News: Truth In Shredding Closes

Jace Parales: Exivious Entrust solo contest - great job!

Joe Chawki: Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pentatonics - killer picks

Michael Harris: Tranz-Fusion live 2013 "Identity Crisis"

Francesco Fareri: Total Shred Guitar - picking tour de force

Lorenzo Venza: Total Shred Guitar - cool tapping sequence

Michael Angelo Batio: Tone King - Intermezzo, Collaboration and Gear : 60 minutes

George Lynch: Mr. Scary humbucker available for fans of Dangerous Guitar

Martin Jepsen Andersen,Mike Blackburn,James Byrd: STOLEN - please report if you see this UNIQUE guitar for sale in France or neighbouring countries

Lorenzo Venza,John Macaluso: TBP All Stars - Is For You live

Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals "Ephemeral"

Jan Laurenz: Dear Santa thanks to bring me a Harpejji

Xander Demos: Xander and XDB bandmates lead all nominees in the 2013 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards

Dave Brons: String Skipping Scale Fragments lesson Paul Gilbert John Petrucci Style

Brett Garsed: Ziua Chitarelor 2 Complete Masterclass

Joe Satriani,Dave Martone: SatchZone interview lesson series

Kiko Loureiro: Trio announce upcoming shows in the USA!

Pedro Miranda: Exivious Guitar Solo contest

Tomo Fujita: Slow Funky Slap Guitar

Denis Shvarts: Galaxy Depth - Obscurophagist - live solo

I Wayan Balawan: two handed, double neck guitar live performance

t-cophony: introduction to this two handed tapping phenomenon

Anton Johansson, Mattias IA Eklundh, Magnus Karlsson, Johan Hansson,Jens Johansson,Lalle Larsson: Galahad Suite - an album 30 years in the making

pARTyzant,Adam Palma:

Dragianni,Damjan Pejcinosky, Stuart Hamm: Ziua Chitarelor 3

Kelly Simonz: Fender Custom Shop Summit - Volume 2

Dannyjoe Carter: Don't Stop - from new CD

Damon Marks: Tears Of Sahara - Tony MacAlpine

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead working on new EP

Richard Daudé: Hybridification scalar concepts

Morten Faerestrand: The George Benson's class is complete

Tom Quayle: MMI Siracusa clinic date 2014

Gus Drax: Shreddy Fusion Blues Impro

I Wayan Balawan: Seriously - the most amazing guitar playing!?!?

Paco Herrejón: Giant Steps, Moscow and Angry Joe

Andreas Oberg: Ziua Chitarelor 3 Complete Masterclass - must see for people working on improvisation

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen Russian guitar clinic announced

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Al Di Meola: Beatles and More Live in Warsaw - "Because"

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