Sunday, 4 May 2014

Jakub Żytecki: accompanies us on a whistle stop tour of NAMM 2014

Jakub Żytecki accompanies us on the track Time Impact  on a whistle stop tour of NAMM 2014. A phenomenal guitar player and composer, he uses Music Man 7-String John Petrucci Signature Model, Ernie Ball custom sets strings and Randall amplifiers.  Find out more about this talent:
Jam Tracks:

Disperse were founded in the Polish city of Przeworsk in December 2007 by guitarist Jakub Żytecki, vocalist / keyboarder Rafał Biernacki and Marcin Kicyk on bass.
Disperse Facebook:

Christophe Godin: Exclusive Scottish masterclass announced

24 May  at 19:00

The Corinthian Club
191, Ingram Street, G11DA Glasgow, United Kingdom

Wishaw Music Centre are delighted to present French guitar sensation Christophe Godin in an all day masterclass on Saturday June 7th at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow.

Christophe is a guitarist and singer, notable for his work with the famous French bands Metal Kartoon, Gnô and Mörglbl. Godin plays a variety of styles, including heavy metal, jazz fusion, blues and more.

As with all our classes, you are sure to have a fantastic day which will benefit you and your guitar playing for years to come. It is also a great chance to spend a day with like minded people who are all for the guitar geekery we are so prone too!

Book your tickets via Paypal at

Jens Johansson: talks about his solo recordings featuring Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane,

JLP: You must be proud to have it on a Johansson CD!

You have no idea how proud! Of course it's scary putting your own lame solos next to Allan's... I'm quite proud that I had the balls to do that as well, instead of collapsing into a blubbering heap saying "we can never release this because I suck"!

JLP: You seem to particularly like the legato style for guitar players since, after Allan, you played with Shawn Lane who has a similar sound and style. Even Mike Stern used a sound slightly different from the one he generally uses.

Yeah, most "distorted guitar" players end up with some sort of legato sound. I think Mike uses the pick quite a lot though, don't know if that's what you meant.

Shawn uses both a lot of picking and a lot of legato! Lots of everything..

JLP: Don't you think that recording separate sections in various studios (especially for the guitar solos) makes albums lack the special alchemy that form during group rehearsing and recording?


But if I have to choose between that method, and not doing a record at all, of course I would chose to do the record. Especially Allan has a very busy schedule and is difficult to commit to get in the studio to "jam". He hasn't done some much of that type of "loose and not complicated" type music for a long time, recording almost solely as a leader the last decade or so — only his own material, which is very brilliant and advanced harmonically. The last guys that got him to "jam" with them failed to get him to accept the end results, if I remember correctly (these were the dreaded "neverwas, neverwillbe" demos). So with Heavy Machinery the goal was make very modal material, and to record the backing tracks as "natural" sounding as possible (synth bass and drums at the same time, not so many keyboard overdubs either, mainly solos) and to see in what direction Allan took it. But in my head I also knew it probably would have been impossible logistically to get us together in the studio at the same time and to get a result everybody would be comfortable with. So it's a compromise. But at least it's a CD! Such is life. I still love the record.

Panos Arvanitis: funky shred in Dm

Some random licks in a funky backing track.Comment,like,share ,subscribe.Thank you all.
Gear used :Blade Texas Standard Pro
PoD Xt pro rack Line6
Watch it on HD
Boss NS-2
Boss OS-2

funky shred in Dm

John Huldt: John Huldt Trio to support Allan Holdsworth

Post Your Guitar News  -  Yesterday 23:38
In today's good news I'd like to share that I'll be opening up with my John Huldt Trio for the mighty Allan Holdsworth at Ramona Mainstage on August 16th. Yay!
Now this is great news for two reasons, firstly John Huldt gets to gig with the master and secondly, Allan Holdsworth who is currently in hiatus will be playing live again!

Christophe Godin, Jake Willson, Dudley Ross, Neil Zaza: UK tour dates announced

Dudley Ross

please share to all people that like a bit of geeeetar! — with Ouzoulias Aurélien, Godin Christophe, Jake Willson, Ivan Rougny, Walter Cerasani and Neil Zaza.