Alberto Rigoni: Dream Theater - covering and playing the prog giants Erotomania

Alberto Rigoni  Covers DREAM THEATER’s “Erotomania”

After the release of last year’s Three Wise Monkeys, bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, TwinSpirits) is all set to start working on its follow-up album. With three albums under the belt praising prog fusion at its best, Rigoni leaves an indelible mark on the genre that seems to be blossoming recently.

As an avid Dream Theater fan, Alberto Rigoni has been covering and playing the prog giants’ songs since the start of his career. Saying that Erotomania was the first song he learned to play back when he was 16 brought him to pay a tribute to the band by covering this song on his brand new signature model of Dingwall AR5 bass, a mix between the ABZ and Z3 series. More info about this model at:

Commented on Erotomania, Alberto says: “It’s a true instrumental masterpiece, both from its technical and melodic aspects. There’s so much to learn from that song because there are many tempo changes and it’s also great for the stretching.”