Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Joe Marro: Before The Foundation - Restoration - Guitar Playthrough

Joe Marro: Before The Foundation - Restoration - Guitar Playthrough

Before The Foundation | Restoration ft. Joe Marro | Guitar Playthrough

Jon Rose, Jentzen Flaskerud: Day of Wrath, Miserae - Pathways

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Members: Jon Rose - Guitars, Nicholas Scott - Vocals, Jentzen Flaskerud - Guitars, Lorence Drewry - Bass, Wil Lanagan - Drums

PATHWAYS - Day of Wrath (Guitar Playthrough)

PATHWAYS - Miserae (Official Music Video)

Eugene Mantulin: UNITE - The Box - guitar playthrough

UNITE - International project of musicians from Ukraine and Brazil

Country: Ukraine\Brazil
Genre: Progressive metalcore\NU metal
Composers : Eugene Mantulin, Bill Sandre

UNITE - The Box (guitar playthrough)

Buster Odeholm: Humanity's Last Breath - Ocean Drinker - Guitar Playthrough - deathcore metal from Helsingborg

Playing style: Buster is left handed and learned to play at an early age on a right handed guitar that he flipped around, hence the strings are upside down.
Track taken from the DETESTOR EP available here:
Bandcamp: https://humanityslastbreathofficial.b...Website:
HLB On Tour:'s...
Filmed by: Christian Odeholm
Post production by: Lucas Englund and Arthur Christie
Composed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by: Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios
Merch: https://humanities-last-breath.myshop...
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Humanity's Last Breath - Ocean Drinker (Guitar Playthrough)

Marco De Francesco: "I'm Invisible" - guitar playthrough from 4 track EP. - tasty tones

Hello friends :)
This is the 3rd track of my new ep, "Again". This is available on

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Marco De Francesco - "I'm Invisible" // guitar playthrough

Connor Reibling: Golden Calf - Store Omega Virus - The Weeping Earth

"The Weeping Earth", debut album by Omega Virus, available now, exclusively on Hollowed Records.
Purchase here:
Also available on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Xbox Music and more.
Music by: Connor Reibling
Filmed and edited by: Ben Dundas Cinematography


Dean Wells: TERAMAZE - For The Innocent - Guitar Playthrough

TERAMAZE - For The Innocent - Guitar Playthrough - Dean Wells

TERAMAZE - For The Innocent - Guitar Playthrough - Dean Wells

Nadav Lavi, Yoav Efron: Kharon - Nova Djent Instrumental - Guitar & Keyboard Playthrough

KHARON is an instrumental project. Subscribe for more!

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Special thanks to Yoav Efron for his amazing keyboard skills.
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Signal Chain: Ibanez RG8 PB (stock) - Axe fx II - Focusrite Forte - Cubase 7

Like my guitar sounds? PM on FB and I will share my Axe-fx presets with you.

Produced / Recorded / Mixed by Nadav Lavi

KHARON - NOVA || Djent Instrumental - Guitar & Keyboard Playthrough ||

Javier Reynes, Biel Bestard: Zerobyte - Cogito Ergo Sum

Featured in "IX Degrees Of Human Decline", "Cogito Ergo Sum" is performed by Javi Reynes.
Filmed by Biel Bestard,video edition by Pedro Martinez.
Gear: Ibanez RGA8 loaded with Lundgren M8C pickups.

Albert Rotger [Vocals]
Javier Reynes [Guitars]
Biel Bestard [Guitars]
Joan Morro [Bass]
Pedro Martínez [Drums]


Vlady Yakovenko, Daniele Ravaglia: He Comes Later - "From The Abyss" Guitar Playthrough

Guitar playthrough for From The Abyss, taken from our second ep Adam: The Decay

Digital Store:

Guitarists are:

Vlady Yakovenko

Daniele Ravaglia

Jesse Zuretti: Binary Code Taken from Binary Code's 'MOONSBLOOD'.

Taken from Binary Code's 'MOONSBLOOD'.
'MOONSBLOOD' is out May 24, 2016 (independently)

Jesse Zuretti - Guitars/Bass/Synths/Drum writing
Oded Weinstock - Vocals
Mike Goncalves - Bass
Umar Fahim - Drums

Find 'Immersion' on Bandcamp:

Guitar World Exclusive: BINARY CODE - Immersion (GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH)

Guitar World Exclusive: BINARY CODE - Dark Meditations (GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH)

Dylan Furr: Awakened Guitar Solo

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A song from our latest album: Juxtaposition using his custom Esoterik Guitar, Jim Dunlop Heavy Core Strings, & Laney Iron Heart Amp.

Dylan Furr - Awakened Guitar Solo

Some cool sweeps

Dylan Furr Signature Harmonic Sweeps - 2

Dylan Furr Signature Harmonic Sweeps

News: ElectroPhonic Unveils Innovative Electric Guitar and seeks artist evaluators.

ElectroPhonic Unveils Innovative Electric Guitar and seeks artist evaluators.

"INGLEWOOD, Calif., June 1, 2016
ElectroPhonic Innovations® has just launched their first-of-its-kind electric guitar, on Kickstarter. This is the first guitar capable of producing inspiring, dynamic electric guitar tones directly from the guitar itself. This is accomplished by a patented labyrinth chambering system and proprietary onboard electronics and speaker system. The Lithium-Ion powered guitars feature an all analog FET based preamp for tube-like response, coupled to a stereo Class D power amp and dual paper cone guitar speakers. The guitars also feature high-quality delay and modulation effects.

It's an amazingly creative tool capable of a gigantic pallet of musical tones. In the right hands, this will be a trademark instrument.

Please contact us if interested."

Steve Hunter: Camellia - hear the full version, recorded in 1980 and mixed for this release in 2016 by Steve Hunter himself.

Only a small part of Steve Hunter's composition Camellia was played in the Bette Midler movie 'The Rose' by Steve and The Rose Band. Now you can hear the full version, recorded in 1980 and mixed for this release in 2016 by Steve Hunter himself.

About Camellia:

'The Rose' movie was one of the few occasions where Steve Hunter had to audition for the job. He has fond memories of Bette Midler and making her laugh whenever he could.
He was hired to be part of 'The Rose Band' that backed the fictional character played by Bette and is very proud to have been part of the movie.

​During the filming Steve started writing a new piece of music which would eventually be called 'Camellia'. Whilst working on it during a lunch break, members of the band started joining in with him until everybody was playing it, even the horn section. Paul Rothschild the movie Producer walked in as they were playing and asked what the piece was, he loved it. That is how about eight bars (repeated) of 'Camellia' ended up being in the movie. ​

Steve went on to record the whole tune with a full band after the movie was released but until now it has never been heard. It was recorded back in 1980 so it was a challenge for Steve to mix the tracks and get them sounding as good as he could for this 2016 release and there are a few rough edges that could not be avoided.

This full version will be released just in time for Steve Hunter's 68th Birthday.
The core band on the recording were: Steve Hunter - Guitars Mark Leonard - Bass Art Wood - Drums Robby Buchanan - Keyboards. The Engineer on the session was Mike Sanders and it was recorded at Pasha Studio, Hollywood, CA.

News: 660 Guitars Unveils CT/52 Guitar

660 Guitars Unveils CT/52 Guitar

GILMER, TX June 8, 2016 – 660 Guitars announced today the introduction of their latest guitar design, the CT/52. The CT/52 has been engineered as a modern slant on a classic, single cut guitar design. The CT/52 extends 660 Guitars’ already robust line of American-made instruments, featuring all-aluminum bodies. Customers can place orders directly from the factory at

The 25.5” scale CT/52 captures bold engineering and modern playability, while maintaining the principle build features consistent in all 660 Guitars. Handcrafted with USA parts, the CT/52’s body is constructed of one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, paired with a shallow-oval 16” radius solid graphite/carbon fiber neck, and weighing in at 7.5 lbs. The finish is a resilient powder coat, available in a multitude of color options. The bridge on the CT/52 is a Hipshot USA bridge and a Kahler Tremolo bridge is optional for an additional price. The pickups are 16.50K Dimarzio Dominion Humbuckers with ceramic magnets, mounted on ‘mini-rails’ to allow numerous user-adjusted tonal variations. Smoked acrylic black glass is standard. Hennessy Secure strap locks are also standard, and the guitar ships in an RB Aero low-profile case.

660 Guitars was forged on the friendship of builders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson, both independent builders who found they shared the same ideas in constructing guitar bodies out of metal, namely aircraft-grade aluminum. Traditional instruments are subject to many issues, from humidity, airline handling, to general use. Aluminum is an extremely rugged and durable building material, and offers the guitar world a change from traditional wood construction. The results are warm and resonant guitars with tank-like construction, and minimal weather-related issues.

The CT/52, along with all of 660 Guitars’ instruments, is handcrafted with pride in the USA, precision engineered, and built to exacting standards to minimalize maintenance and downtime, while ensuring the instruments are around for generations.

MSRP $3400 USD

To learn more about the CT/52 and the 660 Guitars building process, please visit

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella - Malibu Guitar Festival - 2016 - Jack Lue Series

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella @ Malibu Guitar Festival - 2016-04-30  - Jack Lue Series

Full Series:

Zepparella performs Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love at the Malibu Guitar Festival

Annie Grunwald: Mercuriall U530 Guitar Sim Demo

Check out the U530 Guitar Amp Sim by Mercuriall.
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Mercuriall U530 Guitar Sim Demo

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Upcoming Shows with The Iron Maidens this month!

Linda McDonald
Upcoming Shows with The Iron Maidens this month!
These will be my last three shows with The Maidens for the year. Surgery awaits in July to take care of my bunk shoulder once and for all! I'll be lurking around at shows though and back behind the kit in 2017! Cheers and hope to see you at the shows!

Saturday, June 25
Rock Canyon Amphitheater
245 5th Ave South
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Tickets available at
$15 advance / $20 Day of show
Showtime 8:30pm!

Friday and Saturday, July 1st and 2nd
Casino Arizona
101 & McKellips
524 North 92nd Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

John McLaughlin: Summer Tour and Limited Edition Poster

John McLaughlin: Summer Tour and Limited Edition Poster

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension 2016 Euro Poster
Poster Artist: Orko
Limited Edition (200) Poster is a five color screen print on 13x24 purple shimmer paper. Screen Printed, Limited Edition and Numbered.
Note: USA Shipping Included