Jahan Tabrizi, Chris Foster: Owls & Hexcodes by Tiberius - guitar playthrough

1. Vultures 04:36
2. Owls & Hexcodes 03:43
3. Counting Sheep 04:15
4. Sermon Engine 04:51

released October 30, 2015

Tiberius are
Grant Barclay - Vocals and lyrics
Jahan Tabrizi - Guitar
Chris Foster - Guitar
Gerald Chau - Bass
Stewart McLachlan - Drums
Additional Vocals - Kirsty Robb

produced by Tiberius

Artwork by Alex Spencer
drums and bass recorded by Stewart McLachlan
Guitars and vocals recorded by Jahan Tabrizi
Additional guitars recorded by Samir Aroud
Mixed by Stewart McLachlan
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Special thanks to:
Pedram Valiani, Daniel Drever
Ella Viertola, Graeme Young
Robbie Smith, Samir Aroud
Morgan Hosking, Davy Hollingsworth
Guitar Guitar, Sontronics