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Tomáš Raclavský,Radim Vládek,Petr Hataš: Modern Day Babylon - Infinity, Falls - live in Paris 2016 by Digital Fufux

Tomáš Raclavský,Radim Vládek,Petr Hataš: Modern Day Babylon - Infinity, Falls - live in Paris 2016 by Digital Fufux

live footage from Paris during our EU tour with Skyharbor and Sithu aye
Big thanks to Francois from Digital Fufux for the footage
check out also his channel

Modern Day Babylon - Infinity live in Paris

Modern Day Babylon - Falls live in Paris

Ranjit Barot, Gary Husband, Mohini Dey: El Hombre Que Sabia

The first ever international drum set festival in India is here, Mumbai Drum Day. Kickstarting this year with the finest drummers that this country has to offer.

We at Just Another Being bring you the best moments from this grand celebration. Tune in every Monday and Friday to relive that evening through the lens.

Creatives and broadcast partner: Just Another Being
Managed by The Event co and Ginger PR

MDD16 Ranjit Barot ft. Gary Husband, Mohini Dey - El Hombre Que Sabia (John Mclaughlin)

PRS: Guitars December Guitar or the Month Celebrates Artistry and Nature

PRS Guitars December Guitar or the Month Celebrates Artistry and Nature

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) December 13, 2016 – PRS Guitars, the third largest US electric guitar manufacturer with instruments played by musicians as diverse as Carlos Santana, Mark Tremonti, John Hiatt, Mark Holcomb, and John Mayer, has been celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their Private Stock department this year with the return to the program that started it all: Guitars of the Month. Each month in 2016, the Private Stock team has delivered a unique design in limited numbers, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship and exquisite materials that define Private Stock.

For December, the twelfth and final 2016 Private Stock Guitar of the Month closes Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary celebration with vigor. In a limited run of only 12 pieces, the Ziricote Hollowbody II Piezo celebrates the beauty and artistry of nature with exquisite wood species and a winter wildlife inlay. In keeping with this theme, Private Stock has included a number of unique appointments for the December Guitar of the Month, including custom “Winter Egrets” inlays on the fingerboard and headstock veneer consisting of solid white, gold and black lip mother-of-pearl and black corian, mother-of-pearl “December” engraved banner as well as mother-of-pearl side dots, and P-90 treble and bass pickups with Birds-eye maple covers. The instruments’ unique ziricote top and back is finished with natural satin nitro.

Only twelve of these instruments will be made for December 2016, commemorating Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary.

“Revisiting the Guitars of the Month program to celebrate Private Stock’s 20th Anniversary has been a joy,” stated Paul Reed Smith of PRS Guitars. “I encourage everyone to visit the website to see all twelve models. While each instrument is a testament to the Private Stock team’s dedication to design, innovation and craftsmanship, seeing all twelve of these very limited edition instruments together as a group, is really something special to behold.”

The original Guitars of the Month were built between December 1994 and March 1996. They provided the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and led directly to the creation of the Private Stock program, with the first “official” Private Stock instrument shipping on April 19, 1996.

To learn more about this guitar and the 20th Anniversary Guitars of the Month program, including a list of dealers and distributors that offer PRS Private Stock instruments, please visit:

America Paz, Eduardo Sitjà: jamming Pulsar 2016

America Paz: Eduardo Sitjà and America jamming Pulsar 2016
Eduardo Sitja fanpage :
America Paz fanpage :

Eduardo Sitjà feat America Paz · Pulsar 2016

Panos Arvanitis: demonstration of improvisation licks

Panos A.Arvanitis improvisation licks .
Pod XT pro rack
Charvel Jake E Lee replica by EAS Guitars &Basses
DOD 308
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Panos A.Arvanitis improvisation licks

Atanas Shishkov: "Supernatural Fusion" - MAMA pick-ups

Atanas Shishkov a performance of "Supernatural Fusion" on a new set of MAMA pick-ups

Atanas Shishkov - "Supernatural Fusion" / MAMA pick-ups test drive /

Josh Kay: "Quintessential Isolation" Tapping Sequence

Josh Kay: "Quintessential Isolation" Tapping Sequence

"Quintessential Isolation" Tapping Sequence

Martin Miller: An End in Itself - Live @ Off the Road Studios

I'm excited to share my new recordings with you! We've been to the studio recently and filmed an entire set of music. The first piece is a beautiful rendition of my original "An End in Itself". Recorded in a single take with no edits in the playing (additional rhythm git from a backing track).

Felix Lehrmann - Drums
Benni Jud - Bass
Marius Leicht- Keys
Off The Road Studios

Torsten Solberg - Audio
Marius Leicht, Patricia Kaschner, Christian Roscher, Martina Blazeska, Morgan Reid, Matthias Prokop - Video

Special thanks at the end of the video.

An End in Itself - Live @ Off the Road Studios

Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Victor Wooten: Return To Forever & Mahavishnu Orchestra 12/09/16 Blue Note, NYC

Billed as Return To Forever meets Mahavishnu Orchestra at The Blue Note in NYC. Chick Corea - Keyboards, John McLaughlin - Guitar, Victor Wooten - Bass, Lenny White - Drums Here's a 1/2 hour of the 12/09/16 early show from my bar "seat" vantage point. Right near the kitchen too, so lots of traffic. Worth every second of those distractions just for the chance to be in that room!

Corea, McLaughlin, White, Wooten- Return To Forever & Mahavishnu Orchestra 12/09/16 Blue Note, NYC

Alex Lifeson: Medlock, Krieger and Lifeson

Alex Lifeson: Medlock, Krieger and Lifeson




Robin Trower, Sam Bell: jammin with the master

I had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and jamming with legendary blues guitarist Robin Trower back in issue 44 of Guitar Interactive Magazine. See my full interview and jam in high quality for free here: https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine...

Jamming with Robin Trower | Sam Bell Guitar

Kaz Horie: Kiesel Guitars - - Aries A6 Guitar Demo - Japanese

Check out our Japanese endorser, Kaz Horie, demonstrating our Aries A6 guitar.
Aries A6のギターを紹介している日本のエンドサイヤー、Kaz Horieをチェックしてください

For more information on the Aries, call our custom shop experts at (858) GUITARS
or click below:

Be sure to follow Kiesel Guitars for guitar and bass build pictures, news, and updates from the custom shop:
Kiesel Guitarsに従ってギターやベース用のカスタム・ショップから写真、ニュース、最新情報を入手してください:

Kiesel Guitars - Kaz Horie - Aries A6 Guitar Demo (Japanese日本語)

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Embrace Entropy - upcoming album Entropy - Of Chaos And Salt

Fountainhead playing his guitar solo for the NYN song "Embrace Entropy" off the upcoming album "Entropy - Of Chaos And Salt".
Special guest appearance by Noyan Tokgozoglu, performing his fretless rhythm guitar track.

NYN "Embrace Entropy" Solo Playthrough

Eric Calderone: Star Wars - The Force Theme/Rogue One Meets Metal

Hi all!

So the time is drawing near haha. I've stayed away from reviews bc I feel that Rogue One will be a real Star Wars fan pleaser and I want no spoilers. I hum the Force theme all day long anyway but Rogue One's 2nd trailer had fantastic music in it so I tried to do a little mashup. Hope ya dig.
May the force be with you


EVERY 5$ donation will be split between The Humane Society of Huntington Beach and The Wounded Warrior Project. Album and artwork will be emailed to email provided. Even if you pass up on the donation, the Star Wars album will be up on Itunes, Spotify, etc very soon :)
Star Wars - The Force Theme/Rogue One Meets Metal

Bruce Bouillet: Racer X tapping lick from "Heart of a Lion"

https: // ...
Among the many pearls that has given us the talented Bruce Bouillet in his lectures for our Teaching, we talked about contamination blues phrasing shred, string skipping, sweep picking and alternate picking. We could not miss an appendix devoted to tapping and to deepen this technique Bouillet, he has dusted off a short excerpt of the single "Heart of a Lion", a song of the award-winning company RacerX, present within the album Second Heat in 1987.

Bruce Bouillet: Racer X tapping lick from "Heart of a Lion" (Guitar Lesson)

Bruce Bouillet teaches sweep from Racer X "Extreme Live" - Free Guitar Lesson

Bruce Bouillet - Free Guitar Lesson: "String Skipping Arpeggio & Sequence"

Lin: abstracts - City Lights - Strictly 7 Guitars Cobra Custom7


Played by LIN
Strictly 7 Guitars Cobra Custom7 HT/T F AB, HISS-TERIA

abstracts - City Lights (Guitar Playthrough)

Jerry Rosenkrans: Graveless Studios - Riffage

Recorded at Graveless Studios in St. Louis. This video was taken after a fun session of comparing Helix and Fractal tones in order to decide which to use for the new upcoming Rosenkrans material.

In 2017, I will be releasing two EPs. One called "Less" and one called "More." Long story short, "Less" will be more laid back, relaxing jams while "More" will be on the heavier, more "techy" side of things. Both will be very guitar-oriented instrumental releases, obviously.

The audio from this clip is a mixture between the Line 6 Helix and the Axe FX II rhythm tones. We used the Fractal for the bass tone, and actually used both the Helix and the Fractal for the ambient lines. We really just could not decide which we liked more, so we used both. Still barely touched, mix-wise, but we're excited about getting these **HEAVY** tracks going!

ROSENKRANS // Graveless Studios // Riffage