Paul Gilbert: Rome test video

Allan Holdsworth: montreal workshop x 3

Rob Chappers: Faith Guitars acoustic competition... top 3 front runners for sure!

News: way huge pedal giveaway going great guns!

Chris Feener: shred to the max... wow this guy can play!

Borislav Mitic: new CD announced

Rob Balducci, Joe Stump, Michael Orlando: NYC gig

Reb Beach: winger karma review

Joop Wolters: tribute to richie kotzen II

Angel Vivaldi: lessons available

Toby Knapp: makes guitar9 headlines

Alexi Laiho: Imitate and win an LTD AL-600!

Michael Bianco: 14 strings

Joe Bonamassa: to oversee king of the blues final

Osman Cenan Cigil: Altan the cat

Ben Randall: a 25 yard screamer!

Richie Kotzen: want's you to help him make his next video

Eddie Kramer, Rob Chappers: Tuesday in London

Zakk Wylde: rocktober fest promotion!

Brad Bradbury: recording studios, what's your's like

Rob Chappers: most viewed musician on youtube UK!

News: the world of female shred and fusion... where are you?!?!

Roger Pedersen: chicken, sock and eight fingers.

Owen Edwards, Andy James: writing a music book... feedback required

Yngwie Malmsteen: Sweden 1985

Richie Kotzen: Masterclass

Todor Peev: blue 2 you and the SL2