Saturday, 27 February 2016

Jeff Pogan, Mike Pupillo: Oneironaut by Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Oneironaut by Oneironaut
1.Anoxia 01:15
2. Sphex 01:54
3.Apogee 04:38
4. Illusive 02:25
5.Culminate 05:22
6.YOD 03:46
7.Nadir 03:07
8.Harvester 04:17
9.Apsis 02:34
10.Umbra (Shadow Complex pt. I) 05:05
11.Penumbra (Shadow Complex pt. II)01:28
12.Antumbra (Shadow Complex pt. III)05:34

Oneironaut is a 4 piece progressive instrumental band out of Southwest Florida.
We hope you enjoy listening as mush as we enjoyed writing it.

Physical copies available soon
released September 23, 2015

Bill Pogan - Drums
Jeff Pogan - Guitar
Mike Pupillo - Guitar
Justin Pupillo - Bass

Engineered and Mixed by Bill and Jeff Pogan at Newlab Studios
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios.

Artwork and layout done by Bill Pogan

Dual Guitar playthrough of "Umbra", our 10th track off of our debut album!

Featuring Mike Pupillo and Jeff Pogan and our .strandberg* Boden 7 string guitars.

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Oneironaut - "Umbra" Dual Guitar Playthrough

Oneironaut // Apogee // Full band playthrough HD

Devin Townsend: hilarious wise cracks from NAMM 2016

00:20 Deadhead
06:40 Kingdom (In the key of C, one semi tone higher, astounding vocal performance)
09:34 Love? (strapping young lad)
12:57 Sister (heavy version)
13:33 Hyperdrive
14:38 Love? (Again)
15:10 Let It Roll
18:12 Earth Day
19:40 Deconstruction
20:38 Slow Me Down

If you are aware of Devin Townsend(which you should be), you already know he loves to let his personality shine in his music. Something I've always loved about Devin is he doesn't take him self too seriously. His ability to seamless blend his musical talents with jokes and wise cracks sets him aside from a lot of the other people in the metal scene. His performance at the FIshman booth at NAMM 2016 was easily the most entertaining demo of the weekend. I know this is a long one to sit all the way through, but Townsend makes it worth the watch. Enjoy, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

NAMM 2016: Devin Townsend is hilarious

Sean Ashe: Performance for Tom Anderson Guitarworks - NAMM 2016

Sean Ashe: Performance for Tom Anderson Guitarworks - NAMM 2016

Sean Ashe - NAMM 2016 Performance for Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Rob Chapman: Chapman Ghost Fret - Victory BD1 - tasty rocking NAMM 2016

Rob Chapman: Chapman Ghost Fret - Victory BD1 - tasty rocking NAMM 2016
The track I'm playing is a work in progress from my forthcoming solo album "Liquid Horizon" ;-)

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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Chapman Ghost Fret & Victory BD1 - Live at NAMM 2016

Steve Vai: BOSS Waza Amp Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule - Interview at Winter NAMM 2016

Gary Lenaire of BOSS interview's Steve Vai @WinterNAMM 2016 regarding the new BOSS Waza Amp Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule. #SteveVai @SteveVai #WazaAmp #BOSS #GuitarAmp

BOSS Interviews Steve Vai at Winter NAMM 2016

Jahan Tabrizi, Chris Foster: Owls & Hexcodes by Tiberius - guitar playthrough

1. Vultures 04:36
2. Owls & Hexcodes 03:43
3. Counting Sheep 04:15
4. Sermon Engine 04:51

released October 30, 2015

Tiberius are
Grant Barclay - Vocals and lyrics
Jahan Tabrizi - Guitar
Chris Foster - Guitar
Gerald Chau - Bass
Stewart McLachlan - Drums
Additional Vocals - Kirsty Robb

produced by Tiberius

Artwork by Alex Spencer
drums and bass recorded by Stewart McLachlan
Guitars and vocals recorded by Jahan Tabrizi
Additional guitars recorded by Samir Aroud
Mixed by Stewart McLachlan
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Special thanks to:
Pedram Valiani, Daniel Drever
Ella Viertola, Graeme Young
Robbie Smith, Samir Aroud
Morgan Hosking, Davy Hollingsworth
Guitar Guitar, Sontronics

Steve Vai: Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida 2016

Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida

Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida

Guitar Gods in Miami Beach, Florida

Yngwie J Malmsteen

Torje Amundsen: chromatic half-whole fascination - never offer to pay this guy by the note

chromatic scale, half-whole diminished scale, diminished arpeggios and the lydian mode. stuff I do while practicing. Internalising the fretboard is hard work visually speaking.

Torje Amundsen: the half-whole fascination

Per Nilsson: Singularity All blues on red - .strandberg*

Per Nilsson: Singularity All blues on red - .strandberg*

SCAR SYMMETRY'S PER NILSSON - "All blues" improvisation

Joe Bonamassa: Bona Jam Tracks - "Dust Bowl" - great insight into the writing and performance


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Bona Jam Tracks - "Dust Bowl" Official Joe Bonamassa Guitar Backing Track in A Minor

Matt Powell: Kingdom Guitars - Eternal - an original progressive metal tune
Hi, here is a guitar play-through video of a new metal track I have written. Audio production by the amazing Andy Gillion. Special thanks to Kingdom Guitars (see link below) for letting me borrow one of their brilliant ONYX7 baritone guitars. Any feedback welcome and please feel free to share or subscribe :)
Guitar : Kingdom ONYX7 baritone -
Amp : Axe FX II
Drums : Steven Slate drums
Bass : Scarbee
Cubase 7.5

ETERNAL - an original metal song by Matt Powell

Gustavo Di Padua, Francisco Falcon: CMGP JAM - End of a day of classes time to shred on out!

End of a day of classes at the Music Center Gustavo Di Padua and teachers Gustavo Di Padua and Francisco Falcon are to make that sound together !! Check out the result of this joke!

Gustavo Di Padua e Francisco Falcon - CMGP JAM

Scott Jones: Convergence GTR and DRUMS - masterful fusion performance

A 2 minute guitar IMPROV over my acoustic drum track from an old composition of mine "Convergence". I guess, in a way, you could say it's a 2 minute video of me playing with myself. LOL!

Hope ya dig! Many tendons were fried while making this video. (Recorded to my iPhone, with a bit of post in Logic).
Guitar tone is simply my Roland Micro CUBE

Scott Jones GTR and DRUMS

Adrian Galysh: The Blue Jungle - Live from the Baked Potato in North Hollywood

Live from the Baked Potato in North Hollywood, Ca. Celebrating his birthday.... Maureen Baker on keys, Mike Talanca on bass, and John Kerhulas on drums.

Jared Dines: 15 seconds of fame... get your shred on...



Andre Nieri: Suhr Modern Pro HSH Sound Demo

Suhr Dealer of the Year (2015 & 2016) - Music Force
Guitarist - Andre Nieri

Suhr Modern Pro HSH Sound Demo by Andre Nieri

Lin, Kyosuke: Abstracts - Hologram Official Music Video

"Hologram" from our forthcoming album HOLOGRAM, available March 9th.
Get Pre-order now at (JAPAN)
Digital Release via Redfield Records/Redfield Digital, available April 8th.

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Kaz (Vocals)
Lin (Guitar)
Kyosuke (Guitar)
Miki (Bass)
Hikari (Drums)

abstracts - Hologram (Official Music Video)

Johnny Beane: Kramer Pacer chat with Dave and Rob. LIVE 2/25/16

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Johnny Beane: Kramer Pacer chat with Dave and Rob. LIVE 2/25/16

Chris Broderick: Axes and Anchors Gear Gods interview

I was fortunate to get to chat up Act of Defiance axe-swinger Chris Broderick about his early adoption of 7 string guitars, the songwriting divide in AOD, and how he hears music, on the Axes & Anchors 2016 cruise.
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Axes & Anchors - Chris Broderick (ACT OF DEFIANCE) Interview | GEAR GODS

Aynsley Lister: 20 Gritty Blues Licks!

20 Gritty Blues Licks

A fresh take on Classic blues licks with the raw gritty vibe of rock. Aynsley Lister returns with these 20 mean blues licks that will add some aggressive spice to your own blues solos!

Aynsley plays and thinks like a true pro in these licks, and you can too if you learn along with the pack! Utilising all the best tools for improvising blues guitar, Aynsley uses call and response ideas, blues phrasing, open licks, double stops, leaving space, using the whole neck, a wide range of dynamics, repetition/variation and so much more! Technique wise you'll be using hybrid picking, bending, pedal notes, staccato and legato phrases, vibrato, open strings, slides and a whole host of others!

With 3 different sections to the backing track you have a whole world of ideas to explore in this package. We start with the build up, where Aynsley establishes the blues licks and builds the tension and excitement up. In this section you can get used to the track and feel out some of your favourite blues licks, or jam the awesome ones in the package.

Next comes the slow section, Aynsley reflects this in his use of much softer dynamics and using the space well. This section is your chance to create some contrast in your own solos and leave room for your guitar lines to breathe a little.

Lastly comes the full on blues rock groove where Aynsley digs in bringing out the grit and aggression that works so well in this context. This final section is your opportunity to cut loose and let the solos rip! Aynsley has provided plenty of rocking ideas in these licks that you can incorporate into your own jams over this fantastic rock track recorded by a live band - so it's your chance to take center stage with a collection of pro musicians and show us what you've got!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Aynsley Lister' s 20 Gritty Blues Licks!

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage Audio CD + Film DVD now available

Official Audio from Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage! Panther as you've never seen them before! Stripped down with strings in front of 100 beautiful ladies! Live From Lexxi's Mom's garage is a 1 hour film featuring 11 fan favorites including Community Property, If You Really, Really Love Me and the brand new That's When You Came In. Get the Audio CD + Film DVD at

Steel Panther: Live from Lexxi's Mom's Garage

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Pitts/MInnemann Project "The Peacekeeper" Playthrough

Watch me record all guitar parts for "Imaginary Numbers" off the new Pitts/Minnemann Project album "The Psychic Planetarium" in this video.

Jimmy Pitts - keyboards & piano
Marco Minnemann - drums
Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger - fretted & fretless guitars
Jerry Twyford - bass

Visit our indiegogo-campaign at to pre-order the album!

Pitts/MInnemann Project "The Peacekeeper" Playthrough

Jeff Kiesel: Carved Top Run Announcement

We are doing a Carved Top run, this is a special run with special pricing. There are three price points:
Solid color (like the one in video) $1149.00

Flame Maple with Denim Finish $1899.00

Scott Mishoe: Funky Slap Lesson 3

Scott Mishoe: Funky Slap Lesson 3

Scott Mishoe Lesson 3