Jeff Kollman: Empower Devour

Nat Janoff: Come Together Move Apart

Theodore Ziras: announces Athens Guitar Clinic

Jonathan Kreisberg: Shadowless

Al Di Meola: Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody

Thiago Trinsi: Parallel World - great tapping on an original track!

Sergey Golovin: Modern Legato

Derek Sherinian: a ton of great players lined up for next solo album!

Shane Gibson: joins Shred Academy VIP Instructors

Andrea Accorsi: Legato Lesson - Greg Howe style

Edu Ardanuy,Daniel Christian: workshop 2006

Marc Playle: Larry Carlton style MUST SEE!!

Rob Scallon: Troubleshooting, slapping, tapping, unwarping... MUST SEE

Matt Otten: Demo Speedster Traveler Guitar

Jeff Loomis: The Merchant of Menace #3

Rob Chappers: Analogue to Digital Music Exp

Rusty Cooley: Masterclass and Guitar Tech

Chris Brooks: a few place left at Sydney clinic

Fabrizio Leo: Palermo clinic date

Adrian English, Michael Abdow, Dannyjoe Carter, Sean Baker, Toby Knapp: INNERPLANETARIUM available!

Alberto Rigoni: rebirth CD overdue and may need to be induced...

Facundo Macció: The Best Guitar Solos

Északi Szabolcs: Route 57

Steve Fister: demos Carvin V3M all-tube am

Magnus Olsson: clinic shows from 2008

John Huldt: Super Mario Bros

Dino Fiorenza: live clinic

Marshall Harrison: Improv session

Yngwie Malmsteen: Do you have all of the Marshalls going onstage?

John Karadimos: shred this 3

feraldream: Tapping Scotland The Brave, we need an Italian response!!

Niels Vejlyt: F# Aeolian with Extreme Tapping

Anthimos Manti: Dingle solo competition

Joe Pinnavaia,Vince Mastrantonio: PM Guitar a little lunch time blues

News: what do guitar players do in their down time?