Dhalif Ali: Metal Ballad Em - single tone heaven

Igor Paspalj: Dedicated - Storia Infinita - Axe Fx Ultra

Lea Gutman, Pascal Gutman: when two sticks are better than one.

Mr Mukatu: Dubstep Guitar

Jason Becker: MacPro died... help :(

Jerome Froese: Johannes Schmoelling: LOOM - Time And Tide a must for Tang Fans!

Elliot Noble: Wintertide - piano

Paul Wardingham: 'Outreach' and crazy Gameboy solo

Eric Johnson: Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour Soundcheck

Greg Howe: Exclusive Master Class

Anouck André: Prowling Blues - tribute to Guthrie Govan

Adam Ironside: Valvette Custom Drive demo

Adna Kenan: Muris Varajic - "Silent Inner Cry" - acoustic tribute

Jason Becker: Exclusive live CD now 65%, we still need your help!

Joe Pinnavaia: TrueFire Sherpa Instructors

Nick Kellie: Fusion Monster jamming on Guitar Playback backing track

Andres Ludmer: fractaloide - axe fx crunch

Daniel Peroine: French Guitar Contest 2012 - two handed tapping

Ashraf Maniam: French Guitar Contest 2012

Maxxxwell Carlisle: Marching to the Hall of Victory

Joe Marro: bonus Legato Lick 6

Jacob Quistgaard: Loopy Jammy

Roger Pedersen: Noodling Axe Fx 2 series

Tony MacAlpine,Nili Brosh: live at sneek 2012

Keshav Dhar,Marty Friedman: Skyharbor pre order details

Masato Itoh: Final Fantasy "Prelude" 9 - cool two handed tapping

Darren Jenkins,Sean Weir: we are the bowery - djentalmans relish

Mike Groisman: The French Guitar Contest 2012

Neil Zaza: Webcam Lessons Announcement

Ian Bemolator: Fender Bender for Venda

Leonardo Guzman: Jhonny & Mary - classy

Ashly Badgett: This Town Needs Guns

Tony Waka: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - Suhr goodness

Glenn Proudfoot: "Grunta's Boot Skoot" Kick ass acoustic

Rafael Moreira,Virgil Donati: featuring Virgil Donati on Drums

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Bolwerk tour set list posted

Jon Finn: Pommies Bounce

Ola Englund: Kemper Profiling Amp demo

André Lima: Meu Sol - original rock ballad

Theo van Niel: Blues Hunters live

Misha Mansoor: Periphery FreethinkersBlog interview

Jeff Loomis, Attila Voros: album guest appearances

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther to be the first band to play on the moon... it's just that Russ doesn't know it yet...

Zakk Wylde: Bringing Metal To The Children

Steve Vai: Signature Carvin Amp wins NAMM award

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders to support Thrice

Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy: Adrenaline Mob launch show plus VIP tickets

Martin Barre: Says Jethro Tull on ice, Ian Anderson talks Thick As a Brick 2!!

Magnus Karlsson: Primal Fear add dates to tour

Dee Cernile: Sven Gali guitarist passes... RIP

Neil Citron,Percy Jones,Gary Crite: BangTower getting ready for their forthcoming 2012 tour

Adam Bradley: French Guitar Contest Entry

Jacob Quistgaard: City Echoes - new track available for download