Sunday, 1 March 2015

Syu Merupakan: ESP guitars NAMM 2015

Syu (シュウ Shū?) is a Japanese musician, best known as leader and guitarist of metal band Galneryus, but also performs guitar and lead vocals in Spinalcord, and was formerly a member of Animetal. On September 29, 2010 he released a cover album named Crying Stars -Stand Proud!-, covering songs from Scorpions, Stratovarius, Yngwie Malmsteen, Skid Row, M.S.G., Racer X and more. It features some of his band mates from Galneryus and Spinalcord, as well as other well-known musicians like Eizo Sakamoto (Anthem), whom Syu was in Animetal with.

Syu: ESP guitars NAMM 2015

Scott Hughes: Punching Holes in Scales #3

This was originally supposed to be the final installment in my "Punching Holes in Scales" lesson series that ran in Guitar Player Magazine during 2014. This last one wasn't published, so I decided to make it available for anyone that might like to check it out. Enjoy!!


Scott Hughes - Punching Holes in Scales #3

Scott Jones: start innovating your own personal language with Scott's sage help and advice

Scott Jones
EVOLVING GUITARISTS. Would you like to get off of the treadmill of learning everyone else's "licks" and learn how to create your own original LINES, based on concepts? Stop spending hours imitating note for note solos and start innovating your own personal language. Contact me here for private consultation, locally or on Skype. I can also hook you up with nearly 400 backing tracks over which to start working out your new ideas. You can sample my playing at the link below.

Jason Sadites: Amps & Axes Quick Lick #9

This week Jason shows you his solo from the song 'Red Herring' from his 2014 CD 'Tales' which features the amazing playing of Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci. If you are so inclined full guitar, bass and drum tabs and backing jam tracks are available through Jason's website:

Thanks and have fun playing along with this week's lick!

Please be sure to check out the websites: to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

Thanks for watching!!!
Amps & Axes Quick Lick #9 with Jason Sadites

Sam Bell: Improvised Solo at Masterclass Performance with Tom Quayle, Lewis Turner, and Levi Clay

Here’s a bit of footage from the Masterclass I taught at with Tom Quayle, Lewis Turner and Levi Clay. Out of the 3 songs we jammed I feel this improvised solo I did was passable (compared to my other 2!) I am a Rock/Metal player and I am no way in the league of the Fusion Improvisation of the other dudes in this

Sam Bell Improvised Solo at Masterclass Performance with Tom Quayle, Lewis Turner, and Levi Clay

Fred Brum: Retribution - Caparison GHS strings NAMM 2015

Fred Brum is a very busy session musician , he favours 7-strings and other extended range guitars, such as 8-strings and 36-fret monsters to perform his work and has developed his style and approach around such instruments. Currently, he’s endorsed by Caparison Guitars, Bare Knuckle pickups, Laney Amplification, Randall Amplification, Matrix Guitar Amplification, Wampler pedals, AMT Electronics, Sik Pik / Hufschmid picks and Hesu cables.

Buy his music

Fred Brum: Retribution - Caparison GHS strings NAMM 2015 

Divaldi Addina: Far Beyond The Sun - Peavey-VYPYR-VIP2

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You Must WATCH And Hear the Sound..!!!
WHOAAA...!!! THis Sounds realy KILLS..!!!

I'm testing my New Gear..
by Playing Far Beyond The SUN (Yngwie Malmsteen)

and you must hear at 00:02:34
When i Pull and Bend the string..!!!...
i made my Red Dragon Screaming like never before..!!..
Hohohoho :D

13 years Old Divaldi -Testing my New Gear (Peavey-VYPYR-VIP2)-Far Beyond The Sun-

Pritesh Walia: Wisdom - classy rock fusion from a very talented player.

Hey Guys this is my tune called Wisdom from my upcoming EP i will b having tabs+backing tracks+GPfiles...for people to learn,jam and interact ...i hope everyone likes it :D
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suhr guitar
axe fx ii


This one just over 7000 views.

Pritesh Walia - "Finally" (Original)

Lucas Zembrzuski: Two looper jams from classic tracks

Two looper jams from

"Money" - Looper Jam

"Message in the bottle" looper jam

Davide Pepi: Entertain me - Tigran Hamasyan - Guitar Cover

A 7 string makes it heavier! great much fun to transcribe and play!

Entertain me - Tigran Hamasyan - Guitar Cover

Angel Vivaldi: Cosmosis - Guest Solo

Guest solo I did for my "ohm-boy" Dan Sugarman's (As Blood Runs Black​) upcoming solo effort. Keep your eyes peeled for his debut!

Angel Vivaldi: Cosmosis - Guest Solo