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MUSIC BIO: American born Doug Steele (aka John Sanders) has been playing guitar for 20+ years, teaching 10+ years, with lots of studio and live experience. Doug has done clinics for Ibanez, Line 6, Peavey, and is currently working closely with Dean guitars at Doug is co-founder of Guitar Fight Club, and was top 18 in Dean Guitar's Worldwide Shredder Search Competition. Doug is in Melbourne cover band Dr Nick, and teaches guitar from home. Doug's guitar influences are Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, and Jason Becker.

RADIO: Aside from Doug's guitar skills, Doug has been a radio personality on the Austereo Network (1999-2004). Doug was an offsider on countless night shows Australia wide, featuring crazed rants (Doug Steele, American Psycho), stunts (Undercover Brother), character voices and prank calls (Hidde Mike). he also voiced commercials, both corporate and character.

MC: Through radio, Doug has also MC'd countless promotional events, most notably Charlies Angel's Full Throttle Movie Premiere, held at Sydney Cafe,in front of thousands of rabid movie fans.
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