Monday, 21 April 2014

Sam Bell: Improvising over a new tune

Messing around on a new tune! I think the beer is talking in this one! I am using a Pro Tone Deadhorse overdrive pedal and a Laney IRT Studio for the tone! Oh and of course, I am using my trusty Ibanez UV70P! :)

Sam Bell Improvising over a new tune

Lorenzo Venza: Above and Below solo section - Great Brecker Brothers solo

Great Brecker Brothers solo

Lorenzo Venza - Above and Below solo section(Brecker Brothers)
Lorenzo Venza

Derryl Gabel: How to Memorize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard

Check out this cool lesson from Derryl Gabel and also please check out his fusion guitar lessons in DVD:

For more info and lessons you can go to

How to Memorize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard - Harmony Guitar Lesson

Rick Graham: The Penultimate Arpeggio

Rick's Quick but Slick Arpeggios - Part 9 The Penultimate Arpeggio
Rick Graham
The penultimate arpeggio. Checkout my HD guitar lessons here(for 10% discount on all lessons click view cart and use code: 41320VD0

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Tatyana Kalinicheva: Vigier Excalibur,Kemper Profiling Amp - Guitar solo A7 - Talina

I used:
- Kemper Profiling Amp
- Vigier Excalibur
My Links:

Enjoy music.

Anton Oparin: Solo - Room 4's song Highlife

Anton Oparin plays the mindblowing guitar Solo he wrote for Room 4's song Highlife!

See the full music video here!
Mind Blowing Guitar Solo Anton by Oparin he wrote for Room 4's song Highlife

Brian Carroll: Buckethead Claymation Courtyard and Cycle

Two more albums fly the Brian Carroll: Buckethead coup.

 Claymation Courtyard

1. Claymation Courtyard 05:02
2. Disintegration Mirrors 14:01
3. Chainsaw Slide 02:25
4. Eerie Canal 08:471. Repair Station 07:31
2. Cycle 09:52
3. Replacement Decal 13:06

Xander Demos: announces Sonic Asylum Radio appearence

Xander Demos will be interviewed on Sonic Asylum Radio this Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

This Wednesday night, April 23rd, 2014, at 9:30pm ET, metal shredder extraordinaire, Xander Demos will be phoning into the Sonic Asylum radio show, to talk about his upcoming XDB album project, Dancing Through Daggers, his summer and fall touring plans, opening for Primal Fear and Stryper, as well as performing with John Elefante at Rock N’ Skull, and his film debut in the forthcoming Hair I Go Again rockumentary. Xander’s got another new signature model McNaught Guitar, that is about to hit the streets this spring, too. Tune in live at for host Kevin Kohlhase’s sure-to-be-intriguing and over-the-top conversation with the metal shredmaster, Xander Demos.

Bartek Beben: Laney IRT15H Metal

Can this small EL84 ironheart head do metal ?

Signal chain: (Double tracked, No EQ on guitars)
Godin Redline HB - Laney IRT15H - Jet City ISO (G12-75T) - Shure SM57 - Mackie Onyx Black Jack,

Song 'Unleashed' by:

Bartek Beben @ 2014

Bartek Beben - Laney IRT15H Metal

Jason Sadites: Weasel Words featuring Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci

From Jason's upcoming CD "Tales", available May 13, 2014. Featuring amazing performances by drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist Ric Fierabracci. Also, available full drum, bass and guitar transcriptions of the entire "Tales" CD along with play along backing tracks. Visit for more info...

Jason Sadites - Weasel Words feat. Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci