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Łukasz Jurkiewicz, Michal Rybak: Deadpoint - Deceiver - Guitar Playthrough - Ibanez rg 550 custom - Ibanez rg 2610e

Hi there! I would like to present another guitar video,this time a song called Deceiver wich cames from our debut album The Art Of Deception, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. I play here on Ibanez rg 550 customized by Paweł Kamecki .For more infos and videos check:

Łukasz Jurkiewicz (guitar) 
Michal Wasilewski (drums)
Michal Rybak (guitar)
Cristian "Gato" Segura (vocals)
Marek Kordas (bass)

Deadpoint - Deceiver - Guitar Playthrough (Ibanez rg 550 custom & Ibanez rg 2610e)

Kris Xenopoulos: Lila (Sanskrit: लीला, IAST līlā) or Leela - : experimental jazz fusion metal from Durban South Africa

Lila (Sanskrit: लीला, IAST līlā) or Leela, like many Sanskrit words, cannot be precisely translated into English, but can be loosely translated as the noun "play". Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman).

Kris Xenopoulos - Leela | (Guitar Playthrough)

Music by Kris Xenopoulos
Edited By Kris Xenopoulos
Filmed by Tristan Fitchat




Kris Xenopoulos - Leela | (Guitar Playthrough)

Tom Hess: How To Make More Progress On Guitar

How To Make More Progress On Guitar
by Tom Hess
Regardless your current guitar playing level, I can show you one key thing you can implement to make huge progress every time you sit down and practice guitar. What is it? You must monitor every area of your guitar playing progress.

“Sounds too simple.” you might be thinking, and to be fair, many years ago I would have thought same. Just like the vast majority of guitarists, I believed that the only approach for making more progress at guitar was studying new exercises. I was wrong.
Before reading further, grab this guide about learning to play guitar fast to see how 35.8% MORE progress is achieved by guitarists who monitor their guitar playing progress compared with those who don't monitor their progress.

Now, here are the main reasons why monitoring your playing progress will help you achieve greater results in your guitar playing:

Reason One: You Will Find Your Weaknesses And Your Strengths At Guitar
By using the most effective tool for monitoring your overall guitar playing progress, you will be able to examine your guitar skills on two key levels:

1. The 'zoom out' view: This is a perspective from a higher view where you can see how different guitar skills are being improved. As an example, you could track your progress with chord visualization, music theory and guitar technique in order to see how your overall musical skills are improving in each particular area.

2. The 'zoom in' view: here is where you can choose one big musical skill and break it down in order to track the progress of small elements that form the foundation of your main skill level. This shows you what level you are at with the specific skill being tracked... but not only that, it also tells you WHY you are at this level and what is needed to move beyond your current limitations.

Here is an example: in this guitar speed guide, you can see how the skill called 'guitar speed' has been divided into six sub-tracking elements of the technique. When you practice, monitor and master these sub-elements, your overall guitar speed will dramatically improve.

Reason Two: You Will Conquer Your Fears
Monitoring the progress you make on guitar is like owning a recipe for success. Your confidence becomes enhanced by the fact that you now know every step needed for achieving guitar playing greatness.

Reason Three: You Will Move Towards Your Musical Goals At Light Speed
Not tracking you guitar playing progress will inhibit your ability to understand how close you are to reaching your playing goals, and you won't know if the way you are practicing is really effective. By not having this insight, most guitarists lose their focus and waste time practicing pointless guitar licks, new materials, concepts and tricks that completely deviate from their original guitar playing goals.

On the other hand, guitarists who track their progress on a regular basis know exactly which practice items are giving them results and which are not. Thus, they are able to practice with the most effective practice items “only” while replacing or improving the items that aren't good for delivering results. With this kind of efficiency, you can achieve your guitar playing goals much faster.

By the way, tracking progress works not only in music, but all subjects. Think of how it would be if computers were designed without monitoring, tracking and improving their effectiveness along the way. Truth is, computers would not have advanced to the level they are at now if their creators didn't track their performance, strengths and weaknesses in order to make improvements and meet evolving technological needs. Monitoring constant progress is key for successful performance, regardless which field you are in. Likewise, it is key for guitarists who aspire to become great.

Reason Four: Your Motivation For Practicing Guitar Every Day Will Improve
By improving the progress you achieve from monitoring your guitar playing, a few extra things will start to happen:
1. You will develop a growing motivation for practicing guitar due to the fact that you are seeing real results from every practice session you have.
2. Practicing guitar will become addictive.
3. The two points above will reinforce each other and become a kind of guitar progress loop that will transform you every day into a better guitar player.

Now you’ve learned the powerful benefits of monitoring your playing progress. Start adding this approach to your daily guitar practice routine and watch as your guitar playing skills go through the roof. To have a better understanding of which critical areas must be tracked for improving your overall guitar playing, take a look at this guitar speed eGuide and start implementing the advice in it as soon as possible.

About The Author: Tom Hess is a very successful guitar trainer and recording musician. He trains guitarists from around the world how to achieve their goals in his correspondence guitar lessons online.  Visit his website to receive many free guitar playing tips, and to read more articles about guitar playing.

Dhalif Ali: JTC Jam Of The Month September -

Heres my take on Jam track central's JAM OF THE MONTH for the month of September!

JTC Jam Of The Month September - Dhalif Ali

Chris Bieniek: Taurus Stomp-Head Demo 4.SL 'The Spaceship Solo'

This solo was recorded in my home studio with the awesome Taurus Stomp-Head 4.SL amp. This is the most convenient and versatile amp head I have come across. The 4.SL had 2 channels being a sparkly clean channel that had a crunch feature for a throaty broken tone and a lead channel with heaps of gain that offers mild crunch up to high gain screaming rock/ metal tones. It sounds huge through a 2X12 cabinet.
More detailed demos of the amp in action to come to come.

The solo is one I performed in the recent Melbourne season of the Rocky Horror show from the spaceship scene. It gradually evolved into this.

Taurus Stomp-Head Demo 4.SL 'The Spaceship Solo'

Milan Polak: tracking lead guitar for "Rat Race" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Milan Polak - guitars; Fabio Trentini - bass & add gtr; Thomas Lang - drums

Music Man Silhouette Special with DiMarzio Norton & Air Norton pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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© 2015 Milan Polak. All Rights Reserved.
tracking lead guitar for "Rat Race" feat. Thomas Lang & Fabio Trentini

Angelo Comincini: 0274 - You Rock Guitar Gen 2

Angelo Comincini plays Allan Holdsworth "0274" intro (from "The sixteen men of tain") with his You Rock Guitar Gen 2 Radius Neck

Allan Holdsworth - 0274 - Cover by Angelo Comincini

Steve Bello: announcement of incoming album

Steve Bello
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Joop Wolters: Don't believe a word - Remember Phil & Gary 2015

All star Gary Moore Tribute - Don't believe a word for Remember Phil & Gary 2015
Recorded 23-01-2015 by Marleo Video and Linda Vervaecke at Muziekcentrum de Bosuil
Mixed at the PitStudio Weert

Remember Phil & Gary 2015 (Off.) All star G. M. Tribute - Don't believe a word at de Bosuil

Remember Phil & Gary 2015 (Off.) All star G. M. Tribute - End of the world at de Bosuil

Remember Phil & Gary 2015 (Off.) All star G. M. Tribute - Hurricane at de Bosuil

Osvaldo Di Dio: Better Days the new album

Osvaldo Di Dio

Google Play:

Ian Bemolator: August Burns Red -"Identity" Guitar Solo - shredding it!

Here`s my entry! I didn't make any reference to the original solo because i really didn't have the time to do it, i was packing my stuff for a trip when a friend told me about this contest, so i had to record ultra fast, it was in only one take =P

August Burns Red -"Identity" Guitar Solo Contest - Ian Bemolator

Kostas Alexakis: Alex K - JTC Jam of The Month September

Hi to all Jammers! This is my take for the Jamtrackcentral Jam of the Month September. I hope you guys like it! Feel free to Subscribe & Like/Share the video! Thank you!

JTC Jam of The Month September - Alex K

Bartek Beben: Bugera 6260 Review

Review of Bugera 6260 guitar amplifier. Clone of Peavey 5150 & 6505

My guitar presets -
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Bugera 6260 Review

Maxime Solemn: Fight The Light - Violin Core

Maxime Solemn is a solo musician from Belgium. He combines metalcore with the violin and called this new genre; Violincore. He recently released a new song with a music video, called "Fight The Light".

Google Play:

This is the official music video for "Fight The Light", by Maxime Solemn.

Directed by: Maxime Solemn
Video Production: Maxime Solemn

Recording/engineering: Maxime Solemn
Production: Maxime Solemn & Cory Brunnemann
Mixing/mastering: Cory Brunnemann

Add me on Snapchat: Maximesolemn

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John McLaughlin: with the 4th Dimension are back in Singapore - details inside

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension are back in Singapore to play at the University Cultural Centre Hall, NUS on 29 October. Tickets are now on sale via Sistic.


29 OCTOBER 2015, 8PM
On sale 7 September (Monday)

Live Nation Lushington is proud to announce JOHN MCLAUGHLIN & THE 4TH DIMENSION Live in Singapore. The legendary guitarist and his band will perform at the NUS University Cultural Centre Hall on 29 October, Thursday.

Veteran guitar grandmaster JOHN McLAUGHLIN has earned a place in the top echelon of the six-string pantheon. His virtuosity has been on display in a number of divergent settings throughout his celebrated career, beginning in the early 1960s as the electric guitarist for Georgie Fame's rocking Blue Flames. From there he covered a wide swath of musical territory. In the late '60s and early '70s, he explored electric guitar jazz-rock fusion with Tony Williams's Lifetime and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, On the Corner and Live at the Cellar Door bands. (It was through McLaughlin's tenure with Miles that he got to work with Chick Corea.)

McLaughlin's musical influences carry over to many of the musical elite also declaring him to be "the best guitarist alive," as Jeff Beck mused in 2010. In 2003, McLaughlin was ranked 49th in Rolling Stone magazine list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" and in the summer of 2007, McLaughlin performed at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Bridgeview, Illinois. Chick Corea remarked to DownBeat Magazine that "...what John McLaughlin did with the electric guitar set the world on its ear. No one ever heard an electric guitar played like that before, and it certainly inspired me. John's band, more than my experience with Miles, led me to want to turn the volume up and write music that was more dramatic and made your hair stand on end."

McLaughlin's new album "Black Light" will be released this fall and the expansive, emotionally charged new album showcases his virtuoso 4th Dimension. The 4th Dimension is composed of the remarkable multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband on keyboards and drums, Etienne Mbappe's nimble, effervescent electric bass, and the powerhous

Marco De Francesco: Supernova from the new album The Wizard

Marco De Francesco - Supernova, taken from the album "The Wizard"

Marco De Francesco -The Wizard

Influenced by players such as John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons, Italy's new master of the guitar makes a stunning release with "The Wizard". This is a piece of really amazing music that stands out very well on it's own in an othrwize overcrowded market.

Just like his heroes Marco showcases a great sense of melody and combines tasteful playing with great chops AND most of all: Marco knows how to write a tune as well!

Check out the excellent onterview with Marco at

sooner or later it comes the time for everyone to awake and raise his voice up at the world.
Now…the alarm’s ringing, time to go!

El dorado is for everyone who has a burning desire, and has just discovered the way to reach it.

Myaim was to perform a piece that could express how incredible unexpected, unforeseen and spontaneous situations can be…such as the astonishing majesty and power of a supernova.

The whole album starts and develops from this song. Come and meet the wizard…once you’ve found him, this creature will drive you into his world and your perspective on things won’t be the same anymore.

Too many times we are incapable of expressing our feelings with words, sometimes because we’re scared, sometimes because they’re too intense. Secrets is all about my biggest and deepest feelings, told in a handful of notes.

My fascination for the ancient legend of Nibiru inspired this song. It tells about a population of travellers of the cosmos, coming from far away. While you’re listening to this song, you just have to close your eyes and hear what they have to tell us…

There are some times in our lives when nothing seems to happen around us nor looks like is about to. Suddenly everything changes, and we realize that destiny was working for us so that we could live that “golden” silence before the turning point.

Many pieces of this album refers to stars and planets as if my ideas were catched by the gravitational field of celestial bodies. Glance up at a starry night, when the moon seems to look at us so closely: you’ll find out that it’s impossible not to let your mind fly away…

We often hide a memory and pretend it never existed for self-defense but the wish to remember a few particular times of my life helped me writing this song, as the intensity and the magic of some moments can be told just through music. Any word would be unnecessary.

Nuclear Alarm was just the prelude. Here is everything that comes after, arising from the awareness of being able to break through limits and reach objectives you’ve never thought about before. This song is here at the end of the album, in order to seal the story of this trip through melodies, with a plot made of notes that tell about my life. Till now…

Marco De Francesco: Supernova

Joe Stump: announces new download album release date

JOE STUMP - The Dark Lord Rises
released as CD and download on October 24

Lars Eric Mattsson: Songs from a Different Room - release details

Lars Eric Mattsson - Songs from a Different Room
Release date Sept 18, 2015.
All acoustic album from Lars featuring 10 tracks in the making since 2008.

"Songs from a Different Room" is Lars first all acoustic vocal album, very different from anything you have heard from him before. The songs were written in 2008 and most of the backing tracks were also recorded at that time. Originally another singer was scheduled to record them but things didn't work out and finally in 2014 Lars decided to do them by himself, something he feels very good about now.

Lars says "I am very proud of this album, I think these ten songs are really great and they do present another very personal side of me, both as a person and as a musician. I put a lot of work into the guitar playing and the singing as well as the actual writing of the songs. I think there is no other album out there that sounds like this one, so it's quite unique stuff in an over saturated world where there are too many artists sounding the same".

"Releasing an all acoustic album might be something of a challenge, but something I always wanted to do" Lars recalls. Currently Lars is performing with "Roadhouse" a blues/rock band for which he has made some fresh arrangements of some cool rock and blues classics.

1. All We've Got
02. Keep Pushing Me On
03. Hold On
04. I Feel Your Spirit
05. Temporary State of Confusion
06. Just Let It Rain
07. Shadow of Doubt
08. Keep On Burning
09. Sweet Taste of Mystery
10. Remain Unsolved