me

Over the last 4 years Jess Lewis has repeatedly proven that she can recreate some of the toughest solos note for note. As a result her worldwide reputation has rocketed, as she notches up millions of YouTube hits.

The time has now come for her to show her own hand when it comes to constructing solos....and wow, just wow! Jess once again proves what an incredibly talented player she is. Three styles of top quality backings tracks....each with wonderfully constructed solos. Jess plays with complete control, tone, and creative displays technique to die for. Jess has a lot for you to learn and take inspiration from. Once you have nailed her solos, start jamming out your own ideas!

Check out the previews below and get downloading/streaming this series right now. As ever, the artists get 50% of every you will be supporting them directly!

 3 live solo tracks
 3 solo backing tracks
 3 extended jam tracks
 3 live video performances
 TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
 Bonus Track Notes

*NEW* Jess Lewis '3 By Me' at

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse announce Symphony Of Sin UK tour

Symphony Of Sin UK Tour Announced!
Eden's Curse are delighted to announce their debut headlining club tour of the United Kingdom which will take place this coming May.

The "Symphony Of Sin UK Tour" will visit Scotland, England and Wales stopping at Glasgow, Bolton, Wakefield, Wolverhampton, Grimsby, Swansea and London.

The dates are as follows :

Tickets for all shows are now ON SALE and can be purchased from the venues directly, or by clicking on the BLUE CROSS against the dates listed below in this email.

The band naturally are very excited about headlining as Bassist Paul Logueconfirms "Absolutely! This is a real challenge for the band and dare I say it, quite a gamble in many ways! We have been so used to going out as the opening band for such great acts like Dream Theater and Stratovarius and now it's our time to stand on our own two feet. So I guess you could say the feeling is more of nervous excitement! How many kids dream of standing up on a stage playing a headline set to their fans? I'm sure it will be amazing just getting the opportunity to play an extended set for our extremely loyal fan base that has waited patiently for this to happen. This tour is 100% for them".

Paul goes onto explain how vital the Eden's Curse fans are to the success of not just this tour but future endeavours. "They are absolutely key! We have such amazing and passionate fans in the UK and they have always delivered in the past for us. This however, is without question when we really need them the most! I appreciate that some of the shows are midweek and some people may have to travel to get there, but my experience as a regular concert goer in this country is that Rock music knows no boundaries! However the harsh reality of today's music business is that if we want to tour again in the UK we need our fans to show up in numbers to these shows and I have every faith that they will! If you are coming, bring a friend and let's have a party"!

Please check for further information and details.

Tour Dates view all

05/19 Ivory Blacks Glasgow, UK
05/20 The Railway Venue Bolton, UK, UK
05/21 The Snooty Fox Wakefield, UK, UK
05/22 Slade Rooms Wolverhampton, UK
05/23 The Yardbirds Rock Club Grimsby, UK
05/24 Static Swansea, UK
05/25 The Underworld London, 000, UK

Michael Schenker: MSG Jan 10th , 2014 at M15 Bar in Corona, CA. Jack Lue Series

Michael Schenker (born Michael Willy Schenker on 10 January 1955 in Hannover, Germany[1]) is a German rock guitarist, best known for his tenure in UFO, in addition to his solo band. He first rose to fame as an early member of the Scorpions, then achieved fame in the mid-1970s as the lead guitar player for UFO. Since leaving UFO in 1978, he has been leading the Michael Schenker Group in various incarnations.

He has rejoined UFO three times, producing an album each time. He is the younger brother of Rudolf Schenker, who is still a guitarist with the Scorpions. His career has had many ups and downs, partly due to a long history of alcoholism and personal problems; still, Schenker continues to perform and record and to maintain a following,[2] and has been called "a legendary figure in the history of metal guitar."[3]

Schenker has been on the covers of many guitar magazines and has influenced many notable guitar players, including Kirk Hammett[20] and James Hetfield[21] (Metallica), Dave Mustaine[22][23] (Megadeth), Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy - Spiritual Beggars), Chris Caffery (Savatage), Gus G (Ozzy - Firewind), Vinny Burns (Dare, ex-Ten), George Lynch (Dokken - Lynch Mob), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake - Dio),

Warren DeMartini (Ratt), Frank Hannon (Tesla), Slash (Guns N' Roses - Velvet Revolver), Michael Wilton (Queensrÿche), Paul Gilbert (Racer X - Mr. Big), Roland Grapow (Masterplan - ex-Helloween), Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost), Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson (Testament), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Gary Holt (Exodus), Erik Turner (Warrant), Grant Estes (Suicidal Tendencies), Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Andy DiGelsomina (Lyraka), Hans Ziller (Bonfire), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), Michael Denner and Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate), Tak Matsumoto (B'z - TMG), Marty Friedman (Megadeth - Cacophony),Dec James (Blackwych), John Norum (Europe) among many others.

See the full series

with Courtney Cox and Nita Strauss
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