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Eric Jarrin, Pierre St-Jean: Heaven's Cry - The Day The System Failed Part I & II

Taken from the album, Outcast. Stream/Purchase the album at Heaven's Cry's Bandcamp page here or at any of the below links:
• Prosthetic Records -• iTunes link -• Amazon -• Google -
Pierre St-Jean - Vocals/Guitars
Sylvain Auclair - Vocals/Bass
Eric Jarrin - Guitars
René Lacharité - Drums

HEAVEN'S CRY - The Day The System Failed Part I & II (Guitar Playthrough)

Andre Reilly: age 13 covers Technical Difficulties

Andre Reilly rocked the Sharon Wilson Center for the arts with a cover of Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert.

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Jack Thammarat: Em Loop Jam - MAMA Pickups Classic Set Clean Demo - Free Backing Track

"Em Loop Jam" - MAMA Pickups Classic Set Clean Demo in 5 Positions.

Download free jam track here

Gear : YAMAHA SR700 Vintage Guitar, LANEY L5-Studio Clean Channel Using DI-Out and Microphone.

Check out MAMA Pickups Classic Set Here.

"Em Loop Jam" - MAMA Pickups Classic Set Clean Demo - Free Backing Track

Misha Mansoor: Periphery - Marigold - Periphery III

Misha Mansoor's guitar playthrough of 'Marigold' from the album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty - available now on Sumerian Records. Download it at
More 'Marigold' Playthroughs:
Matt (Drums): coming soon!
Filmed and edited by Alex ‘Pressplay’ Wohleber
Misha plays Jackson Guitars, Bareknuckle Pickups, Fractal Audio, D'Addario strings and Jim Dunlop picks.

Periphery - Marigold (Guitar Playthrough)

Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith: StarJam Loops

Kirk Fletcher and Josh Smith have made these bluesy StarJam Loops for you to jam along to. It's a great and fun way to practise your licks. Download them now for free and get funky with "Kirk's Funky Blues Loop" or expressive with "Penance".

Download the loops right here: (insert link)
Learn more about the Ditto Looper family:

StarJam Loops by Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith

Kirk Fletcher jams to his StarJam Loop for Ditto X2 Looper

Josh Smith creates his StarJam loop for the Ditto X4 Looper

Ulf Wakenius: Four On Six - Jazz Guitar

Please note this video is not related to the lesson series.
Check out the instructional videos In The Style Of Ulf Wakenius Vol.1-2-3:
Ulf Wakenius performs Wes Montgomery's Four On Six for DC Music School.
Organ: Adam Daudrich
Drums: Patrick Carmichael
Ulf Wakenius is a Swedish jazz guitarist who was a member of the Ray Brown Trio and the Oscar Peterson Quartet. He has performed with many jazz legends such as Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, NHOP, etc.
Check out the following links for news and updates:

Ulf Wakenius - Four On Six (Jazz Guitar)

Tom Lippincott, Steve Herberman: Out Of Nowhere

A rare get-together when Tom was in the DC area. Steve and Tom played some duets at Steve's house. There will be more to come, plus a surprise guest!

Out Of Nowhere Tom Lippincott and Steve Herberman

Jason Becker: "Sliding Away" - Unreleased Demo #1

I have decided to put some of my unreleased demos on YouTube. This was my first attempt at slide guitar. ALS had really gotten into my hands and arms, so they kept falling off the guitar. It was meant to be a vocal tune. David Lee Roth was touring at the time without me, which was totally fine with me. People felt sad for me, but I was happy because I could still do music.

Jason Becker - "Sliding Away" - Unreleased Demo #1

crAYOn: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest Entry #Kieselsolocontest

crAYOn: What an amazing backing track!

crAYOn: #Kieselsolocontest -

Josh Kay: Absence of Time new album instrumental progressive shred from Portland

Josh Kay: Absence of Time

1. Beyond The Astral Reflection
2. Ravine
3. Absence of Time 06:31
4. Solace In Sleep 05:56
5. The Legato Gestapo 03:38
6. Ocean Reveries
7. The Sixth Extinction

Absence of Time is the third solo album by Josh Kay. The music within represents a melding of many different influences, particularly progressive rock music and other instrumental guitarists. Though it was written from a guitar-centric point of view, it is intended to be accessible to all listeners. Enjoy!
releases September 1, 2016

Josh Kay - All instruments and programming

All songs written, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Josh Kay.
Artwork by Josh Kay.

Adrian Weiss: Gloryful - End Of The Night

Gloryful - End Of The Night (CD, Poster, Autographed Card)
from Adrian Weiss

New 2016 album of Adrians power metal band Gloryful. Comes with a large poster and a picture card hand signed by all five band members.
shipping out on or around August 29, 2016

Chris Letchford: islnds - History of Robots

islnds: History of Robots by islnds

Digipak CD
Compact Disc (CD)
Digipak CD.
Track Listing: .
1. drft
2. wandr
3. crashng
4. monstr
5. orbitl
6. nghts (guest vocals)
7. momnts (guest vocals)
8. invadr
9. controllr
releases September 21, 2016

All music written and performed by Chris Letchford.
Guest vocals/lyrics on track "Monmnts" by Joseph Secchiaroli (The Reign Of Kindo)
Guest vocals/lyrics on track "Nghts" by Ashe O'Hara (ex - Tesseract)

Olly Steele: Untitled - using Misha Mansoor 's beautiful Aristides 060 for the shoot

Watch In HD!

Here's a full length original tune!

I wrote the bulk of it about 6 years ago, presumably shortly after hearing Haunted Shores for the first time (The working title I had was "Flaunted Whores" hence the obvious influence and me changing the name...)

The parts from 1:43 to 3:19 were written recently and are more indicative of where I'm currently at creatively.

Thanks to Misha Mansoor for lending me his beautiful Aristides 060 for the shoot, and special thanks to Anup Sastry for helping me film in his gorgeous studio!


Tristan Klein: Redline custom Amps 100W rock Machine : slow blues

great rendition of a silver jubliee played in a Rock context.
guitar straight in the amp. no pedals.

Redline custom Amps 100W rock Machine : slow blues

John Huldt: #‎kieselsolocontest‬ with that all important TAB

Here's my take on the Kiesel Solo Contest. Hope you like it :)

To get the tab, please share this video on your social media and let me know and I'll send you the tab. Thank you!

#‎kieselsolocontest‬ - John Huldt + TAB

X-Mann: Kiesel solo contest #kieselsolocontest

X-Mann on his Sapphire Blue Kiesel DC600 & Fractal AX8 JS410 amp model, taking a trip to a "Blue Planet" in space. This is my FUN attempt to join in with my Kiesel guitar brothers for some out of this world fun! Peace & may the Force be with you ALL! X-Mann
#kieselsolocontest #fractalaudio #ax8 #marshall #js410 #satriani

X-MANN - KIESEL SOLO CONTEST #kieselsolocontest

Noah Watts: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest #kieselsolocontest

My entry for the Kiesel/Carvin Guitars solo contest

Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - Noah Watts #kieselsolocontest

Husa Toledo: Despairs of Escape | Guitar Playthrough - Instrumental Version

"Drainage Island" EP is out:

Google Play:

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Instagram: @husatoledo

Hope you like it!

Cheers from Brazil

Despairs of Escape | Guitar Playthrough (Instrumental Version)

Jon Neto: Kiesel Solo Contest #Kieselsolocontest


Kiesel Solo Contest - Jon

Mike Salow: #Solocontest2016 - *1st Place*

Here's my improvised entry for the contest! Hope you enjoy!

Check out my band if you like prog metal. Our debut album will be out summer 2016.

For fans of Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, The Faceless and Protest the Hero.

For lessons via Skype or for customized lesson packages please email

#Solocontest2016 - Mike Salow *1st Place*

Pellumb Qerimi: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - #kieselsolocontest


Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - Pellumb Qerimi #kieselsolocontest

Patrick Souza: Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love

Agendas abertas para Workshops, Aulas Via Skype e Presenciais.

#WorshopPatrickSouza #AgendasAbertasPara2016
Contatos para agendamento:
WhatsApp: (21) 99213-3875
Fan Page:

Deus abençoe a todos e fiquem na paz.

Patrick Souza: Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love

Ola Strandberg: Strandberg Guitarworksand Uppsala Internationella Gitarrfestival online competition

Ola Strandberg

I'm planning for this year's Strandberg Guitarworksand Uppsala Internationella Gitarrfestival online competition, where once again a .strandberg* guitar will be up for grabs, along with potential future endorsement (the last two winners, Adam Rafowitzand Kee Poh Hock are now .strandberg* artists!). If you were following us last year, you know that there was some abuse of the voting process with robots first inflating numbers for an entry and then sabotaging other entries. Also, Levi Clay wrote a great piece about other types of dishonest participation in guitar contests. So how do we design a contest that is fair and worthwhile for everyone involved? Note 1: The actual selection of the winner is done by a jury, but an online voting element was supposed to shortlist the candidates and count as a jury member. Note 2: The festival already has a contest with live performances in front of a jury (aka Young Talent Competition) so this contest is intended to be an online complement.

Sarah Longfield, Rob Scallon: Cannibal Corpse - Evidence in the Furnace on ukuleles

Cannibal Corpse's "Evidence in the Furnace" on ukuleles.
A little EP for our time at Sunday Uke Group:
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Group Leader - GuitarGoddess: dudette - Tamara Chambers: dude 1 - Jory Caron: dude 2 - Andrew Kudla
Sarah's uke: uke:
Metal on instruments that aren't playlist:
The purple picks we're using were given to me by Purple Plectrums
Mixed by Fluff:
Shot by Ryan Deahl.
This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Michael Christie, James Bryant, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Edward Breadwinner, Walter Zwinger, Joe Cseko jr, David Newell, Jared Dines, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Taylor Fraser, Josh Fittler, Zachary Gaffney, Stefan Gunn, Brandon Ruf, Andrew Jones, Joshua A Burton, Brian Jones, Dan Pratt, Maggie Oyston, Dennis Lewis, Bryan S. Lee, Jean-Gabriel Labreche, Adam Luke Lucero, & many other awesome people on my patreon page you so much!
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Cannibal Corpse - Evidence in the Furnace (Ukulele cover w/ Sarah Longfield)