Jonathan Kreisberg: with drummer ari hoenig


Ari Hoenig with Chris Potter, Jonathan Kreisberg and more: Bert's Playground:
Ari Hoenig (drums); Chris Potter (sax); Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar); Matt Penman (bass); Will Vinson (sax); Gilad Hekselman (guitar); Orlando LeFleming (bass).

Bert’s Playground shows the drummer Ari Hoenig flexing his compositional prowess, in addition to his monsterous skills as a drummer. Known for a cut-up, eclectic stylistic approach to his instrument, Ari's compositions employ a similar diversity and humor. - An extremely accessible album to jazz traditionalists and progressives alike. An enjoyable listen, with great depth, and unbelievable playing. - Featuring a guest Chris Potter on sax.