Thiago Trinsi: Strandberg Guitar Competition

Hi folks
My Thiago Trinsi. I am from Brazil but currently living in Sweden for the past 2 years. This is my entry for Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015.

For my guitar tone in this video I use the Green Crystal by Dr.J pedals, it´s a very nice distortion pedal and it goes to my EVH amp head, from there to the Torpedo Reload by Two-Notes and then into my interface.

For cab simulators I use The Wall of Sounds by Two-Notes.

I also would like to say that I am very excited with all of it, and I am so grateful for having some of the greatest and talented people with me Rocking on this project:

Lucio Manca : Bass

Garry King : Drums

Kyle Gudmundson: Mixing

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If you like this track, here you can download the tab for free:
Strandberg Guitar Competition - Thiago Trinsi