Rob Balducci: Premiere Dallas Guitar Show

I just didn't wanna hype the TITLE. Robb's way too good and way to cool and friendly. And, he's a TEACHER, if you are into it and have some ability.
Balducci, I know is a little obscure here in TX, but if you were at the Granada show with Timmons, you know what I mean.
Again, I never wanna hype anything too much, but Falling Water is a MAJOR composition, not to take anything away from Robb's MANY outstanding compositions. just blows me away.
I feel like he's a major prolific composer, unlike several of his contemporaries. That's just me. It's not a knock on anyone.
If you like VAI, Satch & Timmons, I can't imagine you wouldn't love this. Just for me, his vibrato puts him in the upper echelon of that league.............. and, there's really no HIGHER league to me.
But that's a nit, and does him a disservice, which I don't intend.......... He's just THERE, and I dig it

Rob Balducci Premiere Dallas Guitar Show