Frank Gambale: akira jimbo cd 2007


Akira Jimbo : Four Colors/with Frank Gambale, Abe Laboriel Sr and Otmaro Ruiz ( Japan Import):
Akira Jimbo (drums); Frank Gambale (guitars);, Abe Laboriel Sr (bass) and Otmaro Ruiz (keys)

2007 Release from Japanese. fusion drummer Akira Jimbo. A Zildjian endorser, Akira is also the drummer in the Japanese jazz fusion band Casiopea and has participated in various side projects with other musicians, including Keiko Matsui, Shambara, bassist Brian Bromberg and many more. Check out his fantastic solo record featuring Frank Gambale on guitar, Abe Laboriel Sr. on bass and keyboardist Otmaro Ruiz . A stand out effort.