Paul Bielatowicz,Neal Morse: Christmas album on the way?

Thiago Trinsi: Guitar instructional series available

Paul Gilbert: Clinics and Vibrato track by track

Shawn Lane: always remembered

Daniele Liverani: Humiliation - live performance

Jace Parales: Obscura, Wardingham and Scar Symmetry

Matthew Mills: acoustic performance

Tom Quayle: September Free Lesson

Jonathan Kreisberg: jazz fusion clinic performance

Levi Clay: sweep tap lesson

John Mooy: Life Of A Guitar Tech

George Marios: Guitar Lessons in London

Juan Cortes: Knee Jerk Reaction

Lorenzo Venza: Marvit Khepri super fusion with some Orange Jamming

Prashant Aswani: Free The Tone - quad-arrow distortion Pedal

Donna Grantis: announces Blues Master Class in Amsterdam

Rick Graham: The Practice Room: Jam in E Lydian

Jamie Humphries: Guitar Clinic Wimbledon announced

Jamie Humphries: Mansons Guitar Show 2012 announced

Michael Brown: Aussie Trio Tracer back for September UK tour

Joe Bonamassa: limited edition lithograph. "Blues Deluxe"

Album title track available for free downloadi: Album title track available for free download

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek,Stefan Rosqvist: Weaveworld III - sounding awesome

Byron Fry: Actual Proof - Funk / Fusion classic