Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pierre Côté: plays Multiamp by DV Mark - serious hybrid picking alert

Pierre Côté plays Multiamp by DV Mark
DV Mark
DV Mark Artist Pierre Côté shows us the Multiamp features, playing his custom sound presets in different music styles!
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Nili Brosh,Jon Reshard: Vigilant - absolutely killing it Ramona Mainstage 2014

Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main St. Ramona Ca 92065

Chloe Demetria - Vocals
Jon Reshard - Bass
Nili Brosh - Guitar
Padget Nanton - Drums

Vigilant - Get It ( 2-15-2014 )

Vigilant - Don't Let Go ( 2-15-2014 )

Jack Gardiner: #StringHeroes Contest Entry

Hey YouTubers!

So I've been on holiday for the past 10 days, with no guitar to play. I thought i'd give this backing track a whirl, focusing less on technique and more on note choice.

If you're interested in lessons/tuition please head on over to my website at

The links:

by Ian Bushell & Jim Dunlop & Music Connection

- Music Connection
- Jim Dunlop guitar products
- Ian Bushell

#StringHeroes Contest Entry - Jack Gardiner

Michael Angelo Batio,Andrea Martongelli: Burn NAMM metal jam 2014


Michael Angelo Batio
Neil Turbin
Andrea Martongelli
Michael Devin
Gen Sobel


Live at the whiskey a go go

NAMM METAL JAM: Batio, Turbin, Martongelli, Sobel, Devin: "Burn"

Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Reffett: Kristen Rosenberg cover Hot For Teacher at NAMM metal jam 2014





Sam Bell: announces new web site!

Sam Bell
I now have a website! I am currently learning how to work it properly, but in the mean time you should be able to access my HD Video Download section of the website!

Leonardo Guzman,Gabriel Spath: Emiliano y el Sol - original tune

An original tune, arranged by the great Gabriel Spath Nuñez, mixing two kinds of different Colombian music genres: "Bambuco" & "Merengue Vallenato" with hints of Rock, Country and Jazz added on the melody by yours truly. Hope you like it! if you do, please help us spread the word by sharing, it will be very much appreciated! thanks for your time

| Emiliano y el Sol | Leonardo Guzman & Gabriel Spath |

David Maxim Micic: Destiny Potato - Addict | official album track 2014

Song 'Addict' from our debut album 'LUN' that's coming out on May 13th!
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Make sure to:

Destiny Potato:
Aleksandra Djelmash (vocals/piano)
David Maxim Micic (guitars/keyboards)
Milan Jejina Yeqy (drums)
Dusan Vanja (guitar)

Static video by:
Jelena Radosavljevic and David Maxim Micic

Thanks to everyone supporting the band:
Fans, friends, families, EMG pickups, Fractal Audio, Positive Grid, Wood Guerrilla, Mapex Drums etc...

Jakub Żytecki: Disperse and Solo album details

Jakub Zytecki
Just a quick life update:
I thought I'll write something about what's happening in my world right now since my matrix connection was lost for a while.
I would like to announce TWO THINGS:
First - DispersE album is gonna be ready and hopefully released during the Summer 2015 which is freaking awesome
Second - my solo album is gonna be ready this year, which is fucking awesome too!
I won't be visiting FB too often these days, so if you want mail me, shoot here:
You can follow my SoundCloud page too, as I will post things more frequently there then I used too hahah


Per Nilsson: Set to work on a follow up to Scar Guitar - but not Chest Bursting Guitar!

Per Nilsson
It's been around 1½ years since Guitar Messenger released my instructional DVD, SCAR GUITAR. Great work by Guitar Messenger mainman Ivan Chopik directing and producing the whole thing, and kudos to him for making me look good in the post-processing!

At some point, I want to get down to doing some more instructional material - there are a number of topics I'd like to delve deeper into, which could make for a sort of sequel: SCAR GUITAR episode II - RETURN OF THE SHRED-I

Also, I'm thinking it could be cool to do some more basic stuff - like a sort of prequel? Just remind me not to let Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof anywhere near the thing!

Lyle Watt: Low Winter Sun from upcoming EP

Lyle Watt
1 hr ·

Got some exciting news to announce soon regarding the new EP release! It's so nearly ready, I can't wait to get it out to you all.

In the meantime, here's a first take playthrough video of the title track from the EP, "Low Winter Sun". Filmed and edited by John McIntosh.

Lyle Watt - "Low Winter Sun"

Raphael De Stefano: .strandberg* CL7

A little test of my .strandberg* CL7 on an Exivious backing track!

Axe Fx 2 - Mesa 4x12

Strandberg CL7 Lead Test - Raphael De Stefano

Strandberg CL7 Improv - Raphael De Stefano