Andy Martin: two handed table top tapping

Daniele Gottardo: 10 Octave arpeggios on guitar!

William Dotto, Daniele Gottardo: keep on shredding

Magnus Olsson: heaven

Paul Gilbert,Chen Lei: Purple Haze

Andy Timmons: Beautiful, Strange Dallas 2009

Pop Woravit: tribute to Kiko Loureiro and Angra

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: tribute to Steffen Schackinger

Joe Stump: live at BB Kings

Rob Balducci: Live From BB KIng's

Elliot Noble: anti shred competition

Joop Wolters: anti shred competition

Adis: live studio solo

Carlos Lichman: arpeggio + 4 fingers scale and Tapping.

Ivan Soares: anti shred competition

Miki Kato: tribute to Paul Gilbert

Darrell Lance Abbott: really great clinic Arlington, Texas. June. 3rd. 1993

Michael Landau: guitar channel interview

George Lynch, Michael Schenker: Battle Of The Axes tour dates

Stephan Forte: working on an instrumental CD

Christian Lasegue: Jag Panzer announce new record deal.

Sam Bell: 212 sweep picking

Alexis Nery: anti shred competition

Vinai Trinateepakdee: classy soloing, amen to that!

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition extended

Wagner Silva: fusion track demo from upcoming CD.

Sloth Chubsteen: time to try out that new Ibanez rg 2550e prestige

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Andy James Shredding competition ALERT!

Rick Graham: guitar noize skype interview

News: Luthier Frank Hartung discusses his guitars