Sunday, 29 November 2015

Masaki Murashita, David Ellefson: Murashita - Inescapable Damnation Guitar Playthrough with ESP Guitars LTD Arrow, EMG 81, Engl SE570 840 Amp

MURASHITA - Inescapable Damnation Guitar Playthrough with ESP Guitars LTD Arrow, EMG 81, Engl SE570 & 840 Amp, SIT Strings and Providence B202 Cable).

Inescapable Damnation:
Masaki Murashita - Vocals, Guitars
David Ellefson - Bass
Kevin Talley - Drums

Purchase MURASHITA's music at:
Official Store:
Amazon MP3:

Guitar: ESP Ltd Arrow-401
Amp: Engl E840 Poweramp & E570 SE Preamp
Puckups: EMG 81
Cables: Providence B202
Strings: SIT Strings 12-54

MURASHITA - Inescapable Damnation (Guitar Playthrough ESP LTD Arrow-401)

Violet Heart: Tell Me - guitar promo video


Guitar/Bass/Keys: Violet Heart
Drums: Steve Sarkissian
Mix/Engineer: Brian Robbins
Mastering: Rick Fisher

Tell Me (Guitar Version) by Violet Heart

Martin Andres: Pomegranate Tiger - Guitar Playthrough for Boundless.


Guitar Playthrough for Boundless.

Pomegranate Tiger is a musical project by Martin Andres

Guitars/Drums: Martin Andres
Guest Electric Bass: Chase Bryant

Filmed at Intersection of 22nd and Pico, Los Angeles

Eric Calderone: Inception - Time Meets Metal

Hi everyone!
So sorry for the little break, with holidays and all I didn't know a good time to upload. Anyhoo, I've been seeing and wanting to try this one for a long time. Hans Zimmer, duh! Yet another great score! Expect another video in the next couple days :) Thank you so much for everything, it means the world. Big ups for always rockin my casbah!

Best to ya

Andy James: Hybrid Hell - Andy James Guitar Academy - Black Friday extended

Andy here....
So we're well into the Black Friday SALE and the server is going crazy!

I thought id send you a couple of new videos to give you some idea of what's new, and also just some cool stuff to watch this weekend!

So, here are TWO new videos:

Black Friday SALE - Andy James Guitar Academy and NEW PRODUCT RELEASES

Hybrid Hell - Andy James Guitar Academy

As part of this Black Friday weekend and the last opportunity to buy Academy standalone products - we've released THREE new produce its which are available only until Monday. Check them out below.......

Simone Gianlorenzi: teaser for "About her" is the debut solo album

ABOUT HER Tracklisting

1. Seasons
2. Mr. Edge
3. Viola
4. Nothing’s gonna change my world
5. Depeche Mood
6. Rockstarwannabe
7. Bob (Rasta Lights)
8. Selfie with the alien

"About her" is the debut solo album by guitarist Simone Gianlorenzi.

The album contains eight instrumentals ranging between different musical genres without losing the grit and passion of rock. Reading the names of the tracks, as well as listening to them, it is not hard to find more or less explicit references to the great names of the guitar and music while maintaining a certain originality and personality. There is the technical and energetic rock of Eddie Van Halen, the most pop of U2 and Tears for Fears, and even the most electronic of Depeche Mode and Björk. The melancholy of Bob Marley's Reggae, the lyricism of David Gilmour up to the noise of Nine Inch Nails or to the alternative sounds of bands like Radiohead or Muse, till sounds vaguely psychedelic like The Beatles. Rarefied atmosphere, sounds long and spacious opposed to tight and energetic rhythmics.

Atmospheric and caressed guitars or energetic fiery rock guitars, Gianlorenzi always maintains a style and a personal voice on the instrument both as a performer and as a composer.
A key element of this album is the conception of the guitar that is absolutely the protagonist, as you would expect from an album of a guitarist, but without being unnecessarily predominant leaving with respect the right breath to the compositions. Not a claustrophobic guitar album, but an album of music enjoyable even by non-guitarists and by all lovers of instrumental music.

All tracks composed and produced by Simone Gianlorenzi with the precious collaboration of Fernando Alba as artistic consultant and Alessandro Paolinelli as associate producer. Musicians who play on the album are some of the most respected on the Italian music scene: Marco Rovinelli on drums, Pino Saracini, Pierpaolo Ranieri, Mario Guarini and Valter Vincenti on bass.

Mixed by Fabrizio Simoncioni (57 platinum albums sold worldwide)
Mastering by the legendary Londoner Kevin Metcalfe (Queen, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Jeff Beck ...).­­9/a20/b67

Fred Westra: A little jam on saturday afternoon - ripping solo work

A little jam on saturday afternoon.
Sound was recorded with my camera.

Amazing guitar solo

Samuli Federley: Nightdemon - playthrough track from the solo album, Quest For Remedy.

Samuli Federley: Nightdemon - playthrough track from the solo album, Quest For Remedy.

This is a track from my solo album, Quest For Remedy. If you're interested in having the album, just give me a message. Check out also

Samuli Federley: Nightdemon

t-cophony: documentary film about T-cophony "The 10th anniversary"

A short documentary film of musician T-cophony. Because I didn't want to waste my life, I made this. I want many people to watch this work. This year is my 10th anniversary. Thank you for always listening my music.

Guitar TAB
Facebook page (Fan community)
iTunes (All albums)
CD baby
Official website
Contact to T-cophony Team

T-cophony - It's me (documentary film) 2015

T-cophony official website "The 10th anniversary"

Benjamin Lechuga: Vimana BL33 7 Signature Model

Recibí mi signature model ayer y no pude evitar componer y grabar algo cortito de inmediato!!!
Agradecimientos eternos a Gonzalez Luthiers por construirme el instrumento de mis sueños:
Vimana Guitars BL33/7

Body: Mahogany and flamed maple top
Bridge: Evertune
Pickups: Bare Knuckle Aftermaths
Neck Joint: Bolt-On
Neck Material: 5 Piece Maple-Mahogany
Fingerboard material: Ebony
Tuners: Sperzel locking.
Custom inlay 12th fret.

ENGL Ironball 20Watts

Darkglass Super Symmetry
Darkglass B7K Direct out.

Benjamin Lechuga - Vimana BL33/7 Signature Model

Benjamin Lechuga, David Maxim Micic: Lechuga - Introspection Guitar Playthrough

Song: Introspection
Band: Lechuga
Guitar solo: David Maxim Micic

Original Audio from CD: Lechuga - The Search Part 1: Introspection

Caparison Dellinger 7 M3
ENGL Preamp e530
ENGL Poweramp e840/50
ENGL 4x12 PRO Cabinet
Cleartone Strings

Buy in iTunes:

Benjamin Lechuga: Guitar, Programming, Keyboards, VST's, Production etc...
Andrés Rojas: Drums
Marcos Sánchez: Bass
All music written by Benjamin Lechuga.
Recorded and edited by Benjamin Lechuga in Monosound Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by Javier Bassino on Estudios Bassino.
Cover by Tullius Heuer.

Reverb Nation:

Video by NASSON at Producciones Riff Studios

Lechuga - Introspection Feat. David Maxim Micic (Guitar Playthrough)

John 5: Interview PT 1 Trees Dallas, TX November 19th, 2015

JAM Magazine Interviews JOHN 5 guitarist at TREES in Dallas, TX on November 19th, 2015. Interview by Auriel Balistreri. Filmed by JAM Magazine. #jam #jammagazine #john5 #zombiw #gutarist


JOHN 5 Interview PT 1 Trees Dallas, TX November 19th, 2015

Tony MacAlpine, Nuno Bettencourt: add to the all star jam for the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine
We're very pleased to announce that Nuno Bettencourt will be joining the all-star jam! Welcome aboard Nuno!

Tickets to the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine make a great holiday gift! Don't miss this amazing show!

Tickets here: