Saturday, 30 April 2016

Jared Dines, Angel Vivaldi: wake up to Shred Wars

Angel Vivaldi:
Charlie Parra Shred War: Shred War: Shred War: Rolland Shred War:

Shred Wars - Jared Dines VS Angel Vivaldi

Ryan Carraher: "Vocturnal" Guitar Solo Live - improvisational modern jazz from Boston

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A live solo on my tune "Vocturnal"

Guitar: Ryan Carraher
Drums: Steve Wilkinson
Sax: Brandon Wilkins
Bass: Greg Toro

Rig: Paul Reed Smith 513 going into a ernie ball volume pedal and an electro-harmonix H.O.G 2, then into the Axe-Fx Ultra going direct to the board.

Thanks for watching!



"Vocturnal" Guitar Solo Live- Ryan Carraher

Alberto Menezes: snippet from New Land from the new EP Constant Shift

Alberto Menezes is a Music Production & Engineering student at Berklee College of Music, independent multi-instrumentalist artist and composer.

Short snippet from the second song off my debut EP Constant Shift.

Dæv Tremblay Alberto Menezes‘ crazy guitar slapping and other techniques are exploited on his Constant Shift EP, with a blend of jazz prog rock fusion.
Check out the full EP at:

Guest musicians:
- Christian Schmutz | Drums on 'The Letter', 'New Land' and 'Adventurous Mind'
- Antonio Pedro Silva and Walter Kwan | co-writing keyboards on 'The Letter'
- Walter Kwan | Keyboard solo on 'Adventurous Mind'
- Adam Bentley | Guitar solo on 'Adventurous Mind'
- Felipe Fleury | Vocals on 'Constant Shift'
Composer, producer and engineer: Alberto Menezes
Co-producer, co-mixer and mastering engineer: Adam Bentley
Assistant Engineer: Peter Geiser
All audio independently recorded/programmed, mixed and mastered in Boston, MA

New Land | Alberto Menezes | Guitar Playthrough

Jess Lewis: Seven Steps To Heaven

Jamie Findlay Arrangement of a Miles tune.
Guitar is a Eternal Guitars hollow strat

Jess Lewis - Seven Steps To Heaven

Joe Stump, Matthew Mills, Jimi Mitchell: Trio Of Shred Shows one with special guest Chris Gordon

Matthew Mills

I am happy to announce that I am doing some shows with the legendary Joe Stump. When I was in college I took two subway trains to pick up a copy of the Joe Stump record Night of the Living Shred at record store that carried his music in Atlanta Georgia. In the 90s there was a bit of the anti guitar hero mentality but Joe played how he felt without ever apologizing for it! So many players in the 90s felt the need to hide there chops so the American guitar magazines would give them a good review or they would be criticized for sounding too 80s! Once again Joe played as many Neoclassical Arpeggio mixed passages with bluesy licks and Baroque pedal point compositions that would make you think of Yngwie Malmsteen mixed Ritchie Blackmore. He was releasing his albums in 90s when the word Neoclassical was considered a four letter word! His music was so inspiring in a decade that Guitar magazine writers tried so hard destroy players that played beyond the radio rock format. I very happy to share the stage with him and my friend Jimi Mitchell!

Terry Syrek, Troy Grady: discussion about Terry's experience with focal dystonia

The awesome Terry Syrek sits down to discuss his experience with focal dystonia. Full interview, as well as more on warmup and injury, coming soon to Masters in Mechanics!

Terry Syrek on Focal Dystonia

Gerson Antezana: metal solo intro

Gerson Antezana: metal solo intro

Gerson antezana ( resurgir) solo intro

Lee Wrathe: Ibanez JBM 20 Jake Bowen performance and review

Here's a clip from the full review of the guitar I made here
This is a great guitar, the pickups are insanely good for you'd expect. Hope you enjoyed this little piece, it was fun to make!

Ibanez JBM 20 Jake Bowen

Ibanez JBM20 Jake Bowen signature Review

Rob Balducci: Premiere Dallas Guitar Show

I just didn't wanna hype the TITLE. Robb's way too good and way to cool and friendly. And, he's a TEACHER, if you are into it and have some ability.
Balducci, I know is a little obscure here in TX, but if you were at the Granada show with Timmons, you know what I mean.
Again, I never wanna hype anything too much, but Falling Water is a MAJOR composition, not to take anything away from Robb's MANY outstanding compositions. just blows me away.
I feel like he's a major prolific composer, unlike several of his contemporaries. That's just me. It's not a knock on anyone.
If you like VAI, Satch & Timmons, I can't imagine you wouldn't love this. Just for me, his vibrato puts him in the upper echelon of that league.............. and, there's really no HIGHER league to me.
But that's a nit, and does him a disservice, which I don't intend.......... He's just THERE, and I dig it

Rob Balducci Premiere Dallas Guitar Show

Derek Sherinian: Exploring the Hammond Organ "Behind the Tone"

Documentary on Derek Sherinian's tone search for the Ultimate Rock Organ sound.

Derek Sherinian - Exploring the Hammond Organ "Behind the Tone"