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Alex Hutchings: Masterclass in Blues 

Alex Hutchings returns to the JTC hot-seat once again to deliver another flawless display of Blues soloing. In this 5 track series, Alex is jamming over some straight forward original blues tracks, yet the concept of his soloing is all about adding a deeper level of extension to the harmonies. Of course, the sheer amount of new licks here to learn is vast. By analysing some (or even all) of them, Alex will have given you a whole new level of inspiration to help you approach your own Blues soloing with a greater knowledge and understanding of improvisation.

The backings for this package were written by one of JTC's backing track gurus, James Graydon, and contain a nice blend of tracks, including some classic blues, a shuffle, a bit of up-tempo blues and a sexy bluesy ballad.

As ever, you get the full length solo tracks, solo backings, extended jam tracks, video, plus TAB and Notation in both standard and Alex's alternate tunings.

Come check out the previews and prepare yourself for an Alex Hutchings masterclass in blues!


 5 solo tracks
 5 solo backing tracks
 5 extended jam tracks
 5 live video performances
 Accurate TAB/Notation

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