Tuesday, 4 August 2015

ChickaVe: Makarel original rock instrumental

Special thanks to ChickaVe for the new audio... expect a performance video soon!

ChickaVe: Makarel - instrumental rock guitar from an exciting guitar from Jakarta, Indonesia. https://www.facebook.com/chika.gitar/

News: The latest edition of Guitar Connoisseur is on line

The latest edition of Guitar Connoisseur is on line:

Joe Satriani: Highest Charting Instrumental Rock Album in Soundscan era

Chart Debuts in UK & Australia/New Zealand Also Top 25

(LOS ANGELES, CA – August 4, 2015) –Joe Satriani’s 15th studio album, Shockwave Supernova, has earned the multi-Grammy nominated guitarist his highest U.S. chart position of his career! The album debuts today on the Billboard’s Top 200 Current Albums Chart at #19, the highest debut of his 30-year career, topping his former highest, 1992’s The Extremist, which hit #22 on its debut. In addition, the album also debuted at # 3 on the Billboard Rock Chart and ranks as the highest charting all-instrumental rock album on Billboard’s Top 200 in the soundscan era.

To celebrate, Satriani will be sitting in with The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, this evening. Tune in to NBC at 11:35/10:35c pm to watch the iconic guitarist trade licks with Capitan Kirk and the rest of the band.

In addition to the U.S. chart success, Satriani also had high debuts in Australia/New Zealand at #23 and in the UK where it entered the chart at #22,making this his highest UK chart position since the self-titled, 'Joe Satriani' in 1995, which reached #21.

For two decades, Satriani has traveled the world, playing to sold-out crowds as both a headliner and as founder of the all-star “G3” guitar extravaganza. His studio and live recordings have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide to date and of his many solo albums, two have gone platinum and four others went gold, with 15 Grammy nominations between them. His side project,Chickenfoot, featuring former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar, former bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith saw their debut album certified gold and their second studio album debuted at #9.

Joe Satriani will set off on the start of his “Shockwave World Tour 2015” on September 17th in France. The European leg will run through November 10th with the ending show in London. The U.S. portion of the tour is set to begin early in 2016 with an announcement expected next month. Joining Joe for the “Shockwave Tour” is Marco Minnemann (drums), Bryan Beller (bass) and Mike Keneally (keys & guitar).

To purchase Shockwave Supernova:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1P0Cdbj

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/joe-satriani/id46694

Daniele Gottardo: Piccions

Piccions! From Daniele Gottardo's debut album Frenzy Of Ecstasy
Download Daniele's debut album Frenzy of Ecstasy at:

You can order your signed copy at http://www.officialdanielegottardo.co... or download your digital copy at:

Daniele Gottardo - Piccions

News: Join Our New Jam Of The Month Facebook Group!

Welcome to our debut JTC Jam Of The Month…..your chance to get featured in an international customer jam video on JTC’s YouTube channel! Think of all the exposure you could get to the tens of thousands of subscribers that watch our YouTube channel every month!

So how does it work?

- Each month we will release a brand new FREE backing track for you download (download now by clicking here).

- Film yourself jamming along to the track and then post your video on the JTC Jam Of The Month Facebook group (join by clicking here)

- At the end of the month we will edit together our favourite 5 videos in one epic jam collaboration and upload it to our YouTube channel

- Anyone can jam, any style, any ability, everyone is welcome!

- Comment and share your fellow musicians entries, giving thoughts and positive feedback/encouragement.

Overall it's all in the name of fun and community. The group is a great place for commenting and discussing each others jam videos, and will often be visited by JTC's artists!

JTC is a supportive community and will take a zero tolerance on negativity and spam. So no matter what level you are currently at, get jamming because everyone would love to hear it, and you might even make that months jam collaboration!

So download the track, get jamming, and we'll see you in the group!

Rob Garland: TrueFire Artist available for Skype Guitar Lessons

Take a Skype Guitar Lesson With TrueFire Artist Rob Garland! http://www.robgarland.net
"TrueFire Instructor Mesa Boogie/D'Addario Artist Rob Garland is now offering guitar lessons via Skype/Facetime.

Performance Video:

Guitar Lesson Jazz Fusion Improvisation:

Lessons last approximately one hour and cost $50. Payment is required through Paypal before each lesson.

For PC users it's Skype, MAC users can choose between Skype or Facetime. The only other requirement is a webcam with audio capability.

Email: rob@robgarland.net for details.

Rob Chapman: The Ultimate Blindfold Guitar Challenge..... All the Gear & No Idea!

Really not sure what the point of this video was, but hope you enjoy it anyway...!!!

These are the guitars we got given...
Jackson JS22 - http://bit.ly/1MTCFXH
Chapman CAP10 - http://bit.ly/1ON0jGv
Fender American Std HH Strat - http://bit.ly/1HYZibY
Ibanez RGIT20FE - http://bit.ly/1KwyGQB

The amp is a secret (that most of you have guessed anyway!). All will be revealed in August.


Lee & Rob

Tom Hess: How To Play Guitar With Feeling

How To Play Guitar With Feeling

by Tom Hess
Do you know why expressing yourself through guitar seems to be something most guitar players struggle with? Perhaps lack of natural talent or maybe not knowing enough guitar licks? In reality, the reason why guitarist struggle to express emotion is because most players almost never practice to improve their expressive skills.
This, as any other guitar skill, is something you can easily develop with the right approach but ignoring it or not knowing how to practice it correctly will greatly hurt the way you express yourself through music.
Next are the most common mistakes that many guitar players make when looking to add feeling to their licks or phrasing and how you can prevent them now:

Mistake One: Not Forcing Yourself To Be Creative
Most guitar players usually add string bends and vibrato and think those are the only resources for adding emotion to guitar licks. They never go through all the possible variations like:

  • Creatively changing the rhythm of the notes.
  • Using many vibrato styles
  • Utilizing slides creatively
  • Using different approaches to articulate the notes (using legato vs picking the notes)
  • Creating many variations of guitar licks with string bends.
  • …and a lot more possibilities that most guitar players never even try because they don’t challenge themselves to find them.
Assess yourself and discover how good you are at adding emotion to a guitar lick. Use the lick below and try to come up with no less than ten variations:

Hear a few possible variations
If you have had a hard time coming up with new and different variations, know that you are not alone – most guitar players struggle with this too. Good news! This skill can be easily improved and you CAN learn how to fully express yourself in music. Learn how to create more expressive guitar solos with this great eGuide.
Mistake Two: Ignoring The Most Important Notes In Your Guitar Phrases
The final note of any guitar phrase is what determines how good the phrase actually is. People who hear your phrase won't remember every note you play, but the last note in you guitar phrasing will be the one that sticks out in their minds and is remembered most vividly.

The overwhelming majority of guitar players practice hard to improve the middle notes in their guitar phrasing, but they never work on making the last note sound totally killer. Focus on finding ways to ornament the last notes of your phrases as you heard demonstrated in the previous example.
Mistake Three: Thinking You Have Mastered Vibrato
When it comes to practicing vibrato on guitar, there are 3 categories of guitarists:
Category #1: Guitar players who don't practice vibrato (at all)
Category #2: Guitar players who have practiced vibrato at some point but they haven’t practiced it ever again because they think they have already mastered it. This assumption can prevent you from getting better at guitar in a huge way... learn how this hurts you in this article on how to get big results from any guitar lesson.
Category #3: Guitarists who keep working on improving their vibrato. These guitarists achieve huge results in their lead guitar playing faster and are able to express themselves through guitar much better.
Just like you schedule time for practicing any other guitar technique, do so for your vibrato. Learn the best and most effective way to practice guitar vibrato by reading this article.
Mistake Four: Focusing On The Wrong Things
Most guitarists focus their mind on which specific notes need to be played instead of focusing on how to play these notes more expressively.
Many guitar players tends to think that if a phrase or lick doesn’t sound good it must be changed completely to make it expressive and cool. In reality, you can turn any guitar lick into an expressive one if you know how to get the most of it.
Take a look at this video to learn how to do this:

The notes of any guitar lick constitute only 50% of the emotions it can express. The next 50% (sometimes more) is determined by how you play the notes of the lick.
You have just discovered the four common mistakes that prevent you from fully expressing yourself in music. To learn a lot more about how to improve this area of your guitar playing, download this free guide and learn how to play kickass guitar solos filled with emotion.
About The Author: Tom Hess is an expert guitar teacher, composer and guitar teacher instructor. He teaches guitar players in his rock guitar lessons online. Go to tomhess.net to get more guitar playing resources and read more articles about guitar playing.

Dallton Santos: Mind Control - promo track from new rock fusion album

Dallton Santos - Mind Control (audio)

http://www.dallton.com Mind Control from the third studio album "The Inner Things" by guitarist Dallton Santos. Rock Fusion Style I Guitar Solo

Check out The Inner Things full playlist at:

Order in:
Itunes http://bit.ly/dallton_santos_TIT_i­tunes
Amazon http://bit.ly/dallton_santos_TIT_a­mazon
Google Play http://bit.ly/dallton_santos_TIT_g­oogleplay

join http://goo.gl/w7ROV
Instagram @Dallton_Santos


Sam Bell: Virtuoso Guitar techniques - Paganini’s Caprice #16

Virtuoso Guitar techniques | Paganini’s Caprice #16 | Guitar Lesson
Learn to play Paganini’s Caprice #16 for electric guitar with Sam Bell Lesson Preview Get the full course here http://bit.ly/1M0lULK

The 24 Caprices have often been hailed as some of the most challenging musical pieces ever written. We have taken this music and translated it to the electric guitar to provide a wealth of melody, harmony and killer guitar licks!

Although not for the faint hearted, completing these pieces will not only make you a better player, but will also put you out there with some of the best technicians in the World. Includes TABhttp://bit.ly/1M0lULK

Samuli Federley: with Lennon Robledo - Chaos Injected

This is a progressive song I wrote and the drums are played by mr. Lennon Robledo. It's our first collaboration and more will follow. Please check my website at http://www.samulifederley.com

Samuli Federley, Lennon Robledo - Chaos Injected

Yossi Sassi: Having fun with 33 frets | Semi-fretted guitar

Time to play around again! :) Introducing my joyful design of a semi-fretted electric guitar, fret-less from the 9th fret and above.

Enjoy the video editing & cool bass playing by Or Lubianiker!

NOTE: for more insider content, Personal Guitar Lessons etc, check out my page here:https://www.patreon.com/yossisassi


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/desert...
Band Camp: http://www.yossisassi.bandcamp.com/al...
Signed CDs, and more: http://www.yossisassi.com/shop.html

Yossi Sassi - Having fun with 33 frets | Semi-fretted guitar

dUg Pinnick, Spacey-T: Ultimate Jam night at the Lucky Strike




Walter Trout: Riverfront Blues Festival 8/1/15 (FULL SHOW) by BluesBroad

Walter Trout @ Riverfront Blues Festival 8/1/15 (FULL SHOW)
by BluesBroad
10 videos
Riverfront Blues Festival - Wilmington, Delaware
Walter Trout - guitar & vocals; Sammy Avila - keyboards; Johnny Griparic - bass; Michael Leasure - drums. Special guest : Jon Trout - guitar.
*Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad